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Boogie Smallz vs. Kin Hiroshi

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to Boogie Smallz sitting on the front steps of a Section 8 house, somewhere in the projects of Oklahoma City.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: I guess I picked tha perfect time to step out into tha forefront. For so long I’ve sat on tha sidelines. For too long I have had to watch pretenders, jokes, fools…people that didn’t deserve tha spot they got. (Puffs his blunt.) Now it’s my time to shine. Now it’s time for me to show out and peep tha CSWA to some knowledge they may notta known. Tha fact that they’ve been sittin’ on a potential goldmine for years and they never gave me a chance to do jacks***!

(Puffs his blunt and looks intently into the camera, slowing exhaling the smoke as he speaks.)

It took Boogie Smallz takin’ his career into his own hands and causin’ some rumblin’ outside of Greensboro…for heads to notice that maybe, just maybe, Boogeezey had a lil’ more sumthin’ to offer tha industry. Maybe therre was more to me than a kid in a leisure suit with a midget for a manager! But ya know, errytime I tried to talk to Merritt or Thomas, it was the same ol’ story. Boog, we need you to stick with Inferno. Boog, we need ya to keep tha tag division strong.

But how? How was I supposta’ do that when tha only tag matches that tha CSWA has had in tha past year, have been with wrestlers in tha singles division?! How am I supposta’ do my job, when I ain’t gettin’ booked on a damn show?! (Obviously pissed off, he puffs his blunt a few times and temporarily calms down.)

You guys crack me up. (Grins.) When push comes to shove and ya gotta get those creative juices flowin’…dawg, you guys drop some gems. Who herre can ever forget tha pure genius, tha vision, you guys had for puttin’ guys like Mittens T. Cat and Cleaver O’Connor into tha mix? And when ratings sag and tha gates drop, dustin’ off sum old acts never hurt, huh? (Shakes his head.) But obviously it has, because tha CSWA jus’ ain’t generatin’ tha buzz that for over a decade…it did.

But your luck is about to turn around. Thangs are gonna change. Tha "new blood"? Nah, that ish ain’t gonna cut it. This right herre, what you’re lookin’ at right now, is what you can call sum HOMEGROWN talent. (Puffs his blunt.) Pun intended. (Exhales smoke.) Any "new blood" I see…I’m mashin’, I’m stompin’ them fools down, ‘cuz tha way I see it…they’re tryin’ to steal MY SPOT! They’re tryin’ to take away MY CHANCE at bein’ successful, at comin’ up, at finally bein’ in tha spotlight, and gettin’ what I got due. And if ya wanna count it up, it’s about a decade’s worth career oppression and havin’ to watch lil’ punkass beeyatchez gettin’ opportunities I shoulda’ gotten years ago!

Kin Hiroshi, you are about tha most unlucky futhamucka’ walkin’ tha Earth right now. Because if ya don’t know, you’re gonna find out real soon! (Puffs his blunt and continues talking, while the smoke rolls out.) Boogie Smallz ain’t no punk. I’ve fought too long and too hard to get this chance to let you come and kcuf it all up! Kin, I faced ya before and you’re a helluva competitor. But each and errytime, I whooped yo’ punkass and straight up embarrassed ya. This time, ain’t gonna be no different. All you are right now is just a steppin’ stone. Now whether tha next step is takin’ tha Greensboro title from Jean Rabesque or beatin’ out 15 other men for tha Presidential strap…either way, for once in my career herre…I feel like I have a chance. You on tha other hand? You’re future ain’t lookin’ too bright, dawg.

(Puffs his blunt and slowly lets the smoke out.)

They tried to slam tha door in my face, but they shoulda’ locked it. They shoulda’ slapped on tha deadbolt, pushed tha refrigerator in front of it, and called tha cops! Because when they had they’re back turned, I busted that futhamucka’ down and now I want errythang they got! You shoulda’ never held me down, because now that I am loose…AIN’T NOBODY SAFE!

All tha folks in Oklahoma City better brace themselves, ‘cuz I’m gonna blow this futhamucka’ up worse than McVeigh did!


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