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The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile
"If I was taking my cues from Rocko Daymon on how to be a Champion..."

(Darkness surrounded everything.)

"...then I would have vacated my Emerald City Championship belt as soon as I felt the slightest discomfort in my knee at Chain Reaction 5."

(FADEIN on a blacklight - glowing room. In the middle of the glow, Vizier ta Seti is sitting with fluorescent facepaint that resembles a skull. The Emerald City Championship glows slightly behind him.)

SETI: You certainly said a mouthful, Rocko... and I know the fans in the arena were cheering for a refund of the money you stole from them... but don't ever let it convince you that those are your fans.

They are fans of the International Wrestling Federation.

They are fans of their home promotion.

MY home promotion.

The last time I looked... you were in that arena to challenge for my Championship, and you weren't there. And you have the audacity to tell me that I have a lot to learn about being a Champion?

(He laughed)

SETI: Quite the contrary, holding this Championship means that as long as we're wrestling in the IWF, as long as I'm holding the title that you so desperately want... I SAY WHAT I WANT TO SAY.

And that includes the public apology I directed at you when I learned that you didn't show up for our match through no fault of your own. I apologized for my assumption and offered you a rematch.

(He pressed his hands into his forehead and pulled them away a moment later.)

SETI: Judging by your reaction, Rocko? You are clearly not a man. And if you ever... ever... demand my presence in the ring again, I will break your neck, spit in your face, and set fire to your entire family.

Assuming you have anyone left who actually cares about you on a personal level.

You want me in the ring, Rocko... you have to wait. You have to wait until after Scott Douglas is granted his shot. Because while you may have a signed contract with the IWF... I made a personal promise to Scott Douglas and I always honor my debts.

(He laughed again.)

SETI: Which puts Mister Perfection as the last man standing.

You said it yourself, James... you wanted to wait for... what was it? The right time?

I don't know, I don't care enough about what you say to look it up.

But now, you get what you want. You get to wait.

(He thought about it.)

SETI: I'll make you a deal... you can leapfrog to the head of the line with one simple sentence. Just say to me, 'My name is James Witherhold and I am requesting a shot at Vizier ta Seti's Emerald City Championship.'

Can you do it, James?

What's stronger? Your pride, or your desire for my Championship?

You'll learn... Witherhold... Rocko... even Scott Douglas, if he doesn't know it already.

The IWF is my domain... in this promotion... I make the rules... I enforce the law.

In the IWF... I am the one who saw all.

Punishment for the nonbelievers will be swift and permanent.


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