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Dos Equis


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Nov 4, 2008

Name: John Leary
Email Address: johnleary@ymail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: LearyWTF


Wrestler Name: Dos Equis

Height: 6-0

Weight: 95.5 kilos (Katz note: 210 pounds. GO AMERICAN MEASUREMENTS!)

Hailing From: The People's Republic of Luchador

Handedness: Right

Disposition: Face in third world countries. Heel everywhere else.

Gimmick: He's a slightly overweight luchador. Due to him only speaking in a foreign tongue, he also comes complete with a translator by the name of Bob L. Fish.

Ring Attire: A green, gold and black mask, with two red X's on the forehead of the mask. Matching body suit. He wears a gold cape to the ring, but takes it off before wrestling.

Looks: He's got the luchador mask, with long black hair poking out at the bottom.

Ring Entrance: Dos Equis emerges from the back, pours some beer over himself, and then power walks down the aisle. He guzzles the remainder of the beer, climbs onto the apron, and then pauses for dramatic effect before spitting out a misty cloud of beer at a fan in the front row.

Theme Music: "The More I Drink" by Blake Shelton

Tactics/Style: Imagine if you will that the Sandman, Sabu, and Rey Mysterio had an orgy and one of them got pregnant. That baby would eventually become Dos Equis. Or severely retarded. Or both.

5 Specialty Moves: Springboard leg drop
Asai hip toss
Shooting Star DDT
Beersteiner (huricanrana)
Alabama Slammer (DE holds his opponent as if for a slam, but first spins around airplane spin style, then eventually hits a very dizzying powerslam).

Finisher & Set-Up Moves: Bulimia Nervosa Bomb (Diving Double Stomp to Belly)/Hangover (Double Underhook Brainbuster)

Strengths: Uses his body without regard for his own health, beer dulls the pain, innovative wrestling moves

Weaknessess: Tendency to injure self, liver angry, potential for ugly botched spots

In 100 words or less, please give a biographical profile of your character: Soy el luchador de luchadores, y de Luchador. Soy ése maldición bebida. Soy DOS Equis. ¡Hora de beber un poco de cerveza y de lastimar algunos bastardos! (Bob's "translation": I am the fighter of fighters, and Fighter. I am that one drunk curse. I am Dos Equis. Hour to drink a little beer and to hurt some bastards!)
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