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BREAKING NEWS: Best of Three Series Announced


Aug 19, 2006
This just in regarding a new series that has just been announced! Coming off the heels of an improbable victory defeating the former four-time Tag Team Champions, The House, The Natural Athletes have gone on to say they’d accept any challenge at any time from any team. Since winning the belts, they have stated that look to make waves as a dominant Tag Team Champions just as they did with The Hype Tag Team Championships. To that end, they have accepted a challenge from another tag team that, before them, made waves on The Hype as the premier tag team before the activation of the Hype Tag Team Championships.

“That’s right,” Donny Layne told jOltwrestling.com with a sly grin on his face, possibly due to beating Dawn Cassidy to a news story. “You heard it from ME first. The Natural Athletes have accepted a special challenge from former jOlt Tag Team Champions Cross The Hood for a Best of Three Series for the jOlt World Tag Team Championship!”

We got a few words with Natural Athletes members and jOlt World Tag Team Champions Cori Albright and Terry Massimo and they explained their reasoning or accepting the challenge.

“Well,” Cori told us, “it’s pretty simple. The careers of The Natural Athletes and Cross The Hood have been near-identical, but aside from a meeting in the Sin City Series, we’ve never matched up before. They came up from The Hype as the best tag team going at that time, they rose up as members of The Rebellion and even though they used questionable methods, they went on to become the jOlt Tag Team Champions.”

“Yeah,” Terry interjected, “dey’d have probably won the Hype Tag Team belts, too, but dey weren’t around at the time. Cori and I were fortunate enough to have set a standard as some BAMF Hype Tag Team Champs, but look at what we’ve done since we got called up: we BUZZSAWED through the Heirs of Wrestling, a great tag team empire! We just knocked down big-ass Huber and Roebuck, da House, and now we runnin’ dis division. But it ain’t gon’ stop there. Cross The Hood may have started da path of great tag teams comin’ up from The Hype, but they ain’t gonna be the BEST dat ever come up! Dis Best of Three gon’ prove dat!”

The first match will take place on iNtense 130 with the second match on iNtense 131. Should a third and final match be necessary, it will be decided on at a later date. Stay tuned to jOlt Wrestling for some of the best action in the world including this blockbuster Tag Team Series when iNtense 130 is brought to you live from The AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas!

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