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Classy Mike C


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Name: Classy Mike C
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 263 lbs.
Hometown: Manchester, England
Appearance: Stocky, short brown hair (similar to the typical English "mod" hairstyle - google it!). Typical clothing is polo shirt (white, black, navy blue or yellow), rolled up jeans and red/brown Doc Martens boots.

Entrance music: “Our Bovine Public" by The Cribs
Entrance: "Our Bovine Public" by The Cribs kicks in, immediately cutting out the nonsense of an intro. Almost as soon as it does Classy Mike C steps out onto the stage and pauses at the top of the ramp before walking, focused, down to the ring. Mike C ignores the crowd response and swaggers with purpose before rolling under the bottom rope and moving straight to his corner, leaning back on the ropes in preparation for the match.

In-ring style: Mike C is largely a brawler but does have other elements to his arsenal, mainly focused around submission and (some, albeit rare) high flying manoeuvres. He's as tough as old leather so there's nothing Mike C likes more than a fight.

• Inverted Shoulder Breaker
• Gutwrench Suplex
• Bulldog
• Double Arm DDT
• Fallaway Slam
• Samoan Drop
• Fisherman's Suplex
• Piledriver
• Atomic Drop
• Death Valley Driver
• Top Rope Clothesline
• An array of stiff punches and kicks
• Sunset Flip
• Leg Drag Takedown
• Spinebuster
• Suicide Dive
• Shooting Star Press (rarely used)
• Moonsault (rarely used, usually to the outside)

Signature moves:

• The Classyleap - Top Rope Elbow Drop
• Red Card Offence - Inverted spinning heel kick (i.e. a front flip with Mike C's heel connecting with his opponents jaw)
• The Stretford End - Set up for a powerbomb but flips opponent around into a sitdown facebuster

Finishing move: The (insert British town name here) Classyleaf (i.e. The Classyleaf) - basic Texas Cloverleaf but with Mike C changing the name to insert a British town, city or county (i.e. The Birmingham Cloverleaf, The Durham Cloverleaf, The Staffordshire Cloverleaf)

Matchwriting pointers: Nothing to extravagant, Mike C is a hard man and resilient. He'll always put up a fight to the best of his abilities but isn't going to set out to entertain the fans.

Bio: Best to look at this link (will write a full bio but I'm in work atm...)


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