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Columbus Riptide 01


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-09-03 AT 07:50 PM (EST)](FADE-IN: A computer generated shot of the Great Lakes being passed overhead at a very rapid speed. As the camera zooms past the shimmering waters, the glare forms the letters G L C W, the background fades to black as the letters glow brighter, and show the letters in large, golden form. The camera cuts to downtown Columbus, panning the street before cutting to the campus of OSU, the Columbus Museum of Art, and the Brewery District. We finish up on a shot of the Value City Arena. The marquee out front is emblazoned with the GLCW logo. CUT-TO: Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman at ringside)

TONY ROSS: “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to GLCW Riptide, hot on the heels of RINGLORDS I! We’re coming to you live tonight from the Value City Arena in Columbus, Ohio. I’m Tony Ross alongside Rick Wiseman, and what a night we’ve got in store! Not only that but Jake Shades is nowhere to be found!”

RICK WISEMAN: “Who knows where he is and who cares! But speaking of Ringlords, if you missed out on it, I’d advise you to get the replay on InDemand Pay-Per-View, showing all this week. It was a night you don’t wanna miss.”

ROSS: “That’s right. We saw the Dogs of War named number one contenders for the World Tag Team Titles, Jared Wells beat out Larry Tact in a Lights Out match, and who can forget Wargames: The Match Beyond?”

WISEMAN: “I know THAT match will be with me for a long time. The match ended with Kraven being put in TWO different submission holds at the same time after being sprayed by Manson’s black mist! Maelstrom had the Mortal Sin locked in, and Jean Rabesque threw into the pot with a figure-four leglock. Kraven simply couldn’t hold out against all that punishment, but the action didn’t stop there.”

ROSS: “The Unholy Alliance, apparently blaming Manson and Anarky for their loss then TURNED on Manson and Anarky, with the help of Nevada Smith and his son Dakota, who shocked us all when he was revealed to be the masked man from weeks back! The four of them walked out triumphant despite the loss, leaving a broken Manson and Anarky in their wake. That’s gotta leave you wondering what Manson and Anarky have in store for the UA and Nevada and Dakota Smith.”

WISEMAN: “That’s right, boys and girls. But coming up tonight on Riptide, we’ve got Cameron Cruise in his first match since his hiatus taking on Jared Justice. We’ve also got Major Impact taking on the Oak Street Beach Patrol. Major Impact put on a hell of a show at Ringlords in the four-way tag team number one contender’s match, narrowly being edged out by the Dogs of War. The OSBP, however, will get a chance at redemption for their less-than stellar performance at Ringlords.”

ROSS: “Also in tag-team action tonight we’ve got the number one contenders for the Tag Team titles, the Dogs of War taking on newcomers the Krymson Dragons. The Big Texan Golden Hawk goes toe-to-toe with Sane, M.W. Grossard takes on “Showtime” Stephen James, and a HUGE 8 man over-the-top battle royal to decide the number one contender for the GLCW Heavyweight Championship.”

WISEMAN: “Michael Manson, Anarky, Nikolai Ash, "Rage o' Fire" Jared Wells, Nemesis, The Cannonball Kidd, Jonathan Marx and The Jobber will all wage war tonight to see who earns the right to face the Heavyweight Champion. Also on board for tonight, Jarod Poe will defend his Television title against “Stupendous” Stephen Morgan, and Heavyweight Champion Maelstrom will put the gold on the line against the current number one contender, Jean Rabesque. All this and more tonight on Riptide!”

(CUEUP: "Shapes of Things" by The Jeff Healy Band, the crowd explodes as Jean Rabesque appears on the ramp, dressed in his all black street clothes, he casually slaps a few hands as he heads down to the ring, and grabs a microphone)

WISEMAN: “And speaking of Jean Rabesque …”

ROSS: “Rabesque starting us off here tonight at Riptide! He is scheduled to take on The Great Lakes Champion Maelstrom TONIGHT!"

(CUTTO: Rabesque in the ring)

JEAN RABESQUE: "Many of you may know this, and many of you may not, but ever since I moved to the United States permanently about ten years ago, I have lived in Ohio for that entire time, and it sure is nice to be back here in Columbus! (crowd pops) And it is fitting that I'm back here considering what is going to go down right here tonight in the ring! (crowd pops again) I've been waiting a long time for this opportunity, and tonight, Maelstrom is in for the match of his life. Now I know it's not going to be easy, but I am in the best shape of my life, and tonight, maybe, just maybe.... I can make some history. (crowd pops) Now, of course, there are some out there who don't believe that I should be given this opportunity. They don't think that I'm worthy to be getting a shot at the Great Lakes Title. Men like Manson (crowd boos), and of course Anarky (more boos) feel that they should be the ONLY ones getting the shots. And after tonight, one of them just might. But to everyone who has doubted, everyone that hasn't believed that I could make it to this point, I'm telling you all right now, that you all go can go STRAIGHT TO HELL! (crowd pops HUGE) Because win, or lose tonight, Jean Rabesque is going to come out and give you all the greatest wrestling match you all have ever seen in your life! And now...Maelstrom (crowd cheers), there have been many words going back and forth between the two of us, but I have a little proposition for you. I say it's about time we cut the crap and get down to business, and give these people the match they deserve to see...right here in COLUMBUS! No false gimmicks, no false hype--

(Rabesque is interrupted. CUE-UP: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. At this point the already cheering crowd starts cheering louder as Maelstrom appears. He has a stoic expression as he walks purposefully towards the ring, as always dragging the GLCW Heavyweight title in tow behind him. He climbs up on the apron, pushes the top rope down and steps over the top rope then walks right up to Jean Rabesque, snatches the mic from his hand, glares intensely at Jean momentarily before he begins speaking...)

MAELSTROM: "Time's runnin' out Raby..... reality is loomin'....."

(pauses as he looks Jean up and down and sneers)

MAELSTROM: ".... but before it does, I came here to give ya somethin'......"

(narrows his eyes and sneers as he offers Jean his hand, Jean gives a surprised look, then looks at the crowd which reacts wildly, he then looks back at Maelstrom, then at his hand, than back at Maelstrom as he grasps his hand and shakes it)

MAELSTROM: "You've come a long way since back in the day of the NFWA Raby, an' I just wanted to let ya know that BEFORE we step in the ring, 'cuz when that bell rings, there'll be no room or reason for respect, no reason to even remember our brief alliances..... 'cuz when that bell rings Raby..... I won't be seein' a former tag partner.... all I'll be seein' is my prey for the night an' I'm gonna do everythin' within my power to HURT an' HUMBLE yer ass!"

(Maelstrom turns and walks through the ropes then while still standing on the apron, he turns and continues to speak to Jean)

MAELSTROM: "An' that's no promise Raby.... it's a G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E !!"

(Maelstrom carelessly tosses the mic at Jeans feet as he drops down off the apron and walks back up the aisle, dragging the GLCW title in tow behind him, crowd roaring in anticipation. CUT-TO: Ross and Wiseman at the announce table)

ROSS: “Strong words from the Heavyweight Champion, but that’s not gonna stop Jean Rabesque from waging war for the Heavyweight title tonight! Ladies and gentlemen, lets take you down to Matt Faley at ringside.”

MATT FALEY: “The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first … (CUE-UP: "Just Barely Breathing" - Killswitch Engage) …from Boston, Massachusetts, and weighing in at THREE hundred EIGHT pounds, JAAAAAAAAARRRRRRED JUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSTICE!!"

(Justice appears at the top of the ramp, clad in black and red tights and bulky combat boots. The crowd explodes as Justice gives them the high sign, trotting down to the ring)

ROSS: “The crowd is really showing their appreciation for Jared Justice tonight.”

FALEY: “And his opponent … (CUE-UP: “Battery” – Metallica) … from Jacksonville, North Carolina, and weighing in at TWO hundred FORTY EIGHT pounds, here is … CAAAAAAAAAMERONNNNNNN CRRRRRRRUUUUUUUISSSSSSE!”

(Cruise comes through the curtain clad in light blue tights with white trim, a focused look on his face. The crowd gives up a big pop for his return and a few fans start a “Welcome back” chant as he makes his way to the ring)

ROSS: “The referee now, giving both men some last minute instructions. Cameron Cruise is giving up a lot of weight going into this matchup.”

WISEMAN: “That’s right, but Cruise knows his way around a wrestling ring. He’s a gifted ring general, Tony, and you can’t always count on size in the world of professional wrestling.”

ROSS: “The referee calls for the bell, and this one is underway! (SFX: DING DING DING!) Cruise and Justice circling, collar and elbow tieup, Cruise with a hammerlock, switch and a reversal by Justice, switch into a rear waistlock by Cruise, and Jared Justice breaks free with a back elbow to the head of Cameron Cruise.”

WISEMAN: “Cruise is eager to show that he’s back in force in his GLCW return, but Jared Justice isn’t willing to give an inch.”

ROSS: “Justice with an Irish whip, Cruise off the ropes, and Justice clobbers Cameron Cruise with a stiff clothesline. Justice with a quick elbowdrop, into the cover but Cruise kicks out after one. Both men back up, collar-and-elbow tieup, Cruise with a standing switch into a rear waistlock, and UNLOADS with a beautiful release German suplex. Jared Justice rolls out of the way, he sure wasn’t expecting that!”

WISEMAN: “Cruise is making a strong showing in his GLCW return. Remember, he’s said that he’ll give everything he’s got to pin Justice. Hopefully, Justice won’t set him on fire tonight.”

ROSS: “Justice is back on his feet, and shaking off the cobwebs. Cruise grabs Justice, front facelock, and a suplex attempt by Cruise but Justice snaked the leg in and blocked it. Justice with a suplex of his own, floatover into the cover, hooks the leg, ONE, TWO, but Cruise got the shoulder up.”

WISEMAN: “The crowd is solidly behind both men in this match, and with good reason. Both of these men are excellent at what they do, but I’d have to give the edge to Jared Justice in this one.”

ROSS: “Justice does have quite a size advantage, but so far Cameron Cruise has done an excellent job of keeping the playing field even. Both men are back up, and look at them go! Cruise is firing away with rights and lefts to the head of Jared Justice, and Justice is responding in kind, but a knife-edge chop by Cameron Cruise has got Justice staggered! (SFX: WHOOO!) Cruise with a front facelock, he gets Justice up this tiiiimeeeeeeeee … BRAINBUSTER! Cameron Cruise just LOBOTOMIZED Jared Justice!”

WISEMAN: “Impressive display by Cruise, delivering a beautiful textbook brainbuster to the larger Jared Justice. He should be looking for the cover right about now.”

ROSS: “I think he heard you. Cruise into the cover, hook of the leg, ONE, TWOOOO, THREEEENOOO! Justice got the shoulder up, and look at the look of disappointment on Cameron Cruise’s face.” (SFX: Big pop from the crowd)

WISEMAN: “He thought he had it won, Tony. Hell, after that high-impact move, I thought so too.”

ROSS: “Justice struggling to his feet, and Cameron Cruise is waiting for him! Irish whip by Cruise, reversal by Justice, Cruise off the other side and Justice plants him with a HUGE spinebuster! (SFX: POP!) Cruise is down!”

WISEMAN: “That’s what makes this one so hard to call. What a great back-and-forth matchup this has been.”

ROSS: “Indeed it has. Cruise is staggering to his feet, and this time Jared Justice is waiting for him! Justice with an Irish whip, but this time Cruise reverses! Justice hits hard chest first into the turnbuckle. Justice staggers back, and Cameron Cruise WITH A ROLLUP FROM BEHIND! ONE, TWOOOOO … THREE! HE GOT HIM!” (SFX: DING DING DING!)


WISEMAN: “What a victory for the returning Cameron Cruise, and what an upset for Jared Justice.”

ROSS: “I don’t think Justice ever saw it coming! Folks, we’ll be right back.”

(CUT-TO: Jared Justice shaking his head in bewilderment, staring at a departing Cameron Cruise as we FADE TO COMMERCIAL)

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