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Deep in the Bayou...


Jan 1, 1970
(FADEIN: Midnight in the Bayou. It's starting to rain...'THE WOLF' MIKE RANDALLS is sitting outside along a black, muddy creek. There's a fire burning behind him.)

RANDALLS: "You can feel the change...smell it in the air. The Playboys believe they're in the middle of a war against the Claimstakers. They're wrong. The true war hasn't started...not until NOW."

(RANDALLS kneels towards the creek, places his hand in the deep black mud...)

"In war, you never see the face of your true enemy..."

(RANDALLS takes his hand out of the mud...it drips off his hand back into the creek. RANDALLS takes some of it and smudges it under his eyes.)

"Right now, your enemy is yourselves. [i} (RANDALLS looks directly into the camera) [/i] Troy, I thought you would've been smarter. I thought you would be more cautious. You always have been able to avoid it since you 'cleaned' up. The destruction of one's pride, the pain of one's inner loss...or maybe everything 'Playboy' about you helps you forget what you once were and once belonged to..."

(RANDALLS takes more mud and smudges it across his forehead...)

"Have you sat him down? Have you told him the past? Have you told him the likely future? Have you warned him of the risk involved? You've seen it, Troy - as my friend a long time ago and as a brother to Mark...you've seen it. You've seen it destroy the greatest men of this sport. Hornet. (RANDALLS slides a streak of mud down his cheek) Guns. (RANDALLS slides a streak of mud down his other cheek) Eli. (RANDALLS slides a streak of mud down his nose) Adler. Not even the GREATEST this sport had to offer could stop the war from turning them into crippled souls." (RANDALLS slides a streak of mud across his throat)

"It's why you've always run from me, Troy. It's why you've always attacked me from the back. You weren't ready to see the face of war. That would mean you would have to fight in it - cease to act like a Playboy anymore and become everything you're against. Are you ready now? (RANDALLS closes his eyes and smiles) No, no you're not. And what's worse Troy...you've hid it ALL from Ed. You haven't told him of our past...You haven't told him where this war goes. Where I will be determined to take it."

"You never told him what you saw in my eyes before I walked out of that locker room at Apocalypse. You saw my eyes that night, Troy. You saw the eyes of a warrior. You looked me in the eyes for the last time that night. Ceased to be my friend again...cast me off because I made you bitter and afraid all at once. 'Cause you knew I could achieve everything you dreamt of, but the methods were too alarming to stay close to. Yet, it's happening again. A naïve man walks into a war and NEVER walks the same." (RANDALLS opens his eyes wildly...and stats talking a little louder...)

"Maybe that's why you haven't told him, Troy. You've never been good at jumping in front of bullets. You're not the one willing to take the fall. You've just been good at putting the knife in someone's back...or have you not told Ed that either?"

(FTB as RANDALLS grins and sits back by the fire...)

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