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"Chrono.naut" Erik Black


Jan 1, 2000

Email Address: rrstrawsma@hotmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: Rocko The Otter
Preferred Method of Handling: I like to jump around, but I'm rooted in FW Promo
Best Way to Contact you: PM


Legal Name: Erik Black
Nicknames: Chrono.naut, The Druid, DOPESMOKER, The Goat Bastard, The Escape Artist

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 218 lbs.
Handedness: Right
Looks: Thanks to a diet based on the munchies, Erik doesn't quite boast a body-builder's physique. His skin tone is pallid, he has ample dark brown body hair on his chest, back, and lower arms, and he's developed a bit of a beer gut. He also sports a thick beard to compliment his shaggy brown hair, which is thinning out on the top of his head. The beard itself is extends out at the chin by about six inches, giving it the appearance of a goat's beard, hence one of his nicknames. Sometimes, an opponent might grab him by this hanging bit of the beard and throw him across the ring. Basically, he LOOKS like a guy who smokes dope for a living. His holds a plethora of tattoos. A few notables: On his right arm, a tribute to Peter Jackson's "Dead Alive" (dead face within woman's stretched mouth) is displayed on his shoulder. His lower left arm bears a sickle across the forearm. His back piece is a goat's head.

Hailing From: Indianapolis, IN

Disposition: STONED
Gimmick: Stoner Daredevil and Innovator

Ring Attire: Loose fitting black pants, wristbands. No boots - he comes to the ring in a pair of moccasins, and otherwise goes at it barefoot. The pants never quite fit him right, so typically halfway through a match, they'll be slipping down far enough to expose the top of his ass crack to the world while he makes vain attempts to keep them pulled up.
Theme Music: "Chrono.naut" by Electric Wizard
Ring Entrance: Does a very comical strut to the ring in time with the stoner rock blaring over the PA, always in a dark red bathrobe. Usually pops a turnbuckle and takes a bong rip for a cheap pop.

Tactics/Style: Pretty versatile in a lot of different styles -- has martial arts striking background, is technically proficient enough to counter almost any move or submission hold (earning "The Escape Artist" monicker), and naturally falls into the high-flying and daredevil extremism categories as well. The problem is that he's so scatter-brained, he has a hard time sticking with one method.

Major real-wrestling influences include Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Jake Roberts. I mean, LATER years Jake Roberts... Heroes of Wrestling era, only a bit more willing to jump off a turnbuckle through a stack of tables--he's a whore for hardcore spots. Some other major influences I would include are the likes of Spike Dudley, Tajiri, Sean Waltman, Chris Sabin, early Hardy brothers, Owen Hart, and Mick Foley.

Strengths: 1.) He's fast. 2.) He's charismatic. 3.) He's unconventional.

Weaknessess: 1.) He's small. 2.) He's reckless. 3.) He's high... like, ALL the time.

Being smaller than the average-sized wrestler, Black has to use his speed and cunning toward his advantage more often than not. Against larger opponents, he'll vie for diving and rebound moves, along with martial arts striking. Against opponents closer to his size, he might dish out more slams and takedowns. He has a strong mental index of wrestling maneuvers to adapt to any kind of opponent. On top of that, through drug-induced hallucinations, he's gained a unique perspective on the sport, which leads him to often innovate new moves, either flashy or devastating, during some matches. He usually has a mad-scientist approach to this; whatever he dishes out could work or blow up in his face.

Though he's a great wrestler, at his heart, he's an entertainer when in the ring -- particularly when he's on the LOSING end of an exchange. He's not so much recognized in the wrestling world as having a dominant offense, but instead an uncanny ability to sell any spot convincingly, and often comically. Almost all of his matches involve a spot where he puts himself through sick and devastating stunt that look like they could destroy a man of his inferior size, yet he almost always walks away from it (albeit dizzy and babbling something incoherent). He's often praised by the IWC for his ability to make any match entertaining, regardless of who won or who his opponent was.

Besides his wrestling and selling abilities, Black can also work a crowd from dead silence to booming applause. He has a number of comical antics that involve his perpetually being high all the time and consistent posturing -- his favorite pose involve holding his reaching his hand out in the distance and looking out past it, similar to Hogan's stretch pose. In some matches, he might escape to Geezer for a quick "pick me up", especially if things aren't going his way -- of course, this causes him to go into Popeye mode, suddenly perking up and throwing a barrage of rights and lefts. Geezer also serves as a useful weapon, when it's legal. Black does much to interact with the crowd, from asking for weapons to accepting gifts from ringside fans (beer, hotdogs, cigarettes... joints). Regardless of his alignment for a match, he always has a core group of fans.


Just a brief squib, cause I don't feel like going through the entire process of copying and pasting from the New ERA bio site...

Erik Black was born and grew up in a town called Lebanon, Indiana. In his adolesence, he would moonlight in backyard federations as a masked luchador known as "El Cabron". At 18, he did work in Japan, and formed a tag team with a Russian-born superheavyweight. The tag team went through several incarnations for about a decade. A couple years ago, after a life-altering psychedelic experience, the Russian took a vow of pacisifism. Black is pushing himself as legit singles wrestler, in both mainstream and indy wrestling. He tours the country in a crappy van, selling weed and bootleg merchandise to pay for gas from one venue to the next. Along the way, he tries to spread as much of his "gospel" as he can.



1.) Spinning Heel Kick
2.) Enziguri
3.) Spinning Crescent Kick
4.) Running Senton Splash
5.) One-Handed Bulldog
6.) Armdrag into Armbar
7.) Dragon Screw into Leg Scissor
8.) Snapmare into Dragon Sleeper
9.) Bridged Northern Lights/German Suplex (weight dependent)
10.) Moonsault
11.) Dragonrana
12.) Missile Dropkick
13.) Neckbreaker
14.) Tornado DDT
15.) The Steamroller (Rolling Fireman's Carry slam)
16.) Hasheeshian Facebuster (Chair-assisted diving legdrop)
17.) The Buzzkiller (Facebuster DDT)
18.) Hasheeshian Piledriver (Scoop-slam piledriver)
19.) The Green Hit (Forward-somersault three-quarter-facelock bulldog)
20.) 420 Splash (450 splash)

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