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Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-05-02 AT 01:12 PM (EDT)]"I'm confused..."

fade- in:

[small]The scene opened up in the middle of nowhere. Sean "Triple X" Stevens sat on the hood of his car, eyes directed at the sky, facing the stars, clouds, and enchanting dark blue sky. It was cool out... he was wearing a long sleeved, 100% cotton, "Blue- Eyed Badass" t- shirt, cargo pants, and shoes.[/small]

"... I don't know what to expect when a Dan Ryan promo is sent to me. Sure, it says 'Dan Ryan', but on the tapes... I see and hear more of myself than him."

[small]Sean chuckled, before sitting up, facing the camera.[/small]

"Since you know my history so well, Ryan. You'll know I've seen this tactic before. As a matter of fact, the guy who did it back then, did it FAR better, and had this skill a little more perfected than you. Or maybe it was because I was younger back then... and, didn't know exactly how to handle it. Either way, when the bell rang... I showed him why repeating my every word, picking apart my promo, and lying had no bearing on the actual match.

"Riled up? B##ch... you haven't seen me riled up. And, from the little I've seen of you, you don't have what it takes physically, or verbally to get me there. So don't flatter yourself. You're not as good as you think you are, and contrary to what you may or may not believe, people don't hold you in the same regard as you hold yourself.

"And, I'm not just speaking on behalf of the CSWA.

"But, I'll give it to you, Ryan. You are good. ...a good liar. Great at pulling the wool over people's eyes. When did I ever put emphasis on having a girlfriend? Hell... when did I ever even SAY I had one? My personal life is my personal life, and even though it got out in the public's eye when Hornet and I faced off, I never felt obligated to use it as any justification of my sexuality."

[small]Sean's long golden hair was tied back into a pony- tail, with the ends braided. He removed the rubberband, and let them hang freely.[/small]

"And, you can think whatever you want... who I sleep with at night has nothing to do with my performance in the wrestling ring. I'm a two time World Champion... a former CSWA Presidential Champion... and, have held countless titles elsewhere... and, I've been doing the same things then as I am now. I just thought it was rather ironic how you labeled my insults 'C class' only to come back with everybody's favorite 1992 comeback line.

"Well... that in itself just goes to show me, how desperate you are for material, Dan. You're grasping at straws. Piggy- backing off of my promos so you'll have more to talk about in yours. It's unoriginal. Tired. And, if that's the norm in that little promotion you came from, then you should go back, because it'll get you nowhere here.

"And, thank you, Ryan... thank you for finally admitting CSWA's place on the totem pole, compared to GXW's. It seems you're finally starting to see the light. That, or you're terrible at being sarcastic. But, answer me this... nobody in the GXW give's a f##k what anyone in the CSWA thinks, right? That is how you boldly put it, isn't it? Yet... I'm CSWA. I merely mentioned a few flaws I saw in your company's product as this matchup made me pay a little more attention to it than I would've normally... and, you go flyin' off the handle. Goin' off. Acting like you're about to commit suicide, or something.

"Well... you are. ...committing suicide that is. Career suicide. Because you've never been in a ring with anyone like me, and after Primetime... you never will. I don't care what my place on the CSWA card is... I've busted my a## for this company, and I'll continue to bust my a##, whether I'm in the main event, the midcard, or jerkin' the curtain. You see... I'm a wrestler first, entertainer second, Ryan. I have 'supreme' confidence in my ability to go out there and get a standing ovation no matter where I am in the show. Am I a warm up for 'Fish Fund'? No, in fatically, no. This right here, however... is. I get to get you up close and personal, one- on- one, long before any US Championship Match involving Hornet and Shane Southern.

"And, for that... I'm thankful. And, no... you... Erik Zeiba... and, whoever else wants to come into OUR territory with a chip on your shoulder don't have to run anything by me... but, you'd best be prepared to see me standing up for what I believe each time you a##holes try what you're trying, in a territory that I'm competing in. And, I do know about my company's history, Ryan. I know more than I should know... more than I need to know. But, that's not the issue.

"The issues lies between you and me. It's SO easy to hate you... which is why I'm not going into this thing, using CSWA versus GXW as my motivation. Sean Stevens versus Dan Ryan is all the motivation I need. I know what you represent to Evan Aho. Chad Merritt... and, a few others. Ratings? Hell no. They all want your head, because of your past actions. Me? You've done nothing to me. I don't own this company. I wasn't slapped around on GXW programming. And, your championship belt means sh#t in my eyes. You represent a loud mouth, arrogant, jacka##... who needs to be put in his place. And, I get the priveledge to do it.

"So, I hope you're not just promoting a match. I hope you're every bit as confident as you appear to be. Because, when the confident falls... they're never quite the same. Those are my favorite opponents. And, like I said before... you can keep telling me... just like I can. You can say I'm in over my head... you can think it and even believe it for all I care. But, I honestly mean this... I swear to God... there is NO way I'm walking out of Primetime with a loss to you. You talk to much. You're too annoying. And, now... I'm motivated. I have something to prove... not to myself... not to my fans... But, to you.

"And, unless Chad Merritt somehow finds a way to cancel this match before it starts... prepare for the worse night of your career, as I'm gonna beat you within an inch of your life. So bad... that you may reconsider wrestling here. So bad... that you may wanna reconsider wrestling anywhere, in fear of us bumping heads again.

"Prepare to be hurt, Ryan."

[small]Sean grinned slightly, getting up from the hood of his car, and walking out of the camera's viewing range. Into the night... where he was no longer seen... and, only footsteps heard.[/small]

fade- to- black


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Shot of Dan Ryan in a section of a gym, throwing punches at a bag hanging towards a corner of the establishment. There is a roped off perimeter to keep fans back as Ryan goes through his routine, but as he sees the camera crew setting up he moves to one side and takes a drink of water...then sits on a workout bench.

Ryan: You know Stevens, the more we go 'round and 'round like this the more everything just sounds exactly the same. But to paraphrase something you're VERY fond of saying...with my own little twist.....maybe that's how things are in this company. As for seeing yourself and hearing your own words on the promos I do? You can always, you know...fast forward it if it bothers you. Hell, most of the time I fast forward through all of your crap until it comes time that I have to respond. But I'll do you just this one tiny little favor and not make you listen to yourself.....too much. I understand completely. I think most of us feel that way. But I've noticed a little pattern in your promos, Sean. Do you know what it is? It usually goes something like this. Ahem....Respond to Ryan's insinuation, then prepare to deny responding and act like I don't care. Make assertions about GXW, even though I know nothing ABOUT GXW by my own admission. Attempt to in turn piss Ryan off by throwing in loving comments like "I'm not the only one" when saying how unimpressive Ryan is. That's fine, Stevens. But it should be embarrassing to you that you continue that tired tactic even though it hasn't worked once. But you gave it the old college try. That's all that matters.

"If you've seen my ....tactic...before, than maybe you should spend more time addressing the points therein instead of making up points in a vain attempt to upset me. You don't have the importance to upset me Stevens. But as for when the bell rings...trust me...all of the hypocritical statements you can muster won't save you from what happens in that ring.

"One thing I know, you weren't riled up?...sure, and Kevin Powers is an anti-alcohol advocate. I don't need to flatter myself into anything, chief. All anyone has to do is listen to the inflection in your voice to get the crystal clear picture that what began as another match for you...became personal reeeeeeally quick didn't it? And by the way, don't bother answering that. It's rhetorical. But then you'd probably answer by saying something really witty involving my company, my title, my lack of what it takes, or something similar. Cookie cutter personality and cookie cutter promos. That's all good and fine. But check this out, Stevens. Ever think that when you're a World Champion and thrive on people hating you...that just maybe you don't need or want or care if anyone holds you in any regard? Ever think of that? If everyone hates my stinking guts, that's all the better. Because I thrive on it. And you're just feeding right into that.

"And hey, if you wanna call me a liar that's all well and good. How about you point my lies out, big boy? Prove me wrong, to borrow a phrase. I will gladly provide several examples of your hypocrisy just to make sure you understand just what a lie is. Ready? Here goes.

(Ryan turns to a small TV/VCR combo nearby and points the remote in it's direction, bringing it to life)

You: "When did I ever put emphasis on having a girlfriend? Hell... when did I ever even SAY I had one? My personal life is my personal life, and even though it got out in the public's eye when Hornet and I faced off, I never felt obligated to use it as any justification of my sexuality."

Interesting. That was your latest promo. Now let's take a look at the one immediately previous to that one.

Your previous promo: That's where his GIRLFRIEND, Ivy McGinnis - known to the wrestling world as Poison Ivy - came into play. Sean and Ivy were spending Independence Day together in Orlando with his family. ...something Sean and Ivy both were terrified about. But, that's beside the point... Ivy had a portable video camera that she carried with her, almost everywhere she went. And, on this day... Sean put it to use.

(Ryan pauses the video, grinning)

"See anything....I dunno...interesting...about that little bit there? Hmm, I make a comment taking a shot at your sexual preference and who should be holding the camera in your very next promo? Hmm, what a mystery. I'll leave it for the audience to guess but I think it's fairly obvious. And as for putting emphasis on having a GIRLFRIEND ..well I just don't know where I would've gotten that idea from, do you? Again, I'll leave it to the audience to figure it out. After all, there's no visual proof of that is there? (Ryan laughs) Pathetic...

"Here's another example for ya..."

You: "Now, I'll admit... I went out and called your promotion names without knowing a thing about it. I was wrong. "

"Now I'll grant you that anything before this wouldn't apply since it would have been before your great epiphany. But let's look at statements made after this point."

You: "I don't believe in invasions and inter-fed promotions. And, if I did... it would be with a promotion with history. A place that can stand the test of time. Not a rag-tag, gang of talentless a##holes, who are forced to change there promotions name, once or twice a year, so the IRS and bill collectors can't find them."

"Interesting. You felt your remorse and even went so far as to apologize for jumping to conclusions on something you were uninformed about, and yet less than two minutes later you suddenly know the intricate details of GXW's accounting practices. Very odd, don't you think? And a rag-tag gang of talentless a**holes? Ahh, I didn't know you cared so much. If that's not a pathetic shot at pissing someone off in your own limited way, then nothing is. So don't insult my intelligence with your back and forth bull***t arguing. It's right there in black and white. Read for yourself...but that's not all, is it?....

You: "Unlike you... I haven't followed YOUR career, like you've done mine. And, before you showed up here... I wouldn't have been able to point you out in a three person crowd. Let alone give you a name. So I don't know exactly what it is I'm in for... but, neither do you."

"Hmm, you haven't followed me and my career..couldn't point me out in a three person crowd....couldn't give me a name....don't know what you're in for....HOWEVER...."

You: "I'll get the job done. Not only 'cause I'm better but because I have more will... more drive... and, more heart in my left leg than you possess in your entire body. "

You: "prepare for the worse night of your career, as I'm gonna beat you within an inch of your life. So bad... that you may reconsider wrestling here. So bad... that you may wanna reconsider wrestling anywhere, in fear of us bumping heads again"

"You don't know a damn thing about me. Couldn't pick me out of a crowd, don't know anything about GXW. Don't have a CLUE who I faced in the ring last week, let alone two years or five years ago. And yet somehow you have the clairvoyance to get past all of those obstacles to make a statement about my physical ability....even though ya couldn't pick me out of a crowd before we started talking back and forth, and as far as I know I haven't wrestled in the last week. You're some piece of work. If you weren't so laughable you might just be able to get to me a bit. But lies are one thing...pathetic and easily disproven lies are just sad. And that's what you are, Stevens....just...sad...

YOU: "I'm not gonna bore you with all of my accomplishments, where I've competed, who I've beaten. Seeing as how you're so coveted elsewhere, you should know how to look at a tape."

YOU LATER: "I'm a two time World Champion... a former CSWA
Presidential Champion... and, have held countless titles

"Damn, Stevens. What happened there? Did you change your mind? Decide my life just wouldn't be complete without your...accomplishments thrown in there despite the lack of a need for it and the fact that I 'should know how to look at a tape'? Two time world champion, huh? Well...ooooookay. Look at me getting all impressed. I'm gonna stick to my guns though on this one, Mr. Stevens. If you wanna know my accomplishments, hit the web. Plus, I'm POSITIVE that YOU know how to look at a tape. And did you ever stop and think that when starting out with a new company against my first competitive opponent that I might just not drop the A-material on you up front? Besides, why use the 2002 comeback line when the 1992 one gets you so off of your game? Chew on it a bit...

YOU: "And, if that's the norm in
that little promotion you came from, then you should go
back, because it'll get you nowhere here."

YOU AGAIN: "And, if that's what the GXW fan base looks for... maybe I wouldn't have been over."

"If that's what the GXW fan base looks for...if that's the norm in 'that little promotion you come from'...Two ways of saying the exact damn thing. Two pathetic attempted digs at exploiting what is hopefully...in your mind....my loyalty to said company...however..."

YOU: "But, I'm not gonna make this a 'my promotion is better than your promotion' debate."

"SUUUUUUUUUUUUURE. Sure thing, man. Go ahead...don't make it a 'my promotion is better than your promotion' debate. Or hell...go ahead...makes little difference right? 'From what I know of you'...You're liable to come back and tell me the sky is blue, only to turn around and say it's purple and you never said it was blue. But you know....'if that's what the CSWA fan base looks for'....." (Ryan smiles)

"I really wouldn't designate myself as the judge of when someone is 'goin off, acting like I'm about to commit suicide' either if I were you. We've established how proud you are of your girlfriend, even though Eli Flair did use her up and spit her out before you came behind and snatched her up. And considering you've put yourself into a position where you see this as totally personal..."

YOU: "The issues lies between you and me. It's SO easy to hate you... which is why I'm not going into this thing, using CSWA versus GXW as my motivation. Sean Stevens versus Dan Ryan is all the motivation I need."

"...it seems as though you're the one who needs to run to the corner psychiatrist to get your prozac filled. I'll be just fine without you. Like I said, you're all CSWA trash to me. Names mean nothing to me. But I will state right here before you and God and everyone that by my honor, I 'in fatically' say that this will be the most entertaining warmup match in CSWA's long history. And I know that's just fine with you, after all...you're just as happy in the midcard, jerkin' the curtain, hell....working the ring crew as being in the main event. Me, I'm not happy with that. I'm used to main eventing and winning World Titles so I'm gonna keep on that path. But I'll be happy to push you down yours...that is, unless you've 'changed your mind' about that.

(Ryan stands up and wipes his forehead with a towel as he slowly starts the long walk toward the showers)

"Do you think I'm not aware that Chad Merritt, Evan Aho, Hornet..and just about everyone else in your dressing room wants a piece of me right now? Do you think for one second that I'm like a lamb walking into a den of wolves blindly...thinking foolishly that I will escape unharmed? How idiotic you are. How utterly and completely ignorant you remain to the big picture. Do you think for one solitary moment that I will allow my mission to be sidetracked in my very first match? Do you think that I come to you with my entire plan laid out in front of you? You're pissed off now because I'm arrogant...I'm a loudmouth...and I'm a jackass. Let me throw a few more out there for you...a**hole...conniving....backstabber....no redeeming qualities...I've heard these all and more. And I'll tell you again...I thrive on it. You stand on the brink of the dawning of a change in your company the likes of which you have never seen, and you're focused point blank on shutting me up. That my friend...is the plan. To answer your question, I'm every bit as confident as I seem and then some. I'm confident because I'm as good as I say...and I'm confident because I know what's coming. And I'm confident because you're woefully underprepared for what's heading for you. So don't get too comfortable with the notion that I will fear you when we're done here. I'm not going anywhere for a long....long....LONG time. Trust me...

"I plan on annoying you ..for a while..."


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