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Café Conversation // B Side


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Apr 10, 2004
Café Conversation // B Side

“Hmm...Gold mining. Now That's an interesting profession,” she remarked honestly. “I bet it gets mighty cutthroat down in those cramped, dirty tunnels.”

Cleaver clasped the top of her hand and gazed at her solemnly.

“You have no idea, ma’am.” He sat back and took another swig, smacking his lips before continuing. “The thing is, there’s this man in my company... His name is Jean Rabesque, and he has a piece of Greensboro gold I’d like to get my hands on.”

“I didn’t know Greensboro had any gold,” she quizzically stated to herself.

“Yep -- that‘s part of the reason why it‘s so special.”

“Why don’t you just talk to him about it and work out a deal?” she enquired rationally. Cleaver had gained her undivided attention.

“He cannot be reasoned with. He is a boulder that will not budge...that is why I plan on taking it by force. With my determination... and the right tools,” Cleaver said while slowly pulling his sleeves up and revealing his bulging muscles, “I’m pretty confident I can pick him apart and get what I want.”

The woman snickered and blushed slightly as he exposed his plan. He sat back smugly and dug into one of his jean pockets.

“What do I owe you?”

“55 five cents, all day...everyday.” he replied, her voice sounding monotonous as she quoted the store’s sales pitch. Cleaver smiled at her obligatory catchphrase and provided the correct change. O’Connor stood up and treaded towards the entrance. The old woman’s “HEY!” caused Cleaver to pause and look back from the tall glass doors.

“Be careful down there!” She exclaimed. And remember... keep that search for gold alive!”

“Oh, I will.” Cleaver O’Connor shot back assuredly, before flashing a pearly white smile and exiting the shop.

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