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Brock Alyas


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Dec 14, 2007
Windsor, Ontario


Name: Macc
Email Address: Private
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Name: Brock Alyas
Nicknames: the Ninth Mile, that Extra Mile Motherfucker(or trucker depending on censorship... Brock's nick has become child appropriate!)

Height: 6'2
Weight: 230
Handedness: Left
Looks: Identical to San Diego Chargers Linebacker Shawne Merriman. Cold green eyes. Generally just a mean looking dude that WILL jump you if he sees you in an alley.

Hailing From: Detroit, Michigan

Disposition: M.O.Everything.
Gimmick: Just a raging lunatic that's been known to take and deliver beatings with the best of them. Very short temper/fuse. Tremendously competitive and his confidence is easily mistaken for cockiness. That bad ass that finds it hard to submit to authority, but will coincide with the powers above to ultimately get what he wants.
Ring Attire: No shirt, jean shorts, nice basketball shoes. He's been known to wear the hometown teams star basketball/football players jersey but also known to wear the jersey of a player the entire city despises.

Theme Music: "Especially in Michigan" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Ring Entrance: Brock used to be stone cold on route to the ring but he's recently warmed up to the fans and realized their purpose and importance. He won't kiss anyones ass but if the crowds backing him, he'll slap hands and play along. More often than not he's just focused on the match ahead of him, while not being very good at containing his eagerness to deliver punishment.

Tactics/Style: Powerful Technical Innovator. Strong wrestling/judo background with very innovative arrays of suplexes. Despite being a firehydrant, he's actually quite athletic, certainly more than meets the eye. He's very well rounded and will always play to his advantage. If he's the bigger, he'll be the aggressor and impose his will. If he's matched up size-wise, he'll mix it up and try to brawl. If he's outsized and overpowered, he uses his ring knowledge to gain and advantage ex. over selling moves to buy time, reversals, buying time by rolling out of the ring etc.

Strengths: Strength, Technique, Ring Instincts.

Weaknessess: Patience, Speed, Eagerness to end matches quickly.


Brock uses an array of suplexes to wear his opponent down. His style in the ring is very similar to ECW Taz. Back Neck Drops, Clothesline from Hell, Death Valley Driver (often regular and variations used as finisher) as well as a high-impact spear that he will use prior to finishing them off. He often creates moves and different variations when in the ring, he's always been a creative boy.


Brock Alyas' life and career have been ups and downs since they began. Before NFW Brock worked in independant organizations all over the world, mostly around the Michigan/Ohio area. Having started wrestling at the age of 16, by the time Brock was 20 he was the lead anchor for many organizations in the midwest through the late 90s and early millenium. He got a shot to wrestle in PIW which was at then in it's prime but before contract negotiations were worked out - Brock was sent back to Detroit to work in the indies.

Brock's had it made in the shade in the NFW - coming in and proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the ring quickly. Though 2008 was a huge year for some new faces in the NFW Brock's 8-0 record through his first 8 matches earned himself 2008 Rookie of the Mid Year.

Since then Brock's done nothing but damage his career it seems, out of the ring and off camera interactions involving multiple incarcerations and charges with police have really over shadowed Brock's capabilities in the ring.

Brock has recently been involved in a blood bath war with Cameron Cruise that was brought to a conclusion after off-camera interactions with the two and Brock having served time for opening fire in Cameron Cruise's hometown. Cruise seemed to get the better of Alyas at Crash 49 with the help of another one of Brock's recent enemies - Vic Tarano.

Brock hasn't made any clear cut alliances since he's been in the NFW but he's been known to work for the hand that feeds him in the form of either Craig Miles or more recently Eddie Mayfield.
Another long hiatus, Brock spent a few months in rehabilitation kicking an addiction to crack cocaine, shooting liquid coke, vicodin, oxycotton... but he only used heroin to fall asleep. None the less, Brock is back, smaller than ever and determined to get back to the roots of the start of his NFW career.


Divide 120 Points between:


Provide a 20-set movelist as follows:

1. snap suplex,
2. clothesline
3. bulldog
4. russian leg sweep
5. firemans carry.

6. Stalling suplex
7. powerbomb
8. gorilla press slam
9. sidewalk slam
10. tornado suplex
11. ddt
12. clothesline from hell
13. fireman's carry to somoan drop
14. shoulder throws of all sorts (arm drags etc.)
15. t-bone suplex / t-bone suplex variants.


16.German Suplex
17.Capture Suplex,
18. Brainbuster
EXTRAS! Powerslam, Sidewinder slam, Canadian Backbreaker, Torture Rack to clothesline... all opponent is to land painfully on their neck.

19. GORRRRE! (spear)
20. the Extra Mile Explodah! Wrist Clutch Exploder suplex.
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