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Dr Ned Reform


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Jul 12, 2020
So I know roster space is tight right now and the idea of brining in another character seems crazy... but I promise I won?t be using this guy to take up precious DEFtv segments or PPV matches. Basically, this is a character I’ve been running in SHOOT Project and am eager to try running in a place where I can write his matches.

My plan is to use the first arc to slowly intro him via vignettes and then after that, I’ll regulate him to Uncut for a while. If someone wants to work an arc with him or if we get a little more elbow room on the roster I’ll get him mixed up in a legit angle, but until then I?m fine with him existing in the margins.

if nothing else, he?d be a good guy to have in the wings to give a babyface a victory if they need a random match somewhere in their arc. This type of character could eat 80 losses in a row and still be viable.

Handler Information

Name: Joe
Email Address: jcourchesne317@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: Telegram
eWrestling Experience: I’m
How did you find DEFIANCE? Came to me in a dream.
Are you willing to write matches? Yeah.

Writing Sample


Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Dr. Ned Reform
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 226 lbs

Hailing From: Litchfield, CT

Alignment: Heel

Dr. Ned Reform: The Philosopher King, The Pedagogue of Pain, The Warrior Poet. He has come to pro wrestling to better it - to serve as an inspirational figure, offering his guidance and wisdom to wrestlers and fans alike. Have you ever met the guy who has a pedantic and long winded opinion on everything, even when he hasn't been asked? That's Ned Reform.

Ned Reform is an arrogant academic who believes that his intellectual achievements alongside his athleticism make him superior to... well, just about everybody. He has a PhD in...something... and demands he be referred to as doctor at all times. Having been an amateur wrestler of some repute at Yale, Reform comes to pro wrestling as an observer to study and understand it's inner workings. He's writing a book, you know. Reform views it as his job to “fix” and enlighten everyone around him, and will resort to violence to do so if people are not open to his help.

Mostly, he?s a windbag jackass who thinks his shit doesn?t stink because he knows some big words and has a degree.

Wrestling Style:
Reform is a chickenshit heel who gets his ass kicked a lot and his style of selling is akin to Mr. Perfect - flips and big bumps, making his opponent look like a killer.

In terms of offense, Reform is like an Owen Hart - small enough to be quick and do some light high flying (Dropkicks, Cross-Bodies, etc) but mostly sticks to a fundamental ground game appropriate to his size.

Three Weaknesses:

Temper. Underneath the image that Reform tries to cultivate is an angry, angry man with a nasty temper. When it?s set off, he goes from annoying-pain-in-the-ass to actually kind of scary.

Not as smart as he thinks he is. He has such a high opinion of his own mental ability and such a low opinion of others. You can catch him off guard by playing to this.

Strength. While Reform is no weakling by standard measures, he’s on the smaller side and can struggle against wrestlers that are built on a powerful in-ring style.

Three Strengths:

Ring General. While Reform doesn?t have an endless array of fancy moves, he knows his way around a wrestling ring. He?s also very aware of the shortcuts he needs to overcome a more powerful opponent.

Intelligence. Yeah, we know he isn?t as smart as he thinks he is, but he’s also no dummy. Reform actually does have a prolific academic background and isn?t afraid to put it to good use when the time is right.

Annoying as hell. Reform has the wonderful ability to get under people?s skins. This can be useful to get them to abandon their gameplans in fits of frustration.


Ten regular moveset moves:

Low blow
Eye Rake
abdominal stretch (rope assisted)
Falcon Arrow
Belly-to-Belly Suplex
Rope assisted choke
Elbow Drop
standing leg drop into stomach
spinning neck breaker
Belly to back suplex

2-5 trademark moves:

The Sulla-buster (pulling piledriver)
Jumping Wheel Kick
Top Rope Missile Dropkick

1 Finishing Move: The Ad Hominem- (Tazzmission)
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Feb 4, 2005
Yes from me. I have zero problems long as handlers can handle the extra workload.q


May 22, 2017
Edinburgh, UK
Ya dude. :)

So that's enough yes votes. You're in. I'll get you set up with a username and password and invite you to the Discord... oh, wait a second...

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