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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Team Name: BLITZ

Members: Max and Jecht (Leonard Johnson manager)

Height: 6'10" (Max) 6'11" (Jecht)

Weight:315lbs (Max) 347lbs (Jecht)

Hometown: Freiburg, Germany (Max), Los Angeles, CA (Jecht)

Enterance Music: "Links 2-3-4" by Rammstein

Alignment: Heel

Background Information:

MAX: Appearance: Light brown hair, cropped short and close, his blue eyes determined inside the ring, calm and fairly soft outside. He's always clean shaven. In the ring, he wars black tights and boots like Jecht, and his wrists are taped black, but he also wears a black lycra vest. Again, very solid, but not quite as intimidating as Jecht.

Personality: Outside the ring, he's a nice guy to talk to; very friendly and intelligent. Get him in the ring, though, and he's a dominating force, very determined.

JECHT: Appearance: Very intimidating. And big. Solidly built, his whole appearance gives off an air of intimidation and rage. His hair, black and long, is normally kept tied back in a pony tail. He sports a full beard, which is greying a little, and his dark eyes seem to burn intensely. Outside the ring normally wears leathers, he wrestles in black tights, black boots, and his wrists taped black. He is of hispanic ancestry.

Personality: Very aggressive. Others should be warned not to approach him when he's in a bad mood. Very quiet, though, prefering to keep himself to himself.


MAX: Born Maxamillian Roberts in Freiburg, Germany, Max was a fan of wrestling at a young age, often missing school to go watch a major event if he had to. He was very gifted intellectually, doing well right the way through school, passing his Abitur exams with flying colours. Went to university in the UK, where he spent the summers down in Portsmouth and London, learning the basics. His size gave a lot of people the impression that he was simply going to be a power wrestler, but his agility, honed over the years by various sports, meant he easily accomplished some moves which were designed for smaller wrestlers. He finished his university course with the top grade, then joined up with a small indy promotion at 21. He quickly rose to fame as a
singles wrestler, winning the promotions major title, and kept the title until the end of the fed.

During a tour of the US with the promotion, which resulted in the company folding due to lack of funds, Max caught the eye of many other independents. With the closure of his former fed, he stayed in the US, working mainly in the Los Angeles region, winning minor titles and never straying far from the main event scene in these smaller leagues. When not wrestling, he worked as a bouncer, and invited Paulo to a wrestling camp to give both something to do. He teamed with Paulo on the independent scene. He saw that his partner was a monster in the ring, but needed a gimmick. After much searching, he managed to convince Paulo to use the name Jecht in the ring

JECHT: Born in Los Angeles, real name Paulo Medez, he was a gifted pupil at school, often coming top of his class, but also often ending up in trouble for his temper. He once almost killed a fellow pupil who had done nothing more than bump into him, and needed most of the faculty to come out and stop him. He was excluded for this assault, but his father, a well known lawyer in the area, was able to get his son back into the same school by stating that he would take his son to councilling for his emper. This, obviously, didn’t work.

At the age of 21, Paulo took up a job in his fathers office, looking, it seemed, to one day take a position as a lawyer. He studied many law texts, sat through many trials, but at 23 he left his fathers office, and took up small jobs like bouncer and general muscle when needed. It was on one of his jobs as a bouncer he was working with Maximillian Roberts, who also had a small job as a professional wrestler. Impressed by Paulo’s size, Max invited him to a wrestling camp, and, after training him, teamed with Paulo on the independent scene. He saw that his partner was a monster in the ring, but needed a gimmick. After much searching, he managed to convince Paulo to use the name Jecht in the ring. This was when Paulo was 26.

BLITZ (joint)The team was a hit on the independent scene in terms of ring work, but, lacking verbal skills (owing to Paulo’s quietness and Max’s Germanic accent), they never got very far in any federation. They were teamed with Leonard Johnson, a fast talking announcer who wanted to get back into management. He took the team under his wing, announcing them as “Blitz,” because of the combination of speed and strength the two men possessed. In the three years since teaming with Leonard, Blitz has travelled the globe with independentcompanies, working in Japan, Europe, even a short tour of Africa. They a lot of experience in the ring, having recently worked in MCW shortly before it's closure, and are currently working in Empire Pro Wrestling.

Titles Held:
Empire Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship

Normal Moves: MAX
Move Set:
Suplex (all variants)
Snake Eyes
Side headlock takedown
Flying Clothesline
Gut Buster
Back Breaker
Boston Crab
Swinging Neckbreaker
Reverse Fallaway Slam


SETUP MANEUVER: Whips opponent to the ropes, running to the opposite one.

FINISHER DESCRIPTION: As he and his opponent meet in the centre of the ring, Max performs a flipping neckbreaker, using his height to clear the opponent, and his weight to add emphasis to the impact. He always goes for the cover, and can perform this move without the opponent running.

SECONDARY FINISHER: Sitout reverse piledriver

Move Set:

Running Powerslam
Torture Rack
Snake Eyes
Asai Moonsault (very rare)
Gorilla Press Slam
Vertical Suplex
Whip into exposed turnbuckle
Tiger-driver (Pearl River Plunge)
Abdominal Stretch
Stalling Chokeslam
Chokeslam from the top to the outside



FINISHER DESCRIPTION: powerbomb, a la “Last Ride,” with Jecht throwing the opponent down full force.


SETUP MANEUVER: Whips opponent to corner, running in with a clothesline

FINISHER DESCRIPTION: As the opponent staggers from the corner, Jecht catches them in a sleeper, slamming them to the mat, keeping the now choke on for a few seconds before going for the cover. Can set up Jecht Bomber.

Gorilla Press to gut buster
Double Chokeslam
Stungun to neckbreaker

Finishing Move:

Finishing Move Description:
Jecht lifts the opponent on his shoulders, as Max climbs to the top rope, performing a flipping neckbreaker as Jecht falls down, planting the opponent firmly on the mat

Recent Quote:

Manager Name: Leonard Johnson

Description of Manager: AGE: 46

APPEARANCE: Balding, dyed black hair on his head, no beard, and always in a suit. Normally a cheap suit, trying to give the impression of a high-class businessman, even though he used to work in independent wrestling as an announcer. Wide eyed, and very, very edgy.

PERSONALITY: Having been an announcer, he is very flamboyant, and able to put his team over with the fans well. He sometimes gets too excited, and often stumbles over his words, but when he gets serious, he gets serious, and there are few who should ignore him when he speaks. Always seems to be on edge, though.
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