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Cross vs Fierte



(Nathan Cross is wearing a "Crossovers" T-shirt, bluejeans, and tennis shoes. He's in front of the On Time banner with the words - "My Show" spraypainted over it.

NC: On Time is in the books. The main event is over... For months, I cried for a champion to step in the ring with, to perform and entertain the CROSSOVERS with... Kin Hiroshi, at MY show, you were that champion. Sure, your mic skills still need some adjustment... and you could probably use a new deodorant... but your ring skills - they're not... subpar.

I suppose I could tell you that you couldn't win, but it wasn't YOUR job to pin me to retain your title... it was MY job to pin you. I failed at that, but WE succeeded at the most important job of the night - giving my CROSSOVERS a match for the ages. For being a part of that, I say - "Thank You". We truly had THE main event of the night.

Now, from the champs to the 'Chieftain of Chumps', the most unentertaining 'rassler this side of the Atlantic, the man who calls himself Aelias Fierte.

Let's float back in time to the last Showtime in existence, my FIRST showtime.

(“Learn to Crawl” by Black Lab blares over the PA. Most in the crowd are confused by this, but a few select people begin to cheer like madmen holding signs saying, “I Just Crossed Over”. A single spotlight hits the curtain and standing in front of it is Nathan Cross. He is wearing black patent leather pants, combat boots, and an extremely flashy silk shirt. He looks at the crowd, most people still not responding. He points out the few that know him, only causing them to get louder. The energy spreads across the crowd, even those who were previously confused start to get into the moment. Nate puts the microphone to his mouth and begins.)

NC: How many of you have been waiting for this moment? (Some in the crowd cheer, his people.) Nathan Cross gives the world…SHOWTIME! (His people go absolutely insane. Nate points to them)

NC: I know my “CROSSOVERS” have been waiting. (His crew gets yet even louder.) And for those who have been bothering to watch the SHOWTIME sister show – On Time – they already know what type of SHOW I give. For those who bother to watch On Time, my CROSSOVERS, they’ll tell you that no one puts it on the line like Nathan Cross. And I can tell from the recent ‘outing’ by everyone’s favorite “chieftain warrior”, Aelieas Fierte, that these people… MY PEOPLE… expect more. So I have come, not to take over the CSWA, or piss on the CSWA, or even tear down the CSWA. I have come to BE the CSWA.

(Cut to later in the segment)

NC: But after seeing that small clip of our match, it only shows how much Aelieas Fierte’s CRAP in that ring PALES in comparison. It shows the “chieftain warrior” as an unentertaining hack committing the most vile sin in the history of Sports Entertainment. And that sin? To be dull. I’m no preacher, and I certainly ain’t no ‘Deacon’, but if you offend the CROSSOVERS, then you offend me… and that offense will not go unpunished. I have a plan, Fierte, and that plan WILL succeed. And you, well… you’re the first one to hit the curb. (Nathan Cross raises his arms in victory. The Crossovers go insane in response.)


NC: I called you out, Aelias, because I AM GOING TO BE the CSWA, and MY CSWA cannot have a no-talent wanna-be 'rassler jerking the curtain and boring the fans. MY CSWA, cannot have YOU.

Last time I called you out all those many months ago, you didn't bother to say jack squat, do jack squat, or even ATTEMPT to defend yourself. Now, on MY SHOW, you can't run or hide and you might as well not bother defending yourself because I'm going to tear you apart. You are NOT a champion, and in my CSWA, you are expendable. I do have a plan. I WILL SUCCEED. And the first step in my success, is your utter humiliation. I'll see you at my show... chump.


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