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Deadline extension


Jan 10, 2004
New York
For all FWSS matches....

First off, let me extend many thanks to those who have RPed already. There's been a lot of great stuff and I appreciate the efforts being put into the card.

Having said that, due to time constraints that several people have voiced to me, I'm going to extend the RP/Angle submission deadline for the card.

There will now be a phantom deadline that I will call for all RP/Angle submissions. So for anyone who has yet to RP, try to get at least one in for the show. Everyone else can feel free to add onto what they've already done, and have a little more time to build up their match. I hope this extension will be taken advantage of.

As for angles, anyone who still plans on submitting something for the show (promo, interview, backstage activity, etc.) may have some extra time to pull it together and submit it to me. Again, my e-mail is enigma_fanatic@hotmail.com and I hope people will take advantage of this added time for angle submissions.

Thank you for your time and I hope you're having fun!


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