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Christopher Ryan Eagles

Chris Eagles

League Member
Apr 14, 2012
Wrestler Name: Christopher Ryan Eagles
Nicknames: The Cancer of TWOstars
Billed From: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 235lbs

Theme Music: "Ugly" by The Exies

Ring Entrance:

Finisher & Description: Eagle Wings - a double underhook facebuster (EG HHH Pedigree)

The End Is Near - Punt to the head.

The FINAL SOLUTION - Punt to the Head with Steel Chair around the neck (Used very rarely, to put someone out for longer then normal EiN)

Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher?
Kick to the gut for Eagle Wings and waiting in the corner for downed opponent in far corner for the End is Near

Special Moves: The Eagle's Descent - A Lung Blower to the chest. (But can be done to face also)
The CRE Breaker - Inverted Headlock Backbreaker (eg Randy Orton)
Cancerous Kiss - DDT with through the top and middle rope (EG Randy Orton)

Every Match Spots: Most wrestlers have spots they pull off in the duration of 99.9999% of their matches - what's your guys?

10-15 Moves: Punch
Body Slam
Stomp on each body part when opponent down

Thumb to the eyes
Raking eyes across top rope
Side head lock
Backstory: Chris Eagles debuted in TWOstars in 2005 as the "Million Dollar Man" Christopher Eagles. A few gimmicks later and Eagles would because the Cancer of TWOstars Christopher Ryan Eagles.

He has been a Tag Team Champion and a record four-time Television Champion as well as holder the ERE Hardcore title in TWOstars sister company ERE.

Eagles is the longest serving member on the TWOstars roster, but never won the big one.

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