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Apr 12, 2008
Rule Zero

If Justin says it, it is law, no matter what anything else says. If Jeff says it, it is law, no matter what anything else says. Technically Justin could overrule Jeff, but Defiance has been running 3 years and counting and he hasn't once done so. What we're saying here is if one staff guy tells you to do something, don't refuse to do it and then go running to the other one.

The Golden Rule

If you want to "get over" in DEFIANCE, and if you want to be involved in the top storylines and be in contention for the DEFIANCE World Title, then you must understand and accept the Golden Rule: You must ENTERTAIN JUSTIN AND JEFF. Obviously this will need further explanation, so please feel free to contact Justin and/or Jeff about what exactly is entertaining to them. Chances are, if you lost a match that you feel you shouldn't have lost, it's not because we angled it without telling you, it's because you wrote some boring drek that nobody wanted to read. Although Defiance is now a fully angled fed, the above remains the golden rule.

Applying to Join

You go to the Application board, read the application form, fill it out. Then the roster votes on whether to take you in. You need a net 4 'yes' votes to get in (so if you go 1 'no' you'd need a total of 5 'yes', 2 'no' needs 6 'yes', etc...).

If you don't make it in, um... sorry. Here's the thing on that though. The voting handlers will usually offer constructive criticism. If you're willing to listen, that's usually enough to convince people to switch to 'yes'. Defiance accepts about 85-90% of its applicants. As far as the criticism thing goes, read the part about rules below.


* Upon getting accepted, you will be given access to the Defiance booking subforum. In that subforum, we plan out our events an arc at a time. You'll be able to see how it works when you get there. DEF Staff will help you find a feud partner and get started with something to do as quickly as possible.
* The use of Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) is mandatory, and using AOL Instant Messanger isn't mandatory but is strongly recommended.
* For the most part, handlers plan their own arcs and handle their own booking. However, Justin and to a lesser extent Jeff decide who holds any given championship.

No NSFW Images

*Pretty self explanatory. Don't include NSFW images in RPs, don't post them on the boards. Why? Because it's a rule.

General OOC Info

* Don't be a cockmongler. I'm serious, this is the only OOC rule. At this stage in the game, people are expected to know better than to do things like post in-character on the OOC or stir the pot for their own amusement, and we're not about to have a long list, or even a list at all, of things you aren't allowed to do.
* Our OOC environment is uncensored and open. Defiance is absolutely not a "take it to PM" fed. That isn't to say that it's anything goes. You can argue with each other. If someone writes something not-so-good in an application you're allowed to speak your opinion on it. We'll even tolerate a little good natured trolling. But if you're doing and/or saying something that'd get you punched IRL, don't do it here. And if Justin or Jeff tells you to shut it down, you listen to them.
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