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BREAKING NEWS: jOlt Wrestling Goes Public!


Aug 19, 2006
Damien Lee, the CEO and Owner of jOlt Wrestling, made an announcement today that jOlt Wrestling, which was a privately owned business, has gone public! jOlt, abbreviated JLT on the New York Stock Exchange, will begin offering shares at $2.50 per share starting on Monday, August 3rd.

When reached for comment, Damien Lee had the following to say:

"This is the next step in jOlt's evolution. We started off scraping for money in Orlando, Florida, then moving into our own arena in Miami. We then took jOlt overseas to Japan and now we are touring The United States. Our brands keep expanding and even The Hype will be experiencing its first Pay-Per-View event on August 7th.

These are exciting times in jOlt, but the road ahead has always just been one straight path that we can always look down as we move from city to city. We needed to broaden our horizons even more so that we can prosper even further as a company. By allowing the public to invest in us and our future, we can reach those new heights and do more with jOlt than we ever could.

With the assistance of going public, we could bring back Rock the House, our non-televised events. If the markets keep demanding, we can bring back Warriors on Wednesday nights to offer our fans more action and programming. There is a lot we could do and it all starts with you, the jOlt faithful.

I have always had the mindset that this your company as much as it is ours. You invest the time in us... and we invest our time and energy into giving back to you in the form of entertainment. Together, let's make jOlt even more successful as it is today!"

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