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Columbus Riptide 04


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-09-03 AT 07:46 PM (EST)](FADE-IN: Lady Veronica is standing backstage)

LADY V: "Fans, once again I am backstage at the Value City Arena and we have an update on the situation with Jarod Poe. We have just received a video from the person who allegedly sent the Fed Ex letter to the TV Champion. We have screened it and now we will show it to you. Here it is..."

(The video pops up and a shadowy figure is shown, unrecognizable, and sitting in a chair. His voice is distorted and he speaks)

"I remember as if it was yesterday. I remember it all. I recall seeing you walking to the ring and something attracted me to you. Now take this as a compliment because not many people in this world can turn my head, but you Poe you certainly turned my head. Was it your smile…Perhaps? Was it your body….Perhaps? I do not exactly know what it was but from the shadows I saw it glimmering and like a moth to the flame I came running wanting to get closer and closer and once I was close, but I realized I was to close. You have it all Poe. You have the life I want. Can you share it with me? We were always taught in school to share so WHY CAN'T YOU SHARE NOW!!! All I want is a minute of your time. All I want is some affection. All I want is to come out into the light and enjoy what you enjoy. Is that so wrong am I crazy for wanting such things. Do I seem crazy? All my life has been wasted…just another case of wasted development and wasted youth. My request is simple…obey it and life will be simple…disobey it…and things become difficult for you. Beware of the shadows they have a tendency move when you are not looking."

LADY V: "As you can see, the video is even more disturbing than the letter. Oh wait, here's Jarod now...Jarod! Jarod! Can I have a word with you?"

(Jarod Poe is shown walking down the hall with the TV belt around his waist heading to the ring for his match. Poe turns and rolls his eyes)

LADY V: "Jarod, any comments about this person who is seemingly stalking you?"

JAROD POE: "Stalker? Yeah, so what. I have an obsessed fan. It happens all the time in this business. I'm not sweating it. I know how to take care of myself. Now if you will excuse me, V, I have a match to wrestle."

(Poe walks off down the hall)

LADY V: "Well the Television Champion doesn't seem to be too worried about it. Take it away Matt!"

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley at ringside)

FALEY: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, and it is for the GLCW TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the challenger … (CUEUP: “Better Than You” – Metallica) … from Hollywood, California and weighing in at TWO hundred FORTY pounds, “STUPENDOUS” SSSSSSSSSSSTEPHENNNNN MMMMMMMMMOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRGAAAAAAAANNNNN!”

(Morgan makes his appearance at the top of the ramp, wearing a flashy, sequined Ric Flair style robe and matching pants. He struts slowly down the aisle, stopping once in a while to talk trash and make threatening gestures at the fans. Morgan rolls into the ring and makes a show of slowly stripping off his robe in the center of the ring. Some of the ladies hoot and holler, but all-in-all the fan support is underwhelming)

FALEY: “And his opponent … (CUEUP: “Shadow Man” – W.A.S.P) … from Hell, Michigan and weighing in at TWO hundred SIXTY-FIVE pounds, he is the GLCW TELEVISION CHAMPION, JAAAAAAAAARRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOD POOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

(The crowd explodes as Poe makes his entrance. He’s clad in black leather pants and boots, with the GLCW Television Title belt strapped around his waist. Poe makes his way slowly to ringside, his eyes constantly panning the crowd before coming to rest on Stephen Morgan. Poe climbs into the ring, raising his arms to the fans as he keeps a wary eye on Morgan)

ROSS: “Jarod Poe and “Stupendous” Stephen Morgan, with the Great Lakes Television title on the line! The ref calls for the bell, and here we go!” (SFX: DING DING DING!)

WISEMAN: “Stephen Morgan is giving up a little weight to the Television Champion, but the key to this one for Stephen Morgan is to avoid any high-impact moves from Jarod Poe. Poe is even stronger than he looks, and I think if he catches Morgan off-guard it’ll be finished.”

ROSS: “Stephen Morgan is a ring-savvy wrestler, and he’s got a good chance to take home the title tonight. But Jared Poe is also one of the best in the business, and he’s always a formidable opponent. Morgan and Poe are toe-to-toe in the center of the ring, and Stephen Morgan is talking some serious trash to Jarod Poe. Poe is telling him to shut up and wrestle, but Morgan responds by flipping Poe the bird! (SFX: Crowd buzzing) Poe takes a swipe at Morgan, who quickly dances out of reach.”

WISEMAN: “If Stephen Morgan is looking to get under the skin of Jarod Poe, he’s off to a good start. It’s a time-tested tactic, Tony. If you can frustrate and infuriate your opponent enough, there’s a good chance he’ll slip up and start making mistakes.”

ROSS: “I doubt someone as experienced as Poe is going to be taken in by tactics like that, but then again we did find out earlier tonight that Poe is being stalked by a mysterious figure, and that must be a drain on his concentration.”

WISEMAN: “But Poe stated earlier tonight that the this stalker isn’t a major concern of his. He said it was all part of the business.”

ROSS: “Morgan now, warily approaching Jarod Poe. Poe looks ready to tie up, but Morgan steps out of reach again! (SFX: Crowd boos) Stephen Morgan has been hesitant so far to face off with the Television Champ, but running ain’t gonna win him this title.”

WISEMAN: “It’s not making him too popular with the fans either, but I don’t think he’s too worried about his standing with the crowd.”

ROSS: “Poe is advancing again on Stephen Morgan, but Morgan is backing away. Poe with a lunge, and Morgan hits the mat and rolls out of the ring! (SFX: Crowd BOOOOOOS!) The crowd is NOT happy with “Stupendous” Stephen Morgan, and neither is Jarod Poe. Poe is cursing down at Morgan, daring him to enter the ring as the ref starts his ten count.” (SFX: ONE!)

WISEMAN: “Well, Morgan is going to have to get in there and WRESTLE eventually, if he has any hopes of winning the Television Title tonight. (SFX: TWOOO!) It looks like Jarod Poe is getting more irritated by the minute, he’s screaming at Morgan now to get in the ring and fight.” (SFX: THREEEE!)

(Morgan slowly makes his way around the ring, sticking close to the apron. (SFX: FOURRRR!) Poe turns to follow Morgan’s movements every step of the way) (SFX: FIIIIIVE!)

ROSS: “Morgan now, slowly rolling into the ring, and the referee stops the count. Here comes Jarod Poe, and Morgan rolls right back out to the floor!”

(The crowd flips out, throwing half-empty beer cups and food wrappers at Morgan, who just shrugs them off as he saunters around the ring)

WISEMAN: “Look at him strolling around out there, like he doesn’t have a care in the world.”

(Morgan rolls back into the ring, as far away from Poe as possible)

ROSS: “Morgan is back into the ring, and Poe isn’t going to give him another chance to escape! Hard right shot by Jarod Poe! (SFX: Crowd pops) And another! And another! Poe draws back for another shot, but Morgan stops him cold with a thumb to the eye. Poe staggers back, and look at this! “Stupendous” Stephen Morgan is reaching into his tights!”

(CUT-TO: Morgan, his back to the referee, furiously hunting around in his tights. Poe catches sight of him and grabs the ref, screaming at the ref to check Morgan)

ROSS: “The referee is going over to search Stephen Morgan, and Morgan is busy insuring the ref that he isn’t holding any illegal foreign objects.”

WISEMAN: “Right, like he’d admit to it if he did. He sure spent a long time digging in his tights, though …”

ROSS: “The referee is assuring Jarod Poe that Morgan doesn’t have a weapon concealed in his tights, and Here comes Poe! Collar-and-elbow tieup, both men jockeying for position. Poe with a side headlock, but Morgan slides out and counters with a top wristlock. Morgan applying some leverage, but Poe manages to reverse into an arm wringer of his own, quickly into a hammerlock. Poe wrenches in the hammerlock, but a standing switch by Morgan reverses. Morgan shoves Poe away, and now he’s going into the trunks again! Poe not wasting any time, he SHOVES Morgan into the corner and demands that the ref check him again.”

WISEMAN: “I don’t get it. Why does he keep going in there if he’s not holding a foreign object? It just doesn’t make any sense.”

ROSS: “It may be that whatever he had in there has slipped or fallen. He could also be using that as a ploy to distract the Television Champion, and to buy himself some time. The referee has finished checking Morgan again, and once again he failed to find any sort of weapon concealed in his trunks. Morgan has an innocent look on his face, and he’s asking Poe why he keeps making these accusations. Poe just snarls and charges, but “Stupendous” Stephen Morgan drops down and rolls out of the ring again!” (SFX: MORGAN SUCKS! MORGAN SUCKS!)

WISEMAN: “This crowd here in the Value City Arena is certainly making their feelings known. Stephen Morgan seems unaffected, but Poe is LIVID! Just look at the look on the face of Jarod Poe.”

ROSS: “Poe and the fans are definitely not happy with Stephen Morgan’s tactics in this matchup. Morgan slowly rolls back into the ring, and he’s slowly approaching Jarod Poe. Collar-and-elbow tieup, Poe with the front facelock. Poe looking for a vertical suplex, but it’s blocked by Morgan. Second suplex by Poe, blocked again. Morgan with a suplex attempt of his own, but HE’S blocked by the TV Champ. Poe now, simply wrestling Morgan to the ground. Poe with a quick transition to the mounted position, and he’s flailing away at the head of Stephen Morgan! Morgan is covering up as best he can, but a few of those shots are getting through!”

WISEMAN: “I’m not sure how effective this Pride Fighting stuff is gonna be in the catch-as-catch can atmosphere of professional wrestling, but at this point it seems like Poe is mad enough to try and just ground and pound on Morgan.”

ROSS: “Morgan is trying to get out of this mounted position … he’s got ahold of the ankle of Jarod Poe, and nicely done! Morgan simultaneously popped his hips up and shifted his weight while pulling on the ankle of Jarod Poe, and now Morgan has Poe rolled up! ONE, TWO, and Poe gets the shoulder up!”

WISEMAN: “That was a neat counter to the unorthodox attack applied by Jarod Poe, and Poe isn’t to happy about having the tables turned like that.”

ROSS: “Indeed, Jarod Poe is seemingly beside himself. Both men back to their feet, and OH! (SFX: CRACK!) Stephen Morgan just slapped Poe right across the face! (SFX: Crowd pops!) But Poe answered right back with a slap of his own! And now Poe SHOVES Morgan back into the ropes, but OH MY GOD! MY GOD! Morgan came off the ropes with a stun gun! Jarod Poe’s throat was just laced across the top rope, and he dropped like a back of cement!”

(CUT-TO: Poe rolling around on the mat, clutching at his throat)

ROSS: “That was a NASTY move, but the ref can’t disqualify Morgan for it. Morgan drops into the cover, hooks the leg, and LOOK AT THAT! Morgan’s got BOTH his feet on the middle rope, and I don’t think the ref sees it!”

WISEMAN: “Come on, ref, open your eyes! It’s plain as day!”

ROSS: “The referee drops into the count, ONE, TWO, THREEEEEE! NO! NO! NOT LIKE THIS!”


(The referee hands Morgan the title belt. Morgan fastidiously inspects it for smudges and dirt, haughtily brushing at some imagined blemish)

ROSS: “Stephen Morgan is the new Television Champion, and it’s a damn shame! Jarod Poe deserved better than this!”

WISEMAN: “The actions of Stephen Morgan were despicable, but you’ve gotta admit that they were HIGHLY effective tonight against an already-distracted Jarod Poe.”

ROSS: “Ladies and gentlemen, Jarod Poe was just screwed out of his Television Championship. We’ve got to break for commercial, we’ll be right back!”

(CUT-TO: Jarod Poe sitting in the center of the ring, legs splayed out as he looks at the departing Stephen Morgan in shock and disbelief. We hold on Poe’s anguished stare as we FADE TO COMMERCIAL)

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