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Jan 1, 2000

Gimmick: Stoner Daredevil and Innovator

Legal Name: Erik Black
Nicknames: The Escape Artist; The Goat Bastard; The Druid; The Chrono.naut

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 221 lbs.
Handedness: Right

Billed From: The Riffed-Filled Land
Currently Resides: Indianapolis, IN, USA

Disposition: STONED

Looks: White and pasty skin. Several scars on his back and shoulders from dastardly bumps gone awry. Lots of thick brown hair, eternally locked in a chaotic sculpture of Tim Burtony bed-head, but showing early signs of balding. Ample dark brown body hair growing in patches on his chest, back, and lower arms. Slightly bulging gut. Wears a thick hipster beard, which extends out in a at the chin like a goat's beard by about six inches -- perfect for a would-be opponent to grab him by a hanging bit of facial hair and throw him across the ring. Notable tattoos include the box cover to Peter Jackson's "Braindead / Dead Alive" on his right shoulder; logo from "Sleep's Holy Mountain" cover on his left shoulder; big, detailed goat-head Baphomet across his back; Russian-mafia style sickle on his lower right forearm

Ring Attire: Loose fitting black pants and wristbands. No boots - he comes to the ring in a pair of moccasins, and otherwise goes at it barefoot. The pants never quite fit him right, so typically halfway through a match, they'll be slipping down far enough to expose the top of his ass crack to the viewing in audience while he intermittently makes half-hearted attempts to pulled them up.

Theme Music: "Holy Mountain" by Sleep
Ring Entrance: Fog spills out from the entry-way. Steps out right as the drums, bass, and vocals enter, breathing out a plume of "smoke" and smiling stupidly as he pops into an exaggerated pose. Does a very comical strut to the ring in time with the stoner rock blaring over the PA, always in Ray Ban aviator sunglasses and a dark red bathrobe, and always carrying his stainless steel "water pipe" Geezer. Usually pops a turnbuckle and takes a bong rip for a cheap pop.

Tactics/Style: "Mad" Scientific Wrestler. Very energetic in form, and very spastic in reactions. He packs many different styles into a suicide mix, and gives it a rip. He can do martial arts striking when going toe to toe. He has the technical knowledge and agility to counter almost any move or submission hold (earning "The Escape Artist" monicker). Naturally, he also falls into the high-flying and daredevil/extremism categories as well, often going for ridiculous, self-harming spots. He switches between styles almost at random, leaving some to wonder if he's brilliantly calculating a wholly unpredictable offense, or if he's just too stoned to remember what he's doing half the time.

He's got Rob Van Dam personality and innovation, Sabu's kamikaze stunts, later years Jake "The Snake" Roberts' charisma and innebriation, Tajiri's wardrobe, ninjitsu, and sick-ass submissions, Sean Waltman's karate kicks and showmanship, Chris Sabin's bad-ass hangtime, Jeff Hardy's speed and catch-as-can high-flying, Owen Hart's agility and technical presence, Mike Knox's beard and body hair, and Mick Foley's smile and masochism.

Strengths: 1.) Speed 2.) Unpredictable offense 3.) Submission "Escape Artist"

Weaknessess: 1.) Undersized 2.) Heedless, reckless, and often illogical with risk-taking 3.) Slowed reaction time

Basic Moves:
- Spinning Heel Kick
- Enziguri
- Spinning Crescent Kick
- Running Senton Splash
- One-Handed Bulldog
- Armdrag into Armbar
- Dragon Screw into Leg Scissor
- Snapmare into Dragon Sleeper
- Bridged Northern Lights/German Suplex (weight dependent)
- Moonsault
- Dragonrana
- Missile Dropkick

Signature Moves:
- The Steamroller (Rolling Fireman's Carry slam)
- Hasheeshian Facebuster (Chair-assisted diving legdrop)
- The Buzzkiller (Facebuster DDT)
- Hasheeshian Piledriver (Scoop-slam piledriver)

- The Green Hit (Standing forward-somersault three-quarter-facelock bulldog, a.k.a. the Diamond Dust)
- The Resin Hit (Backflip three-quarter facelock reverse DDT, a.k.a. the Asai DDT -- basically, the Green Hit reversed)

Submission Finisher:
- The Cottonmouth (Seated surfboard body-stretch w/ chickenwing and inverted mandible claw hold, innovated)

Rare Finisher:
- The Holy Mountain (The Green Hit feint to The Resin Hit, with immediate transition into The Cottonmouth -- never actually performed in his career, yet...)

Diving Finisher:
- The Four-Twenty Splash (450 degree senton splash)

Matchwriting Guide:
Being smaller than the average-sized wrestler, Black has to use his speed and cunning toward his advantage. Against larger opponents, he'll vie for diving and rebound moves, along with martial arts striking. Against opponents closer to his size, he might dish out more slams and takedowns. He has a strong mental index of wrestling maneuvers to adapt to any kind of opponent, and has a knack at innovating new moves and setting up elaborate spots seemingly at a moment's notice. He usually has a mad-scientist approach to this; whatever he dishes out could work or blow up in his face. His ultimate ambition, rather than trying to win the match, is trying to send the audience home happy.

Though underrated as an "elite" wrestler, he's more widely recognized in the wrestling world as being a tremendous entertainer and worker. He can sell almost any spot convincingly -- and usually quite comically (i.e.: delayed reactions, wacky facial expressions, etc.). Many of his matches involve a spot where he puts himself through sick and devastating stunt that look like it could kill an average man... and yet he almost always manages to walk away from it, dazed and babbling something incoherent. Additionally, he has a number of comical antics that involve his perpetually being high all the time (i.e.: forgetting where he is, a constantly affixed cheesed smile, the occasional outbreak into a philosophical rant halfway through the match, etc.) and consistent posturing -- his favorite pose involve holding his reaching his hand out in the distance and looking out past it, similar to Hogan's stretch pose. He also does interacts frequently with the crowd, from asking for weapons to accepting gifts from ringside fans (beer, hotdogs, cigarettes... joints). I like to think that he attempts to convey the spirit of mid-90's ECW stars.

He carries with him to every match a custom-made, stainless steel bong, dubbed Geezer. In some matches, he might escape to Geezer for a quick "pick me up" if things aren't going his way, which puts him into Popeye mode, suddenly perking up and throwing a spirited barrage of rights and lefts.

Character Biography:
Erik Black was born and grew up in a town called Lebanon, Indiana. In his adolesence, he would moonlight in backyard federations as a masked luchador known as "El Cabron". At 18, he did work in Japan, and formed a tag team with a Russian-born superheavyweight, Ivan Dalkichev. The dynamic duo were eventually discovered by retired wrestler turned indie-league co-owner, Nathan Fear, who brought them stateside and became their manager.

After working briefly as security enforcers in Fear's own league, IWF, and a brief crash-course through the short-lived MCW, the newly dubbed "Crimson Calling" came to Empire Pro in the federation's infancy. The duo of "The Sickle" Erik Black and "The Hammer" Ivan Dalkichev made EPW history when they became the first ever crowned EPW Tag Team Champions. Their reign was short-lived, as contract disputes between Fear and the new owner, Dan Ryan, escalated into backstage tension, resulting in Fear walking from the company and taking his team with him. Black and Dalkichev were subsequently stripped of the tag titles. The Crimson Calling would not be seen for a few years, as Dan Ryan subsequently blacklisted Fear from numerous other federations, preventing them from ever gaining mainstream exposure. Overwhelmed by the stress of the situation, Fear eventually suffered a nervous breakdown and was committed to a mental institution, giving Black and Dalkichev absolute freedom to control the direction of their team.

Without much direction in their professional careers, Black and Dalkichev squandered the majority of their earnings on illegal substances -- notably marijuana, but also psychedelics. After a year of copious pot-smoking and expanding their mental perspectives, the two decided to make a comeback, joining an invitational tag team tournament hosted by A1E to find contenders to the A1E Tag Team Titles. Though the general assumption was that the two were past their prime and in no shape to compete against younger, hungrier, and more sober talent, the newly rechristened CHRONIC COLLIZION!! surprisingly tore almost effortlessly through the other teams. They further defied expectations when they defeated the seemingly unstoppable duo of Big Dog and their former boss, Dan Ryan, to claim the A1E Tag Team Titles.

Not long after, the CHRONIC COLLIZION!! came back to Empire Pro, in an effort to win back the very belts that they abandoned years ago. Their aspirations fell short when the team was rebuffed by then champions, the First and Felix Red, known as the Forsaken. Matters were further complicated when Nathan Fear also returned to Empire Pro, with the intent to regain control of his tag team and bring them back to their former glory. Though Black and Dalkichev rejected his offer to return to managing them, Fear cited their IWF contracts -- which were good for over twenty years, and legally bound them to his will. Fear's efforts to clean up their image proved to be disastrous, as his over-controlling methods sent the team spiraling into a long and seemingly endless losing streak. This came to an end when Black and Dalkichev spiked their manager's beverage during one show with LSD. When Fear came to the ring on live TV, incoherently ranting and attempt to strip nude, he was apprehended by security and shipped off back to the mental institution for further therapy.

The team decided to go on hiatus shortly afterwards, when Dalkichev elected to retire upon taking a vow of pacifism. On his own for the first time in his professional career in many years, Erik Black began wrestling under the moniker "Dopesmoker", adopting a more cryptic and whimsical identity that emphasizes his chronic use of marijuana and the alternative philosophies that have been allegedly bestowed upon him. Though not substantially successful on paper, Black often argues that his true accomplishments lie in innovating the sport, taking part in memorable matches, and outsmarting opponents in ways they couldn't possibly have conceived ahead of time.

He has become somewhat obsessed with the mid-90's San Jose, California doom power trio, Sleep, lauded as the pioneers of "stoner metal." His devotion to the band's music is borderline religious zeal, and he often quotes lyrics to emphasize points the way a preacher would quote scripture. In some ways, he relates his plight to that of the band's. He's also a fan of Carl Sagan, reflecting a microcosmic view of the universe to put his own insignificance into perspective.

Title History:
- MCW Tag Team Championship (w/ Ivan Dalkichev) - 2003
- EPW World Tag Team Championship (w/ Ivan Dalkichev) - 2004
- A1E World Tag Team Championship (w/ Ivan Dalkichev) - 2007

Handler: STRAWSMA, de Grote en Machtinge
Email Address: rrstrawsma@gmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: Rocko the Otter

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