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Dawn of a new day, or a setting sun


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Apr 16, 2004
(Fade in to Eric Wright, sitting at a desk watching match footage. Wright hits the pause button on the remote and looks into a camera that a CSWA techie had set up earlier in the day)

You know, sometimes being WRIGHT as often as I am gets pretty boring. But, it also never disapoints.

I've had a lot of people ask me about On Time... wondering if the <>X is upset about what went down at On Time. Upset would imply we didn't see it coming.

Ya see, a lot of people wonder WHY the <>X would care about having Eric Wright in their group. I mean, other than the fact that Buckley has never said a decent thing about any one of us his entire career, it's not like they really NEED a press agent, let alone a sports reporter in their ranks.

But, what gets missed in the equation is where my real talents lie. I didn't get a job as a journalist because I spent four years sitting behind some blonde twit learning how to tell the weather. I got it because I spent EIGHT years being one of the most successful scouts pro-football has ever seen.

Granted, this is wrestling, not football. But, the fact is that people are pretty much people. They make mistakes... they have weaknesses. It's my job to learn how to exploit them and pass that along to our men.

Now, I could say that we were caught flat footed at On Time. But, that'd be a lie. And, if there's one thing Eric Wright does, it's tell the truth. At least, the truth... As I C It.

Wildstar... Tsunami? We've been pushing your buttons for months. And, while I could easily sit out here and say that it's gotten us nowhere... at On Time it got you to FINALLY have the guts to do what we've been asking for since day one... your collective butts in the ring.

So Storm had to scrap a match with GUNS. I doubt neigher Storm nor GUNS will lose much sleep over that.

So they took a few bumps and bruises. This is professional wrestling, not professional bowling. That's all a part of the game.

So when you guys throw out a rotator cuff patting yourselves on the back... you MAY just wanna ask yourself.... wasn't that all just a little... TOO easy?

Now, I will confess to not having seen Melton's involvement in all of this. My sources slipped up on that one.

But, it doesn't really change the fact that at One Time... ONE of us got what they've been asking for... the other got what they've been avoiding.

You can figure out which for yourself in Seattle.

(Fade to black)

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