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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
(As the scene opens up the shot shows ‘Good God’ Kevin Powers standing in front of a CSWA backdrop. Looking as happy as he can be, Powers focuses his attention to the camera in front of him.)

KP: Now I know what everyone is saying. There are some people out there wondering what direction is The Double G KP going to go now that he is PLR-less. Sure it wasn’t along the lines of Eddy Love and Steve Radder, but when you have people leave to pursue other career options … what can you do. So I brought Rob Sampson and Nate Logan along for the ride cause when I was doing the PLR thing that’s when I was most happy. I was able to have a good time in the company as well as out cause I had people who would be there for me and vice versa. Granted Logan started to stray from the group, but that happens when you lose interest with wrestling in general. But now all the glamour is gone and it’s back to being a solo competitor one more time.

(Powers puts the end if his index finger and thumb to his lips and then points at the camera before continuing on.)

KP: I’ve even heard some talk in the back that the PLR thing was just a farce so that the big plan of the GXW invasion could be brought into CSWA. Maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t, but seriously … do we really need another invasion thing going on in a federation? It’s been done so many damn times it just ain’t funny anymore. Trust me when I say that, even if it was going to happen, that fish is dead in the water and floating downstream to the sewers it so rightfully belongs.

Now it’s on to better things for the Leader of the Lush Nation. Now I get to take a deep breath once more and relax cause I get the chance to make that prestigious climb up the ladder once more and it all starts with the Beat It king himself … Shamon.

I’m sure Shamon is in his studio right now putting on the old HIStory CD and screaming down the walls Karaoke style. He’s got his red and black leather suit on with glitter glove on hand reaching up to the stars and belting out another horrific top ten spectacular. Heck, he’s probably combing his goldie-locks back and shaping it up just right so he can do his prance and dance in the ring for On Time, but WHATEVER he’s doing there is one guaranteed thing he won’t be doing and that’s winning our little contest.

As a matter of fact let me tell you EXACTLY what’s going to happen at On Time …

(Suddenly, from the right hand side of the screen, a man dressed up in a black suit stands next to Powers. Stopping in mid-sentence, Powers looks over at him in disbelief.)

KP: And just who do you think you are?

M: Hello Mr. Powers. I’m from the CSWA censoring committee and I was sent here to make sure you don’t say any derogatory comments during your promo for On Time.

KP: (shocked) CSWA … censoring committee?

M: That’s right Mr. Powers. It seems that, recently, you’ve been saying things that, not only upset other people within the company, but also cost the company time and money … due to editing cost of course.

KP: Time and money? Now I’m being censored?

M: I’m afraid so Mr. Powers. Because of your free flowing use of curse words as well as harmful derogatory comments I, part of the censoring committee, am making sure that you don’t say anything that might hurt the federation.

KP: But all I’m doing is talking about Shamu the karaoke lounge slut!

M: I’m afraid we’re going to have to censor that.


M: Cause his name is not Shamu it is Shamon and I don’t believe CSWA viewers need to hear type of language like that.

KP: Are you serious? Who put you up to this?

M: It’s my job Mr. Powers.

KP: I don’t believe this. Alright censor boy can I, at the very least, describe what I’ll be DOING during this match?

M: I don’t see any harm.

KP: Good. Now, when I’m facing … SHAMON in the ring I’m gonna beat him like he stole something and, seeing who I’m facing, he obviously stole the character of child molesting freak.

M: Mr. Powers I’ll have to censor that as well.

KP: But I’m talking about Shamon!

M: You were referring to someone else and that is borderline lawsuit.

KP: But I didn’t even MENTION Michael Jackson!

M: Great … now it is a lawsuit. We’ll make sure this comes out of your pay.


M: Can’t say that either due to people’s different religious beliefs.

KP: Okay … okay. Can I, at the very least, just talk about how I’m going to finish my match with Shamon?

M: I don’t see any harm in that.

KP: Finally. Okay Shamon … here’s the deal. After you do your little dance in the ring and after I’m done beating the living tar out of you I’m setting you up for ride of all rides. Not the ride that gives ALL the ladies Powers Envy. Not the ride that every woman desires … a jump on the BLT. The BIG … Lush Top …

M: Mr. Powers that is slander against every female watching and not watching this program and I’m going to have to censor you …

KP: Ah man SCREW IT!

(Powers then turns around and kicks the suit in the gut and picks him up in a jack-knife powerbomb position dropping him hard to the ground knocking him out instantly. He then leans down and starts yelling.)

KP: How’s that censor boy? Does it hurt now? Do ya wanna censor that? That’s only a small version of Kiss the Canvas and only a small preview of things to come in Shamon’s future! I will not be censored and I will not be defeated at On Time and … after I’m done beating up on Shamon …

(Powers gets back up and steps on the person knocked out on the ground.)

KP: I’ll be looking for the next step to climb en route back to the top. And if you don’t like it … it ain’t my problem … IT’S YOURS!

(Powers gets off the suit and looks at him one last time before turning away and walking out of camera shot.)


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