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Damien Lee to Meet with Board of Directors


Aug 19, 2006
After the company announced that their travel scheduled had been cancelled in favor of running iNtense our of their home arena in Miami, Florida, investors watched the company like a hawk. After cancelling ticket sales and issuing refunds to those in the mid-west, jOlt needed to get a positive net off the ticket sales in its home arena. The figures are in and only 16,522 tickets were sold for the 25,000 seat arena. Their cancelled show in Nashville, TN already had 22,171 tickets sold before the cancellation and refund.

After hearing this news, investors began to sell off their stocks of jOlt once again, causing the stock to fall to $0.88 per share, down a full $0.20 per share from the last market report. It is no secret that Damien Lee and jOlt are in panic mode right now and the company has been making some desperate and drastic decisions in order to turn this situation around. There are many within the company that suspect something grave on the horizon, however, Damien Lee has assured his roster time and time again that everything will work out and that nothing is in jeopardy.

Those worries were quelled until today when Damien Lee announced to his stockholders that he was having an important, yet, difficult meeting with his Board of Directors on Saturday, September 12. Lee called this an emergency meeting and the results of the meeting were to be discussed with talent prior to Sunday Night iNtense going on the air the following night. Many talent are bracing themselves for bad news, but nothing is confirmed whether or not anything bad will come from this meeting.

As of right now, iNtense is not sold out with over 6,500 seats remaining to be filled, which would put it at the 25,000 seat capacity. While this number is up from last week's attendance, it's still shy of the 21,463 tickets that were sold for this week's originally scheduled event in Columbus, OH. We will have more on this story as it develops over the weekend so stay tuned right here to jOltwrestling.com for all of the details!

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