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DreamMaker vs. The Reaver


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Jan 1, 2000
An Introduction of Sorts

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-05-03 AT 04:13 PM (EST)]|Scene: Small Studio Apartment in Scotch Plains, New Jersey|

{Open to the interior of a rather humble abode, not much along the lines of expensive items with the exception of the big screen television against the wall and the leather couch before it. Panning around the room, not much else can be seen other than the counter for the kitchen area of the apartment along with a closed door obviously leading into another room.}

{The main focus of this scene is the rather large man sitting on a leather topped bar stool at the counter, with a drink in his massive hand. He simply watches as the camera crew becomes aquainted with what will surely become a familiar site to the GXW viewers around the globe. As the camera comes back around to the big man, he waves the crew in closer; re-adjusting himself on the stool as he prepares to speak. Then with a slight nod he begins.}

"Well hello there GXW..."

{Pauses to gather this thoughts, his eyes never once moving from the camera.}

"Now I won't sit here and assume that each and every one of you knows my name, unlike some, I know my past is meaningless to most - if not all of you."

"Instead I'll introduce myself to one and all as DreamMaker, a new face to this company and a man who plans to.."

{Motions with his hands.}

"..stir things up a bit."

"To all the champs, you've got nothing to worry about as I don't have my eyes set on any of your belts yet; title shots will come in due time and I'll gladly wait my turn for them. At this point in time I have another agenda, its with those select few who like to drop names."

{His eyes drop to the floor as he begins to stroke his chin.}


{His eyes slowly come back up to meet the camera.}

"What can I say? I'm honestly quite shocked that I have yet to hear from you, I figured at the very least you would be out here playing this match up to be a clash of legends from our other company. Yet I haven't heard a word from ya and it makes me wonder...are you wishing you hadn't mentioned my name to Dallas Winston last week? Wishing you had kept your little list of accomplishments from our other company a secret?"

"I'm not going to down play what you may or may not have accomplished in your career here or elsewhere my friend, but I will tell you that the one thing you have *never* accomplished was giving me any bit of a challenge in a match, come to think of it I don't recall ever stepping foot in the ring with you."

"Then that's your schtick though isn't it?"

{Cocks his head to the side, an inquisitive look across his face.}

"It's funny how you've got a track record miles long, your life stories and in-ring encounters could fill dozens of books, and yet you're the only one who remembers any of it."

{Laughs to himself as he shakes his head.}

"No worries though Reaver, see I decided to sign the dotted line to make myself a GXW superstar and - this is where you should feel special - its all because of you. Now not only do you get a chance to remind me of our last encounter where you supposedly took me to the limits, but you finally get to add a bit of *truth* to your life story. I'm hoping to hear from ya soon Reavs, I'd hate to think that my first victory here will be against a mute."

{He winks at the camera.}

|Fade to Black|


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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville US
Throught the Never

(Fade into a small gym in Belfast, Ireland. We see the former GXW Television champion himself, the Reaver, working out with the weights. Looking around we can see it's a rather simple affair with no Kelly Gellar, no rows of past titles and nothing else than the Reaver, scarred from a number of hardcore matches over the years.)

Reaver: Dreamy, it's odd to see you here wanting to face off against real wrestlers like Kevin Powers on their own turf. But to each their own I guess. I caught you're little promo about how I can go on and on about my past victories and how nobody knows about them. What about you though, I mean sure you've got victories in SCW you can brag about...but that is only from '99 onwards to the here and now in Superior Championship Wrestling...not here in Global Xtreme Wrestling kid.

(The Reaver puts down his weights and puts a few more on and then goes back to lifting)

Reaver: Dreamy, we've known each other for what, four going on five years now in the ring, yes or no? We've both fought each other bloody...so let's cut the bullshit between the two of us. You've always been the power one in the ring while I've always been the experience. I may not have won many matches in SCW and that's not the point-the point is that what I did there is in the past expect for when I'm forced to face fucks like you and Winston. When I held up Dallas' hand after he beat me in the ring, that was a sign of respect because he's finally earned it from one of the old-school wrestlers in myself...but you on the other hand have yet to earn jack-##### from me. I mean you've done everything in your power to stop me and you still haven't done it and besides, you're merely a stop in the way until I can get my mits around that ##### Poe again. It's one thing to stand in my way, but you're going to serve as a good work out until I can get my hands around *HIS* neck.

(The Reaver puts down the weights again and readjusts them and then starts up again)

Reaver: By the way, I've got a little question for you Dreamy or have you finally lived down the "Big Brother" experiment that you did in late '01? The question is, do you still weigh in at three hundred and seventy-five pounds? I hope so, because the bigger you are...

(The Reaver finishes up lifting weights and then holds it there for a couple of minutes before dropping the weights all together)

Reaver: The harder *you* fall...see you in the next city DreamMaker...

(We fade out with "Man with No Fear" by Drowning Pool with Rob Zombie)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-06-03 AT 07:30 PM (EST)]|Scene: Red Brick Gym in Harrison, New Jersey|

{Open to the clanking of weights and the heavy thuds against punching bags as the camera crew maneuvers itself through the maze of exercise equipment that is in the small gym. Several of the gym familiars - obvious by their well cut physiques and 'Red Brick Gym' t-shirts - pause to watch as the crew makes its way towards the back of the gym and towards the locker room.}

{Several locker room doors slam shut, as men in suits - fresh off their workouts - get ready to head back to the office. One man stands out in particular, he's currently resting on one of the benches placed in front of the large row of lockers. Wiping the sweat away from his face with a large towel, DreamMaker barely notices the crew as they come up behind him. As the camera gets closer the big man's head perks up and he turns to see the camera, he simply smiles and motions for them to set up.}

{DreamMaker now sits straddling the bench, facing the camera crew - a grin across his face.}

"Yeah, yeah I know what you're thinking - and to answer your question, yes I am taking this match seriously."

{Holds up a hand as if to stop an answer.}

"Now I know this is Reaver I'm facing, but the fact of the matter is I've been out of the ring for a few months now and I'm going to have to knock some of the rust off before stepping into the ring with anybody - even if that anybody is Reaver."

"So with that being said, I suppose I should get to work tearing down what little it was Reaver had to say."

{Stretches his arms as he cracks his knuckles.}

"I'll start by letting you know Reavs, that I didn't have to live the 'Big Brother' experiment down because as short lived as it was I still had more success in those few short weeks than you've had your entire career. Let's face it, Reavs I'm the better man coming into this encounter and we both know it."

"So if you want to cut the sh*t as you put it, then I suggest you sit back, forget about that fabricated career of yours and stick to the facts."

"For example, you've never beaten me bloody, you've never beaten me in general and as I stated yesterday, I don't recall our paths ever crossing in the ring at all. If you were another statistic over in SCW then I apologize, I tend to forget the insignificant ones."

{He winks at the camera.}

"Even if I did remember this little fictuous encounter we had, I wouldn't bring it up here when it happened over there. See, the difference between you and I - other than your obvious lack of talent in the ring - is that I don't need to list my accomplishments, extensive as they may be, to every opponent I face. Why you felt the need to even bring them up in the first place is beyond me, I didn't brag about them and don't ever plan to. I'll let my actions speak for themselves and I'll start with you Reavs, granted I'm sure a win against you isn't going to impress many as you couldn't be any less of a joke here as you were in SCW, but se la vi. I'll simply beat you and move on to the next guy and that will be that."

"Take it easy Reavs, I've got a plane to catch."

|Fade to Black.|

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