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Captain Justice


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Feb 4, 2005
Wrestler Name: Captain Justice
Nicknames: Cap J, The AmericAnimal, The Hoss of a New Millenium, The Heroic Hoss, The Terror That Pontificates In The Night
Billed From: The Great City of Gothametropolis
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 275 lbs.
Alignment: Face

Theme Music: “Superhero” by Daft Punk
Ring Entrance:
Lights fade.

Red, white, blue hue.


“Hero” by Skillet.

Parting the curtains like the Red Sea, Captain Justice walks out and throws both fists in the air to a chorus of cheers. Once he reaches the entryway, he stretches his fists out to the sky like he was holding a cannon...


A shower of explosive red, white and blue pyro goes off with each pump of his fists. CJ makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with the crowd on his way down. After a successful leap onto the ring apron, the AmericAnimal stalks the ring and climbs inside, again, with both fists in the air.

Captain Justice leans against the corner, doing some in-ring calisthenics before awaiting his opponent.

Finisher & Description:
The Holy Justice Slam! (Running Powerslam with tremendous ring-shaking force.)
Fastball Special (high impact running turnbuckle powerbomb)

For both moves, he will call out the name of the move before he hits them.

Special Moves:

The Liberty Bellclap (Modified Mongolian Chop; balls up fists, crushes opponent's head in between said fists)

Washington Monument (Spear)

American Revolution (Airplane Spin into a Flapjack)

The Ten-Gun Salute (Series of Ten Open-Handed Chops to opponent in the corner)

Look, Up In The Sky! (No-Hands Plancha to the outside – Hernandez-style)

The Great American Drop (Samoan Drop)

Golden Gate Bridge (Delayed Fisherman’s Suplex with a bridge)

Shot Heard ‘Round The World (Hulk Hogan-style Big Boot. When he hits this move, the fans scream "BOOM!" and he follows it up with an elbow drop)

Every Match Spots:

-Calling out the names of his finishers right before he does them
-The old “I’ve got this guy pinned in the corner about to punch him, but I can’t multitask and I need your help to count for me as I hit the guy” corner punch, but only with chops (calle the Ten-Gun Salute)
-After knocking down opponents with a shoulder block, he chants “USA!” while pumping his fists like he’s about to fire a cannon

10-15 Moves:
Liberal doses of “main event” punching, kicking, and brawling
Bionic Elbow
Body Avalanche
Vertical Suplex
Back Suplex
Scoop Slam
Military Press Slam
Shoulder Thrusts
Fallaway Slam
Flying Shoulder Tackle
Slingshot Shoulder Block


- Soren Knox was just a mild-mannered "reporter", before he gained his "powers" by drinking a "radioactive energy drink", thus turning him into Captain Justice.
- Captain Justice's enemies are those who would dare attack the innocent! With his mighty "Arms of Justice", Captain Justice smites those evil-doers!
- Captain Justice's ill-defined powers all have to do with his Arms of Justice. With them, he can bash people's faces in, tear phone books in half, and easily have his arms compared to skillets and other ordinary household objects!
-After spending a fair amount of time in PRIME, several years ago and winning New Frontier Wrestling’s Bunkhouse Brawl (before he left due to alleged steroid allegations – hint, it was Flintstones’ Chewable Tablets) Captain Justice has left the Earth and has set his sights on bigger goals. For now, he has gone to compete for one big title, the greatest in the galaxy…

The Intergalactic Championship.

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