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[CD] A Call to Action


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
* Chaos character development RP.

(The phone rings inside Chaos upscale apartment)

Chaos: Hello

Marcus LaRoque: Chaos it's Marcus LaRoque

Chaos: Marcus old pal, What can I do for you today?

Marcus LaRoque: Well I was wondering if you were coming back for season two?

Chaos: What makes you think I wouldn't...I mean season one was EPIC!!! There's plenty more MONSTER'NG to go around

Marcus LaRoque: Well you did walk out of Battle Brawl 3 and flip off each of your opponents.

(The camera pans back to see Jennifer Harding walking out of his bedroom. She's putting back her earring still wearing the same black dress from the night before)

Jennifer Harding: Hey

(She spies the camera)

Jennifer Harding: Oh Shit...

Marcus LaRoque: Hey that voice sounds familiar....who is that?

Chaos: Come on Marcus...let me be <winks> TACTFUL and not answer that question. However I got one for you.

Marcus LaRoque: what's that?

Chaos: Well I know we're restarting the league, but what made you think it was a good idea to show a ten minute douche commercial before our biggest show?

Marcus LaRoque: What?

Chaos: Come on Marcus...you let Larry Tact talk on and on. My God, By the time he was done every woman in New England was ready to play tennis and ride horses. Energy drink....thinking my ass is enhanced? Marcus, that man is a douche. Anyways I'm back, Just who is my next opponent?

Marcus LaRoque: Cameron Cruise

Chaos: Crippler?

Marcus LaRoque: Yup

Chaos: Good then I'll be down later and sign my contract.

Marcus LaRoque: Oh Chaos....one more thing...

Chaos: What's that?

Marcus LaRoque: Suicide is back.

Chaos: <Sighs> It was just a matter of time I guess. I'll see you later



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