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Deja vu All Over Again



(FADEIN: GUNS at his San Antonio ranch, shaking his head.)

GUNS: Didn't we just DO this? Was the world really clamoring for GUNS-Storm II? Fine, I'm up for beating on the human bump machine a little more - after all, I took it pretty easy on you last time, Storm. Last time around, it was more to send a message that the <> X-Change isn't the only one that can come up with elaborate schemes.

I will admit that powerbombing Jayson Wright through the timekeeper's table was a guilty pleasure - how did that feel, Eric? Do you feel like one of the boys now? What's it like waking up after a soma-induced fifteen hour catnap? Head still a little foggy? Maybe, since you fancy yourself such a genius, you should do the smart thing and stick to WRITING about wrestling instead of trying to be a part of it.

This time around, it's guaranteed to be ONE on ONE - GUNS versus Nathan Storm - no interference from the Intruders or the <> X-Change. Is that supposed to help you, Nathan? Is that supposed to give you some comfort? That you're all alone in the ring with Third Row, Inc. with no friends and no plots to help you?

Last time, Nathan - we played for FUN. This time, Nathan, we play for KEEPS - and this time, it won't be your little cub reporter gopher going out on a stretcher.

It's gonna be you.

Sweet dreams, son.

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