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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"If you build it, they will come....."

Light from the morning sunrise pours into the living room. With the lights in the room turned off, the sunlight is the only illumination we see.

On a wall is a large entertainment center.

In the center of the room and facing the setup is an L-shaped sectional made from black leather and a matching recliner offset to the side.

A door opens and Dan Ryan enters the room, a bowl of cereal resting in one hand as he walks to the recliner and sits down.

The cereal is set down, and with the click of a remote the entertainment center comes to life.

One by one....the wonders of modern technology allow promos from his six prospective challengers to appear on the sixty-four inch screen in an almost Brady Bunch-like picture in picture fashion.

Another button is clicked.....GUNS begins talking as Dan picks up the cereal in a hand.....

A moment later......Kevin Powers....


Eddie Mayfield....

Craig Miles....

Sean Stevens....

Shane Southern...

He put the remote down..began eating......

"Frosted Flakes..."


Fade in....

Dan Ryan standing on a spacious front porch-deck area. He walks here and there, arranging various items on the deck as the camera rolls....

Ryan: "I was waking up this morning and for the first time since Showtime....it didn't hurt...."


"I haven't heard from you, Mark....but I've heard through the grapvine that you're in pretty bad shape. I can imagine...."

"A man doesn't take that sort of a beating and not truly feel it...."

"For you it must be worse....the years wearing on your body after a career of this sort of thing. I carry with me the fortune of youth. I don't break so easily...and I bounce back much quicker."

"But I won't deny that we had a war. That much is undeniable. I dare say that just about everyone who bought a ticket to Showtime went home with visions of 'holy s**t' dancing in their heads. They came for a show....."

"They saw an event....a happening..."

"We tore the roof off, there's no doubting that."

"But apparently you seem to doubt the outcome."

"Luckily for you...there's another day."

"But it makes me wonder, Mark....can you face the possibility of a repeat of Seattle?"

"Can you take that sort of punishment again?"

"Even if you somehow made it through the night and succeeded in taking back the title....would you be anything more than a beaten down man ripe for the kill?"

"I told you what I was gonna do, Mark."

"I told you I planned on walking out of Seattle with the gold...not because I needed it...but because I wanted it."

"I said you would come face to face with the truth and reality of things.....that you would come face to face with the future...."

"And you did...."

"I'll never deny who you are or what you've done....what you've gone through or what you can do..."

"But I'll go into Chicago....and once again walk out with this gold around my waist....not because you aren't deserving of representing the belt that makes you the best in the world...."

"But because you're just not the best in the world anymore."

"I've taken my place where I belong. It's who I am and who I will continue to be....no matter what happens....I go on, Mark...."

"That's the brutal reality of things."

"You can't win...."

"You're already defeated....in more ways than you know...."

"But I digress..."

"There's another matter to think about...."

Ryan turns and smiles at the camera before going on about his business...

"There are six men....who have a match in Chicago of some interest to me."

"Eddie, Craig, Sean, Kevin, GUNS, Shane....."

"For various reasons you all want a shot at me....whether it be for the honor of holding this belt....or for revenge....or to prove you belong....or to show by force of will that you still are what you say that you are...."

"Eddie, I've sat back on many a night lately listening to you talk."

"I've always said you were one of the most entertaining men in the business. You can put the one liner out with the best of 'em."

"But the one liners aren't as satisfying when you're throwing them out toward me, are they Eddie?"

"You've made a career out of being the man who talks like he's better than his opponent....and knows it."

"For the first time...someone has the upper hand."

"No one cares....least of all me....whether you or your band of merry men think that my statement to you at Showtime was cowardly or not. In fact...it seems to me that whether honorable or cowardly...you were at my mercy in Seattle."

"Your knee hurts, I'm sure. While you've had your trusty X-Box there to comfort you it doesn't quite stack up to a good solid knee to make a man feel like he can complete the task at hand."

"You made a big mistake once, Eddie....a BIG BIG BIG ...mistake..."

"You thought it'd be funny to f*** with me....and usually....when you pull your normal nonsense....it is..."

"I don't think you find it funny anymore, Ed."

"You have your moment of clemency right now, Mr. President."

"This is your 'Bay of Pigs'....if you decide to call my 'bluff'....it'll be more than your knee that ends up inoperable."



"I've noticed an amusing trend with you lately. Could it be a tone of...."

mock gasp....


"Say it isn't so, GUNS...."

"I mean hell...you were one of the first to jump on the 'you come from the bingo hall leagues, but this is the big leagues' bandwagon a year ago...."

"Don't tell me you've changed your tune...."

"You're more intelligent.....more experienced than the rest in your little group, Bill."

"It didn't take a sledgehammer to the knee for you to get the picture like Eddie.....it didn't take getting pinned twice in the same match to understand the truth.....like with Craig...."

"You see the big picture now, don't you GUNS?"

"You see it....and so I fully expect you....and Eddie....and Craig...to come straight for me..."

"I represent the core of the CSWA to you now....and by your stated purpose...I must be destroyed...."


"Get with Eddie....think about it...."

"Do you think it's worth it, GUNS?"

"I wonder....was Shane Southern really the foundation of this place after all?"

"Did I slip under the radar by accident....."

"Or by design?"

"I know what needs to be done to accomplish whatever goal I feel needs to be reached. It's not necessary for you to take action that will end in your ultimate disappointment."

"But should you choose to take it...."

"Don't say I didn't warn you...."


"Ah Kevin...."

"We go way back, don't we?"


"Which is it this week I wonder?"

Ryan allows a short laugh....

"We haven't truly been friends for a long time, Kevin."

"You know why...and anyone that gives a damn knows as well."

"That can never be taken back...never be changed....and never be repaired...."

"But in the ring....we still have that fun, don't we?"

"Granted I've had more fun as of late...."

"If it's GUNS you want...I'm sure you'll figure out some way to make it happen. You may still have a sliver of desire for this belt deep down somewhere....but I know it's not where your focus is."

"Nevertheless....if you somehow make it through and we go to Anniversary for one more dance...."

"You know the score Kevin....you know that I come to play and play hard."

"Save the jokes....save the one liners....save whatever you're selling. I'm not laughing and I'm not buying..."

"Won't be any rum and cola....but there'll be a lot of counting lights, Kev....count on it...."

Ryan sits down on a porch swing....

"Now then...."

"Sean Stevens...."

"Friends in our personal lives...but you know as well as any that inside the ring....I have no friends."

"You want the belt....I know that."

"You want the success I've attained and feel you deserve it....and you most likely will attain it yourself one day."

"But not yet..."

"Not while I hold this belt.....not while I stand in your way."

"If we come face to face....I will tear into you as if you were Mark Windham all over again...and don't doubt, Sean....I will win....I will remain the World Champion."

"We'll have a drink after the show....but your dreams will have to wait...."

"And last but not least...."

"Shane Southern...."

"The man who made jilted lovers out of the Intruders....the man who they say is the best wrestler in the entire world...."

"BZZZZZ.....Try again...."

"You hold a singular distinction in the match, Shane. You're the one man in all of this...."

"That has pinned me..."

"I would think that would be something to hold your head up high over under normal circumstances."

"But.....not in this one."

"I've done some changing in the last year, Shane."

"I've come from a bored man playing a role to satisfy a contract to a man who knows exactly who he is....what he wants....and how to get it."

"I built myself into what you see before you today....and now....now you all come...."

"You all come back.....not looking on me with thoughts of an easy win running through your minds any longer.....but with the knowledge that you were wrong...."

"You missed the mark on this one...."

"I'm not who you thought I was a year ago any longer, Shane. I may have wasted a lot of time that could have spent on stronger pursuits....but in the end....I am what you see before you...."

"I am the best in the world, Shane...."

"I am the CSWA World Heavyweight Champion...."

"And if you come to Anniversary with thoughts of walking out a new hero...."

"I will bring you crashing back down to Earth...."

"If you....or anyone else thinks they can prove differently....come on.....come take your shot...."

"Feel what Craig Miles has felt...."

"Feel what Eddie Mayfield is feeling...."

"Feel what Mark Windham went through..."

"I'm who I said I would be....I'm the World Heavyweight champion....and there's nothing any of you can do about it...."

Ryan stands up and goes into the house....as we fade to black......

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