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Call the Thunder


New member
Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-06-02 AT 12:32 PM (EDT)](It was 5:35PM and things couldn't have been more quiet. Normally, on a day like today, 'The Apocalypse' Gabriel Poe would be doing his version of relaxing. Sitting in front of several televisions and catching up on recent events, reading a book, or even sitting alone and collecting his thoughts. That is what he considered relaxing, but today was different. Today was a different day all together.

Today he was actually amused.

Amused at the fact that Sean Stevens tried to talk down his anger and hatred for events past. Poe knew that he got to Stevens somehow and he wasn't about to let up. Continuing to watch Steven's reply a slight smile is evident on Poe's lips.)

GP: Sean Stevens how easily you are rattled. I only make the mere mention of your situation and you provide me with a huge list of people I should ask if I should take you as a serious threat or not. And such the list you have left. Kevin Powers, Randy Harders, Eli Flair. Perhaps I could ask them all, but why should I ask ...

I do consider you a serious threat Sean Stevens for you have everything to gain and nothing to lose in this match. After all, at Fish Fund, you were left weak and defenseless. Hornet got to your girl physically and Ryan got to her mentally. And all you could do was watch. Even after GXW and this new Intrusion continued on and on and on ... all you could do was watch. No movement. No emotion. Nothing. Perhaps you were confused when you called me a shell of a man ...

... considering it was the shell of Sean Stevens we saw at Fish Fund.

(Making a move to get up, Gabriel Poe moves out of his chair and walks along the hallway of his house until he sees a couple of pictures up ahead. Running his fingers across a couple of them he turns back towards the camera.)

GP: Stevens. What is Triple X supposed to mean anyway? Sure there is XXXtasy and all, but how do you portray that? How do you portray Triple X? That is just a name that stuck to you in your early career? Sure I have The Apocalypse for mine, but that is because it should be painfully obvious. You talk about wins and losses, but through it all a trail of pain and tears are left behind when The Apocalypse leaves the arena of torture. Always there is a sign of the Apocalypse, but what about Triple X? What does that mean? Does it mean anything at all? Or was that just the catch phrase you were looking for?

And you said Apocalypse was ridiculous ...

(Taking a moment to look up at one of the pictures, Poe sees former friends standing in front of a bus smiling and enjoying life as the toured from federation to federation spreading their 'I don't care' attitude. Out of the pain and misery that Poe has been subjected to in the past ... this was one of the few highlights in his time.)

GP: Here's the thing Stevens and I hope that you pay attention. When you first entered the scene you did your best to get everyone's attention and wouldn't stop until you finally got it. You would challenge them again and again until finally paid you some mind and then, and only then, that is when you considered yourself somebody. The pleasure you must've felt when Eli Flair showed for you when he beat you into a pulp rather than living you for dead.

Did you feel important then? Is this the thing you are trying to make me believe? Just because you've had some high quality matches I should be afraid and run? That's not my style Stevens. Even you should know that. You of all people. I've never had to bother someone again and again to get their attention. If I wanted someone's attention I went out and got it. If I wanted to make a statement then I went out and made it. You worry to much about what others think of you and your wins that you fail to realize the painfully obvious.

Wins to make you a winner boy. It's what you leave behind.

Remember the matches from the past. Remember the recent matches. Did you think it really bothered me if I won or lost? I couldn't care less cause I'm not really all about that. Did everyone feel my wrath? That was obvious ... even to the blind that was obvious.

But now that is all gonna change ... only because you demanded it.

Unlike you I don't care what others think ... I only care about what is next within my path and right now that is you. You want that I should worry about if I'll get my next win? Then perhaps at On Time in Gainesville is where I will have to make my statement. Do you think you can survive? Everyone has seen the true Sean Stevens and he ain't much to look at.

Wanna ask Ivy on how to approach this match? Go ahead ... we've talked before.

Wanna ask Flair on how you should attack? Go ahead ... we've been on the same team.

Wanna ask Codine on how you'll survive this match? Go ahead ... I started the man's career.

Ask anyone who will listen to you, but the only person you should be asking is yourself. And the think you should ask is do you have it within you to show that you are the man you claim to be? Are you the breakout superstar Sean Stevens who needs nobody and can do it on his own without worrying what others think of him?

Or are you the Blue Eyed Bad Ass we have come to know and will show his weak points every chance he gets?

Either way I am prepared for it.

The question is ... are you?

(Poe begins to walk off towards the right, but stops and looks back at the camera.)

What is a Triple X anyway? Now that is ridiculous ...


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