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Columbus Riptide 06


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-09-03 AT 00:17 AM (EST)](Jared Justice is shown stalking the hallway, possibly looking for the perpetrator of the earlier torching incident. Justice sees a door marked "WELLS" and kicks it open. He steps in and sees "Rage o' Fire" Jared Wells tying up his boots. Justice screams at him.)

JARED JUSTICE: "What do you think I'm stupid?? You think that I can't figure out that was you trying to burn me?? I suggest you explain yourself REAL FAST before I burn this locker room to the ground with you in it!!"

JARED WELLS: "What the hell are you talking about?? Why the hell would I try and burn you?? I got no beef with you man! Maybe if you thought a little bit about all this and paid attention to what Tact said a little while ago, maybe you could figure it out, dude!"

(Justice pauses in deep thought....then nods slowly and leaves the locker room just as quickly as he came. Wells is shown with an angered looks on his face. CUT-TO: the ring.)

TONY ROSS: A near explosion avoided backstage, as Jared Justice seeks out who is behind his nearly getting burned earlier on in the show.

RICK WISEMAN: It seems like Justice had Jared Wells marked as the culprit, but Wells had another guilty party in mind, that being Larry Tact.

JAKE SHADES: (scoffs) Oh please! Wells just got caught off guard by that big musclehead Justice, who is at least capable of bashing Wells' brains in. Wells panicked and put the blame on the first person who came to mind, that being Larry Tact, who for the past month has exposed Wells for the fraud he is!

RW: Now, just to clarify, when did Tact demonstrate this about Wells? Was it BEFORE or AFTER he got knocked out at Ringlords by Wells?

JS: TACT NEVER got knocked out! The referee HANDED the match to Wells, when Tact was getting up! Wells just got to the ref before the match, if you know what I mean.

TR: I highly doubt that. Tact did lose at Ringlords I in the Lights Out match with Jared Wells, in just one of the great matches of GLCWs first Pay-Per-View. But right now, let's take it to the ring for the next match, and Matt Faley.

MATT FALEY: The following TAG TEAM MATCH is set for ONE fall!

(CUE-UP: "Come With Me" by Puff Daddy.)

MATT FALEY: Introducing first from Nevada, accompanied by Psycho Sandra, weighing in at a combined 535lbs. Here are Chamelion and Raizzor, the KRYMSON DRAGONS!!

(Chamelion adn Raizzor come out to a mixed reaction as they make their way to the ring. Chamelion has on a dark green shirt with scaled designs that fades to black from the trunks to the boots, and Raizzor wears all black, with lightning bolts from waist to boots, three red slashes detailing the front of his top. Chamelion plays to the crowd a bit, while Raizzor walks stoically, procuring a bit more of a pop from the crowd as they enter the ring. CUE-UP: "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd.)

MATT FALEY: And their opponents from Cadillac, Michigan, weighing in at a combined 423lbs! Jason Payne and "THE WOLF" Chris McMillan...the DOGS OF WAR!!

(Payne and McMillan walk down to the ring, looking determinedly at the Dragons, then roll into the ring with the Dragons parting for the pair, the crowd giving a large but mixed reaction for the Dogs of War. Matt Faley exits the ring and the bell sounds.)

TR: And the match is on as "The Wolf" Chris McMillan and Chamelion start things off, circling the ring. Here's a lockup, and it's McMillan with a headlock on the larger Chamelion. "The Wolf" tries to keep it locked in tight, but no good, as Chamelion throws him off and into the ropes. McMillan comes off and goes for a Leaping Forearm Smash, but Chamelion ducks and McMillan rolls through and back to his feet! "The Wolf" turns right into a kick from Chamelion, who sinches in a headlock of his own, immediately recieving resistance from McMillan in the form of rib punches...but Chamelion hooks the waist and plants McMillan with a DDT! High impact move right off the bat from Chamelion. Cover, 1...and a kickout
before 2, with Chamelion flipping over to the legs of McMillan, trying to get a hold locked in but McMillan shoves him away and both men back to their feet and facing off again, garnering some applause from the crowd.

RW: The Krymson Dragons certainly have the size advantage in this match, outweighing the Dogs of War by over 100 pounds. McMillan and Payne are going to have to work around that in this match.

JS: What's with the applause? Did some flasher come by, because I doubt these nimrods can keep up with what's happening IN the ring.

RW: It's just that foreign concept to you...respect.

TR: Another lockup comes with McMillan getting a second headlock, but then switching to a front facelock, but Chamelion nearly runs him into a turnbuckle if not for a knee from "The WOlf." McMillan now steps up onto the bottom turnbuckle and...flips over Chamelion into a beautiful Neckbreaker! Nice move from McMillan, who waits for Chamelion to get up, then hits a Dropkick to the back, sending Chamelion into the corner front first. McMillan hooks him for a Reverse DDT, but Chamelion hits some throat thrusts and breaks free, spins and connects with a Haymaker that floors McMillan, who couldn't have seen that one coming! "The WOlf" is up quickly, but takes a kick and a Vertical Suplex from Chamelion...followed up by a leg
drop and another cover, 1...2, and a kickout.

RW: The Dragons have been around and are a very successful tag team. Of course, they still need to prove themselves here, but a win over the current number one contenders for the GLCW Tag Titles would go a long way to doing that.

TR: Of course, the Dogs of War went through three other teams at Ringlords 1, the Oak Street Beach Patrol, Martial Law, and Major Impact. So you can't discount them whatsoever. Chamelion has control of McMillan at the moment with a leg grapevine, pulling on McMillan's leg, applying the pressure but McMillan is making his way toward the ropes. He's reaching and...he got it, the referee calls for a break and Chamelion gives it, but gets up and starts stomping that leg of McMillan's as he tries to get up, "The Wolf" rolling
out of the ring and Payne coming off the apron to discuss strategy.

JS: That so-called "Number One Contender" tag match at Ringlords only served one true purpose, boys, and that's to tell the GREATEST TAG TEAM of ALL-TIME, MY boys the UA who they're being given to beat down next! Nobody stands a chance to take those belts as long as Kraven and Flatliner have their grip on them!

TR: Nobody has so far, that much is known, as the two Pandorians have
dominated the GLCW tag scene from the start, holding the Tag Team Titles. Now Chamelion has gotten tired of waiting for McMillan, and he's gone to the floor as the referee starts a count, and a HARD clothesline by Payne, who isn't even the legal man! The Dogs of War now have McMillan up....double Vertical Suplex on the floor! The crowd is none too satisfied with the tactics from "The WOlf" and Jason Payne, but here comes Raizzor from behind! He blindsides both Dogs of War with a double Facebuster, sending them down to the floor, follows it up with a few stomps to McMillan while Chamelion gets up. Raizzor with an Irish Whip to Payne..reversed and Raizzor goes
into the barricade with force! Payne looking to dish out some more, but referee Al Marinaro is warning him to get back on the apron. Meanwhile it's McMillan with a series of knees to the abdomen of Chamelion, lowering the big man a bit. "The Wolf" bounces Chamelion's head off the apron, but then rolls him in as Al Marinaro reaches nine on his count.

JS: You see, these guys almost get counted out because they don't pay
attention! They'd never survive against Kraven and Flatliner! Nobody EVER will!

RW: As you do so well, Jake, I'm guessing you blocked out the memory of Kraven submitting in War Games. The UA is the strongest tag team in GLCW, but that doesn't make them invincible. With the ranks in the division only strengthening, their firm foothold might quickly be loosening.

TR: McMillan has Chamelion down in the middle of the ring with a Sleeper Hold, and Chamelion is being asked if he wants to throw in the towel, but nothing doing, as he shakes his head. He might be fading though, as "The WOlf" has the hold locked in tight. To be fair, Kraven did have Maelstrom's Mortal Sin AND Rabesque's Figure Four -- arguably the two most effective submissions we've seen in GLCWs rings to date -- on him at the same time. Now Chamelion is trying to battle out of the Sleeper, and he's on his knees!
McMillan quickly brings him over to his corner and Payne tags himself in, pelting Chamelion with a series of shots to the back as McMillan tangles one leg with Chamelion's and hits a modified Russian Leg Sweep! Payne off the ropes and he hits a double Knee Drop across the back of Chamelion! Cover by Payne, 1...2...no! Chamelion powers out, even with the quick offensive flurry by the Dogs of War.

RW: That's what the Dogs of War need to continue to do, in order to wear out Chamelion and Raizzor, who hasn't officially been in this match yet.

JS: And never will be, because Payne and McMillan are going to DOG Chamelion until he's finished!

RW: ...and you complain about my lines...

JS: Shove it!

TR: Payne with a Back Suplex on Chamelion! He lifted up and dropped down Chamelion, although it took a good deal of effort, and now he's continuing to work that back with a couple Knee Drops to the small of the back. Payne gets Chamelion up and immediately takes a couple back elbows to the head. Chamelion makes some distance between himself and Payne, but favors his back briefly as Payne rushes in but gets kneed in the stomach and doubles over, then gets scooped up by Chamelion and...Shoulderbreaker! Payne down on the mat but chamelion brings him right back up and locks in an Armbar. Payne tries to twist free but Chamelion uses his strength to hold the Armbar
steady, and twists it around more, increasing the pressure to the
displeasure of Jason Payne, who goes to a knee as HE feels the pain.

RW: Chamelion knows that Payne uses his arms for his Full Nelson finisher, so he's looking to take that out of his arsenal. And as you saw with the leg grapevine earlier, I'd think the legs of "The Wolf" are a sure target as well. But he should be looking for a tag right now. Raizzor is fresh and just as capable.

JS: Come on, Payne! Don't let this mindless goon take you to a knee!

TR: I think both these guys might have heard you two, as Payne gets up to both feet and hits some shots to the ribs of Chamelion, but Chamelion quells Payne's attempt to break free with some hammerblows to the arm of Payne. Chamelion is now looking to his corner as well, and takes Payne in that direction with a Hip Toss! Chamelion looks for a tag, as McMillan looks to get in but Al Marinaro will have none of it. OH NO LOW BLOW!

JS: That's the way Payne!

TR: Jason Payne saw the ref's back turned, and as Chamelion looked for a tag to Raizzor, he got socked by a lunging Payne! I don't know whether he got the tag or not, but Marinaro didn't see it, because Raizzor is in and pounding away on Payne, but gets forced back onto the apron!

RW: And Jason Payne now has a few moments to see how that arm of his is, as well as get Chamelion away from his corner. A crucial, although unethical, desperation move by Payne.

JS: Of course it's crucial, Chamelion's not gonna be getting any in the sack for a bit. Oh wait, that probably isn't anything out of the ordinary for him! HAHA!

TR: Chamelion gets dragged back to the middle of the ring by Payne, who seems intent on keeping him there as Chamelion has a Sufrboard Stretch applied to him. Payne begins getting overpowered though, and gets up only to drop an elbow right to the neck of Chamelion! Chamelion's head snaps to the mat, and that had to hurt! Payne switches stratgies, picking a dazed Chamelion up in a front waistlock, then forcing him into a corner with the
waistlock still locked in, and repeatedly ramming the back of Chamelion into the corner several times before making a tag to "The Wolf" Chris McMillan.

RW: Payne couldn't fully utilize the Surfboard stretch with his tenderized arm, so he went to a different technique. Meanwhile Raizzor has still yet to come into this match, which would be a big plus for the Dragons at this point.

TR: Chamelion brought mid-ring by Payne, who whips him towards the corner as McMillan comes off with a Missile Dropkick from the top! Chamelion ducks and Payne gets clipped by the Dropkick, staggering him. Chamelion nearly went into the turnbuckle post from momentum, but stopped himself as McMillan is quick to his feet...and now Chamelion goes into the post thanks to a second McMillan dropkick! "The Wolf" keeping persistent and brings Chamelion out, leaning him over the top rope. It's McMillan hopping onto
the turnbuckle and leaping off for a leg drop...CHAMELION EVADES! Chamelion got off the top rope just in time and Chris McMillan goes crashing onto the apron and then to the floor! Jason Payne comes in and is all over Chamelion....

RW: Looks like Raizzor has seen enough!

TR: Raizzor in the ring attacking Payne, fending him off of his partner and now a double team by the Krymson Dragons as they hit a double Spinebuster on Payne! Chamelion now brings Payne up and hits a Back Suplex. Raizzor gets back in his corner after coming out at the right time, allowing Chamelion to regain enough control to make that elusive tag! The crowd is getting behind the Krymson Dragons as Chamelion hits an Arm Wrench/Elbow combination on Jason Payne and hits repeated clubs to the back with those musclebound arms as Raizzor heads to the top rope! Chamelion now setting Payne up in
Powerbomb position....

RW: I think this might be the Krymson Dragons tag special: Hook, Line, and Sinker!

JS: Show some life here Payne!

TR: You almost sound desperate, Jake. Chamelion lifts Payne up, then lifts him even higher as he grabs the waist and lifts Payne over his shoulders! OH! Chris McMillan came from the floor to the apron and clips the leg of Raizzor, knocking him to the mat! Chamelion doesn't notice as he holds up Payne, and McMillan comes in and lands a couple kicks to the leg of Chamelion, sending him off balance enough for Payne to punch his way free to the ground. Chamelion charges but gets dropped to the floor over the top rope with a Back Body Drop, and now Payne turns to be grappled by Raizzor as McMillan is forced back into his corner by Marinaro. Payne gets forced against the ropes and Raizzor breaks to give a chop (SFX: WHOO!) to Payne,
who in turn forearms Raizzor...CHOP (SFX: WHOO!) by Raizzor, forearm by Payne...another chop (SFX: WHOO!) from Raizzor, followed by a knee to the stomach of Payne and then an armlock with some elbows hitting their mark. Payne whipped to the ropes and comes back with a Lariat that sends Raizzor down, but Payne shaking the arm. Payne gets Raizzor up and sets up for the Full Nelson Slam! Raizzor locks a leg behind Payne's and Payne can't get him up, allowing Raizzor to break out of the hold, but Payne grabs hold of him in a rear waistlock...Raizzor swings an elbow but only spins into a
front waistlock of Payne's...Payne lifts him up and lands Raizzor
throat-first over the top rope! Payne back up and as Raizzor staggers around Payne gets him up on his shoulder. Power Slam! No! Raizzor slips out and Payne turns, only to be grabbed by the throat! Choke Slam could be...no, it's Payne breaking free after a couple of Headbutts! Payne with a whip of Raizzor...misses with a Rolling Clothesline and Raizzor stops in his tracks as Payne rebounds off the opposite ropes...SUPERKICK to Payne from Raizzor! Superkick, and both men are down!

RW: Now would be when Raizzor and Jason Payne are glad they have partners.

TR: The fans behind the Dragons once more, cheering Raizzor to make a tag to Chamelion, as both men crawl to their respective corners. Raizzor is there first and makes the tag to Chamelion, who hurries into the ring and hooks Payne from behind...German Suplex! Referee Al Marinaro signals a tag was made, but Chamelion is off the ropes and hits a Rolling Thunder Leg Drop on Payne! Chamelion looks for a cover but Marinaro tells him Payne isn't the legal man, and McMillan comes in with a Leg Drop on Chamelion as he was getting up to argue with the referee! McMillan goes up top as Chamelion stirs. Chamelion to his feet but only in time to see "The Wolf" go off and
Hurricanarana him back to the mat! Raizzor back in the ring and McMillan goes for a Bulldog on him, but teh Dragon is ready and keeps McMillan in the air a little longer than he expected...McMillan gets dropped to the outside again! Jason Payne is back up and as Raizzor backs up looking at McMillan on the floor....PAYNE KILLER! Jason Payne pulled off his Full Nelson Slam, but his arm's feeling it afterward as he clutches it. Chamelion is waiting for Payne now, though, and as he turns Chamelion looks for the Rupture...but Payne knocks Chamelion's head with some elbows and gets out of it. Both men stagger around and then Payne charges Chamelion, taking both of them out of the ring with a Clothesline and they land on "The Wolf" and Raizzor, who were battling on the outside! The action is ALL OVER here in Cleveland, folks!

JS: Watch the count boys! HAHA!

RW: Referee Al Marinaro just watched this match totally break down...heck, even I lost track of who the legal men are.

TR: All four men are getting up now, and it looks like they've let caution go to the wind as they start POUNDING into each other! All four men are brawling it out on the outside. Referee Marinaro reaches three on his count as Jason Payne sends Chamelion back-first into the stairs, Chamelion favoring his back again after the earlier damage done, and now this! "The Wolf" is on the barricade but Raizzor comes in and SPEARS HIM TO THE AISLE!! WHAT A MOVE!! Al Marinaro warns the two teams with the count reaching five, that they'd better get back in the ring, but it looks like Payne and
Chamelion are gonna have to get it done as Raizzor and McMillan are out in the aisle. Payne lifts up Chamelion and looks to whip him into the apron. It's reversed and Chamelion pulls him in...RUPTURE!! Chamelion hits his lifting STO finisher, but both men are down.

JS: The UA would have finished either of these guys off no problem long ago! But instead we're seeing this display of mediocrity versus mediocrity.

TR: Marinaro is at the count of seven as Chris McMillan and Raizzor are back over the barricade, while Chamelion and Payne are just getting up, but they still continue to brawl on, with no one giving ground!

RW: And they don't seem to be paying mind to the direction they're heading, that being up the ramp...

TR: Referee Al Marinaro has reached the count of ten and calls for the bell! So this tag match ends in a double countout, doesn't do it justice in my opinion.

JS: Either way the UA wins, and that's what matters!

RW: Nonsensicle as ever. On a serious note, I doubt we've seen these two teams lock up for the last time. They are both hungry, competitive teams, and in this case the competitive drive in them just took over.

TR: The Dogs of War will still get that Tag Title shot in the near future, but whether they win or lose, there will certainly be other teams in line for the next shot, as the Krymson Dragons have shown here tonight. And speaking of title shots, up next we've got that not to be missed BATTLE ROYAL to name a NUMBER ONE CONTENDER for Maelstrom's GLCW Great Lakes Championship! And also still to come is the FIRST-EVER singles encounter between Maelstrom and Jean Rabesque...Great Lakes Title ON THE LINE! We'll be back!

(CUT-TO: a commercial beginning with the words "16 weeks" then "One
Champion" fading on and off the screen. This is followed by flashing
pictures of Jean Rabesque, "Gentleman" Johnathan Marx, Michael Manson, Cameron Cruise, Jason Payne, "The Wolf" Chris McMillan, and King Krusher. Then the words, "Next Ultratitle Champion?" fade on and off the screen, followed by a group shot of those seven, as well as twenty-one others -- seventeen wrestlers, Quentin Sullivan, "Cocky" Craig Miles, "Doctor" Martena Martins, and Carlton Calvin. They are all surrounding a huge, 8-tiered trophy. Then the words, "NFW SEASON ONE: ROAD TO THE ULTRATITLE 2003" flash on and off of the screen.)

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