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Carlson vs Jackson


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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville US
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-25-02 AT 06:14 PM (EDT)]Bold=Devons Speech


Sh*t nobody can stop me, so why do they try?

The following is a...

[img src=

View at your own risk. Fathers... put your bad a##
kids to bed, hand your wife the dildo, and exit the
room. ...she'll be needing time to herself. You?
...you watch from the living room or somewhere. Don't
have a television in the living room? Or worse...
don't even HAVE a living room? Call a friend and ask
him to tape it. Because, what you're about to see is
some real hardcore, gangsta sh#t, from a real n*gga
and True God Of The. Squared Circle....

Devon Jackson: Yes it is I that legendary
n*gga as Devon Jackson. Right now just a GXW
star on the rise but soon I will be the GXW
World Champ.

One of the biggest pimps on gods greeen
earth sits in a poorly lit room with a High
Rollaz Backdrop that looks something like

[img src=

Where he is located doesnt matter What does
matter is what this man has to say so LISTEN
and LISTEN good!

Devon.. Jackson: Ya know I guess it is time
for me to make my debut here in GXW, and what
a pity that it has to be against a worthless
fool like Chris Carlson. Its kinda sad that
this poor kid has to walk into a slaughter at
the hands of me, but sadly it has to be

Damn whenever this n*gga speaks it sounds
like pure poetry...

Devon Jackson: Train up good Chris! All you
have is one day left to get ready for a
wrestling lesson. If you want to dismiss what I
an saying as nonsense go right ahead it will
just be your career coming to a premature

And so ends todays lesson Devon just
dropped sone serious knowledge. I hope you all
enjoyed it as nuch as I truly did.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville US
OOC Comment


Devon Jackson asked me to post this RP due to his trouble with accessing the boards at the current time. Thank you.


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