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Doctor Curiosity

Dr Curiosity

League Member
Aug 28, 2004
Wrestler Name: Doctor Curiosity
Real Name: Chris Goodman
Birthdate: 29th February 1976
Hometown: Berlin, Germany (allegedly)
Height: 6' 1'
Weight: 190 lbs.
Nicknames: Ze Curious One, The Not-So-Good Doctor
Status: Heel
Entrance Music: 'Call The Doctor' by Sleater-Kinney
Gimmick: Mad scientist
Bio: Far too long and involved to get into here. For the moment, at least.
Wrestling Style: Cruiserweight / Cheating (though now with some actual technical moves thrown in)
Set Up Move: Side German Leg Sweep (Like a Side Russian Leg Sweep, but somehow Germanic )
Finisher: The Schrodinger's Smack (Shining Wizard)

Cruiserweight Moves:
Flying Crossbody
450 Splash (often becomes the 450 Faceplant)
The Curious Yellow - Second Rope Leg Drop

Regular Moves:
Eye rake
Drop Toe Hold
Newton's Third Law - Discus Lariat

Special Cheat Moves:
The Running Cheat (running and hitting someone with a foreign object)
The Diving Cheat
The Standing Cheat

Submission moves:
The Curious Crossface (despite learning many wrestling moves, the doctor has something of a blind spot and has not perfected this one... nobody has yet submitted to this move)

Super Special Ultra Mega Cheat Moves:
The Shooting Star Cheat (SSP with a foreign object)
The Schrodinger's Smack Deluxe (Shining Wizard, as per his finisher, but with something heavy attached to his knee (often his Intercontinental Title). Generally results in an unconscious opponent.)

Titles and stuff: GTT4 winner, XUW World Champion, fWo Cruiserweight Champion, XUW Intercontinental Champion

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