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EPW & New ERA Present ... Sin City Showdown - Las Vegas, NV - 2/10/10


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
(The camera fades in to the MGM Grand Garden arena as the fans make their way to their seats. The scene stops. Fade to black.)

VOICE: “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction..”

(From the left side of the screen, the logo for Empire Pro Wrestling fades in.)

VOICE: “The forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions.”

(From the right side of the screen, the logo for New ERA of Wrestling fades in.)

VOICE: “Whatever draws or presses another is as much drawn or pressed by that other.”

(The logos move closer to one another .. before meeting in the center of the blackened screen.)

VOICE: “If you press a stone with your finger, the finger is also pressed by the stone.”

(The logos butt against one another, pushing each other back towards the sides of the screens.)

VOICE: “If a horse draws a stone tied to a rope, the horse (if I may so say) will be equally drawn back towards the stone..”

(The blackness dissipates into a bare room. Sitting on white stools are two televisions. Relics from the 1980s… the power kicks in and static fills both screens.)

VOICE: “For the distended rope, by the same endeavour to relax or unbend itself, will draw the horse as much towards the stone, as it does the stone towards the horse, and will obstruct the progress of the one as much as it advances that of the other.”

(The left television set begins to clear. The camera moves ever so closely .. focusing on the black and white picture.)

VOICE: “If a body impinges upon another, and by its force changes the motion of the other, that body also (because of the equality of the mutual pressure) will undergo an equal change, in its own motion, toward the contrary part.”

(“Triple X” Sean Stevens and the First.. battling on Aggression 50. Stevens has First by the head and looks out into the crowd, giving the illusion he’s staring right through the television set.)

VOICE: “The changes made by these actions are equal, not in the velocities but in the motions of the bodies; that is to say, if the bodies are not hindered by any other impediments.”

(The television screen on the right now begins to clear. We see Shawn Hart, PhD standing over the body of Peter File at Destrucity II.)

VOICE: “For, as the motions are equally changed, the changes of the velocities made toward contrary parts are reciprocally proportional to the bodies.”

(The sets abruptly turn off. “Showdown” by Pendulum cues as the screen goes black once more.)

(The logo for EPW & New ERA present … Sin City Showdown! (feat. NGEN & LVW) comes on screen.)


VOICE: “The law of reciprocal action; Sir Isaac Newton.”

(CUTTO: Ringside. More accurately, the two announce tables side by side. On the left, the Empire Pro announce team; on the right, the New ERA announce team.)

THOMAS: “Welcome everyone to the SHOWDOWN!”

GHEORGHE: “After months of waiting .. after two shows already this day, we have finally made it to the end .. to Sin City Showdown!”

THOMAS: “I’m Dave Thomas, and with me here at the EPW announce table are Mike Neely and Dean Matthews…”

GHEORGHE: “And I am Tom Gheorghe … and here at the New ERA announce table with me tonight are Nick Jive and Dean Julius… and welcome … welcome to what should be an explosive evening!”

NEELY: “Let’s get this massacre on the ROAD.”

THOMAS: “Several huge matches tonight .. and for the first time … Empire stars … New ERA stars …. Will go head to head to bring home the glory for their homes.”

JIVE: “It’s on, bitches!”

NEELY: “Who you calling a bitch?!”

GHEORGHE: “How about we let the wrestlers handle this, fellas..”

THOMAS: “Agreed! We’ve heard all the hype .. we’ve all seen the war of words … and tonight, at Sin City Showdown, we’re going to see some of the best action *professional wrestling has to offer.”

JULIUS: “So why are we waiting? I’ve been in this arena far too long already. We’re in Vegas…. I have money burning a hole in my pocket.”

MATTHEWS: “Hope you brought enough .. hookers ain’t cheap here, my friend.”

GHEORGHE: “Aggression 50 … Destrucity II .. all led to tonight. Everyone is ready to go .. let’s not wait any longer to get this started.. we’ve got Anarky and GAMMA-O up first tonight .. and I hear that the announce team from NGEN will be handling the action.”

NEELY: “Burn. Can’t even bring yourself to formally introduce them.”

THOMAS: “Let’s just send it over to the NGEN squad and temper this off right here.”


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Revenge Match: Anarky (EPW) vs GAMMA-O (WFW:NE)

(CUTTO: Jonathan Marx, Vic Waters and Brandon Jacobs sit behind a makeshift announce table on the far side of the ring.)

MARX: “Welcome to Sin City Showdown .. and welcome to the opening bout!”

JACOBS: “This is going to be a barnburner to be sure!”

WATERS: “If by a barnburner, you mean a complete massacre.. then I agree.”

MARX: “GAMMA-O is one of the few remaining testaments to the WFW:NE .. and tonight he will go head to head with someone he’s wanted to gain revenge on for a long, long time: Anarky.”

JACOBS: “Anarky is a former WFW World Heavyweight champion. After the completion of the merger he was already signed with Empire Pro, so he didn’t come to the WFW:NE to try to win back his title … so this is the only chance GAMMA-O has at making things right again.”

WATERS: “Who cares! WFW:NE is gone. NGEN is here. Did GAMMA-O even show up tonight?”

MARX: “I don’t think GAMMA-O would have missed this for anything, Vic.”

WATERS: “Well then wake me when it’s over… because I don’t mind missing it.”

JACOBS: “GAMMA-O representing what is left of the WFW:NE whereas Anarky will be representing Empire Pro .. in this revenge match!”

MARX: “Let’s send it to the ring announcer and officially kick off … Sin City Showdown!”

(CUTTO: The entrance way, as Gamma-O makes his way to the ring “Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir playing over the PA.)

RING ANNOUNCER: “The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Tokyo, Japan, and weighing in at 223 pounds…. GAMMA!!! OOOOOHHH!!!”

MARX: “Gamma-O carrying the banner for NGEN in this match against Anarky. It shall be interesting to see how this highly touted newcomer deals with the maniac veteran.”

WATERS: “Well Gamma-O isn’t exactly the most friendly of persons, but Anarky’s a grade A sicko, so this will be interesting, and most likely gruesome.”

(CUEUP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie. Anarky comes through the curtain, drawing a loud mixed reaction from the crowd. Anarky locks his gaze upon Gamma-O as he makes his way to the ring.)

RING ANNOUNCER: “And his opponent… From Hartford Connecticut… Weighing in at 220 pounds… AN! AR!!! KEY!!!!!”

(SFX: As Anarky hits the ring, and the ref calls for the bell.)

MARX: “The two men just slugging it out in the middle of the ring. This isn’t so much a wrestling match as it is a fight. Anarky now with a series of kicks to the gut… He whips Gamma-O to the ropes… GAMMA-O COMES BACK WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK! Gamma-O dives on top of Anarky and punches away on him!”

JACOBS: “This wasn’t expected to be a catch-as-catch-can classic, and so far it’s looking like it’ll live up to expectations as being a fight.”

MARX: “Anarky getting to his feet an he’s backed into the corner and takes a couple of shoulder blocks to the stomach. Anarky sent to the other corner… CHARGES OUT AND CLOTHESLINES GAMMA-O’S HEAD OFF!”

WATERS: “Man he might be knocked out cold by that shot!

MARX: “Anarky stomps Gamma-O in the head… Gamma-O up to a seated position… ANARKY CHARGES AND CRACKS HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A FOREARM! Anarky covers!




WATERS: “I’m glad Gamma-O kicked out, would have been tragic if this ended before they got really into beating on each other.”

MARX: “Anarky gets Gamma-O back to his feet. Gamma-O gets a thumb into Anarky’s eye and that backs Anarky away, Gamma-O with a couple of leg kicks rocks Anarky… Gamma-O with a ROUND HOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD! Anarky crashes to the mat, Gamma-O with the cover!




JACOBS: “Anarky’s tough as nails, Gamma-O is really going to have to bust out the big guns if he wants to get a win.”

MARX: “Gamma-O pulls Anarky up, Gamma-O, lays in a series of knife edge chops [“whoo!”] Gamma-O sends Anarky to the ropes… Sets to early on a backdrop and gets a kick to the face that straightened him up. Anarky hits the ropes… RUNNING FRONT KICK TO THE FACE OF GAMMA-O!”

WATERS: “These guys aren’t holding back at all, can we have this going best two out of three, or maybe five out of nine? I could spend all day just seeing these two beating the tar out of each other.”

MARX: “Anarky drops Gamma-O with a scoop slam and now flips him over to his belly and locks in a CAMEL CLUTCH. Gamma-O being wrenched back in the hold.”

JACOBS: “You know Anarky loves inflicting pain, if you get in the ring with him you’re bound to suffer, and Gamma-O is finding that out right now.”

MARX: “Anarky has the hold locked in, Gamma-O thrashing, trying to get his knees under him to get pressure off his back… Gamma-O gets his legs under him… Anarky quickly jumps up and DRIVES his weight into the lower back of Gamma-O… And now he grab Gamma-O’s legs, and leans back for a BOSTON CRAB!”

WATERS: “Anarky’s just torturing Gamma-O... I haven’t seen Gamma-O suffer like this in his career, but now he’s really in the deep water.”

MARX: “Anarky has Gamma-O in the middle of the ring, Gamma-O thrashing on the mat, refusing to tap out as he slowly crawls towards the ropes… He’s closing in on the ropes… Almost has them… ANARKY PULLS HIM BACK TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!”

JACOBS: “Oh that’s got to be just crushing, Gamma-O was so close to having escaped that hold and now he’s back in the middle of the ring, even worse for wear than he was before.”

MARX: “Gamma-O bridges and now flips himself back onto his back, now catches Anarky with a rolling cradle, Anarky pinned!




MARX: “Anarky gets out of there at the last second…”

JACOBS: “Last half second really!”

MARX: “Gamma-O back up and he catches Anarky with a knife edge chop… Big forearm to the chin of Anarky. Gamma-O with a right hand and now he hooks Anarky for a fisherman’s suplex… GETS ANARKY OVER… GAMMA-O WITH A BRIDGE!!




JACOBS: “Anarky kicks out!

MARX: “Gamma-O gets to his feet and grabs Anarky, DDT… NO! Anarky lifts Gamma-O up… INVERTED ATOMIC DROP! Anarky off the drops… FLOORS GAMMA-O WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Gamma-O back to his feet but he’s on rubber legs as Anarky sends him into the ropes… BRUTAL FLYING FOREARM BY ANARKY!”

WATERS: “I think Gamma-O might just have woken Anarky up, and well, that looks like it was a bad idea.”

MARX: “Anarky stalking Gamma-O now… Gamma-O slowly to his feet… Anarky grabs him… CHAOS BREAKER!!”

JACOBS: “Crushing impact!”

MARX: “Anarky with the cover…




(SFX: Bell rings. CUEUP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie.)

RING ANNOUNCER: “The winner of this contest… ANARKY!!!!”

(Anarky gets to his feet, he glares down at the fallen Gamma-O before a moment before shrugging off the ref and exiting the ring.)

MARX: “Anarky with an impressive victory here at Sin City Showdown over Gamma-O... The matches just keep getting bigger and better, and now let’s send you to a team you may not have seen in a while .. Greenie .. Mayes.. the squad from LVW for what should be another incredible match.”


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
LVW World Heavyweight Championship

[CUTTO: The LVW announce team is at a make-shift announce table on the opposite side of the ring from the NGEN squad. As the camera cuts to them, we see Jonathan Marx, Brandon Jacobs and Vic Waters exiting the ringside area. The camera now cuts to the ring, where Jerry Harwell, looking dapper as always in a grey three piece suit.]

MAYES: Sin City Showdown couldn’t be truly about Las Vegas if it didn’t have the Las Vegas Championship defended, now could it?! And that’s what’s about to happen right now!

HARWELL: The following contest is set for one fall, and it is for the LVW Championship!

[MUSIC UP: “Flowing” by 311. J1D comes out from the curtain, drawing a solid pop from the crowd, and some “L-V-Dub!” chants. J1D is in his blue board shorts with white trim, barefoot, with the LVW Spinner belt over his shoulder.]

HARWELL: Making his way to the ring from LAS VEGAS, NEVADA [Pop!]… Weighing in at 223 pounds, the LVW Champion… JAY!!! ONE!!!! DEEEEE!!!!

[J1D hits the ring and holds the LVW Spinner belt aloft, getting cheers from the crowd.]

MAYES: This is… Well odd that the champion was introduced first… But now we await the challenger, the mighty Viking Olvir Arsvinnar.

[MUSIC UP: “Shipping Up To Boston” by Dropkick Murphys.]

MAYES: Wait a second, that’s not Olvir’s music, that’s… Nobody’s music!

[Green Machine, wearing a blue Tom Brady #12 Patriots jersey, and blue warm up pants, comes out from behind the curtain. He has a mic in hand. The crowd gives Greenie some boos.]

GREENIE: Cut the music! [Music stops] man I’ve always wanted to say that… But enough about that, we got business to attend to J1D… Listen up… I bought LVW, and well, I thought I was getting myself some cheap labor I could lord over, be a jerk to, all the reasons why people buy a crappy dump of a wrestling league. Come to find out, this Olvir guy has a contract, like a real one, you have any idea what his appearance fee is?! I can’t pay that kind of coin! I was handed a pile of debt as the owners of LVW fled like thieves in the night, I was hoodwinked, swindled, bamboozled!

[Greenie makes it to ringside now, still glaring at J1D, who seems baffled by Greenie’s tirade.]

GREENIE: So well, my dreams for LVW died, but Sin City Showdown gave me a chance at redemption… And well, I got ahold of Doc, and he said he’d help me out… So right now, you’re about to defend the LVW Champion, in a Triple Threat match… First fall wins… Good luck!

[Greenie drops the mic and walks over to the broadcast table, J1D looking down the ramp waiting for his opponents, when suddenly Private Pyle and Flint M. Jacobs charge through the crowd and attack J1D from behind!]

GREENIE: Ring the bell! This match has started!

[The bell rings, Greenie drops his mic and walks over to the broadcast table.]

MAYES: I’m joined by… LVW… Owner… Green Machine here at the broadcast table… As in the ring Flint M. Jacobs and Private Pyle are stomping the life out of J1D. J1D now put into the corner… Jacobs grabs Pyle and whips him into J1D… NO! The LVW Champion out of the way and Pyle crashes hard into the corner… J1D off the ropes BLASTS Jacobs with a clothesline!

GREENIE: What?! No! This isn’t right! I paid good money for these two! They better get this done!

MAYES: Pyle rushes out of the corner and J1D catches him with a drop toe hold… OH MY GOODNESS!! And Pyle’s face just landed in a BAD spot on Jacobs body!

[Crowd laughing!]

GREENIE: Low blow! Low blow!

MAYES: J1D now grabs Pyle and smashes him into the turnbuckle. J1D waits on Jacobs to get up and whips Pyle into Jacobs… Jacobs sent crashing and Pyle staggers backwards… INTO A ROLL UP!




GREENIE: Why?! Why is this happening to me?!

MAYES: J1D now hammering away on Jacobs, who falls to the floor. J1D follows him to the outside and sends Jacobs crashing into the railing!

GREENIE: I paid top dollar for these guys, and this is what I get?! Really, these two are buffoons!

MAYES: If you were honestly paid top dollar for hired help from Doc, how did you not get Bloodhunt?

GREENIE: Well it wasn’t top, top dollar, maybe like very high dollar… And Bloodhunt demands half up front! I ain’t paying till I see victory dammit!

MAYES: So you haven’t even paid them at all.



GREENIE: I didn’t even know he could do that!

MAYES: All three men down, there is no ten count, as this is an LVW Triple threat match, so it’s one fall to a finish, no count outs or DQ’s... Jacobs and Pyle now slowly getting up and they grab J1D and toss him back into the ring… Jacobs now giving orders to Pyle, calling for a power bomb… Pyle gets J1D up… PLANTS HIM WITH THE POWERBOMB!

GREENIE: Now we’re cooking! Come on, take his head off!

MAYES: Pyle now with a cover!




MAYES: J1D kicks out, but now Jacobs is yelling at Pyle, I don’t think he was really OK with Pyle trying to score that pin.

GREENIE: What?! Oh come on you two, I’m paying you the same, I’ll saw the title in half, you can each defend it on indy shows on alternate weekends, just pin him already!

MAYES: Pyle now gets to his feet. Jacobs tells him to go up top and Jacobs does make the climb… Now Jacobs grabs J1D and drags him to his feet…. A couple right hands… And now Jacobs has set up… JACOBS HAS THE LVW CHAMPION UP… HANDS HIM OFF TO PYLE!!

GREENIE: Break him in half! Cripple him!

MAYES: Pyle set for a SuperBomb… J1D fighting with right hands… J1D WITH A HURRICANRANA OFF THE TOP ROPE!! PYLE SPLATTERED ON THE MAT!!

GREENIE: Unreal, this is like Tyree pulling down that pass in the Super Bowl... Come on, this can’t be happening to me!

MAYES: Jacobs quickly back on J1D and gets him set for a suplex… NO! J1D lands behind him… INVERTED DDT! J1D to the outside… SLINGSHOT SPLASH! HE COVERS!!




GREENIE: Can I add more guys to this match? Maybe I could pay some people in the crowd some money to beat this guy for me! I need to do something!

[SFX: A headset being taken off]

MAYES: My broadcast partner just left the broadcast table and now he’s up on the apron yelling at J1D…. J1D looks at Greenie as if to say ‘what the heck is your problem?’…. Wait! Pyle from behind grabs J1D’s arms… GREENIE THROWS SALT AT J1D… HE DUCKED… Pyle blinded... J1D WITH THE CHILL PILL… HE KNOCKED PYLE OUT!! THE COVER!!!




MAYES: Greenie stops the count! He’s grabbed the ref and is yelling at him to not count any pins against Jacobs or Pyle… J1D now back up to his feet… He grabs Greenie by the jersey… WAIT! JACOBS WITH THE LVW TITLE BELT FROM BEHIND!! J1D just got nailed in the back… He’s staggering… Jacobs now winding up… RUNNING BELT SHOT!! NO! J1D SIDESTEPS!! GREENIE GETS HIT WITH THE BELT AND SLUMPS INTO THE CORNER!! Jacobs turns around, kick to the gut… CHILL PILL ONTO THE BELT!!! J1D COVERS BOTH MEN!!!

[The ref stands stunned for a beat, J1D yells ‘c’mon it’s cool bro!’ and the ref drops for the count!]




[Bell rings. Crowd pops loud as “Flowing” by 311 hits on the PA!]

HARWELL: Time of the fall 7 minutes, 42 seconds… The winner and STILL LVW Champion… JAY!!! ONE!!! DEE!!!

MAYES: Green Machine hired 2 thugs, he meddled in the match himself, and all of it failed him, J1D retains the LVW Championship… We’ll be throwing it back to EPW and New ERA, who we thank for letting us be a part of the show.. hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in the City of Sin!


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Career vs Career: Stalker (EPW) vs Rocko Daymon (New ERA)

[The camera cuts to the EPW announce team of Dave Thomas, Mike Neely, and “The Show Stealer” Dean Matthews are all seated behind the EPW commentary table.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you've been enjoying the Sin City Showdown thus far! It's been LONG DAY of professional wrestling action, but tonight marks the end of a long and very epic feud between two of the industry's hottest competitors!

DM: The rivalry between Rocko Daymon and Stalker has been waged across SEVERAL federations, spanning over ten years! It began in a last man standing match, and now it will END in a last man standing match!

DT: There's more than just ten years of bad blood up at stake tonight. Both men have agreed to make this a CAREER VERSUS CAREER match!

MN: Whoever loses... WE WIN!! We at Empire Pro, anyway! Stalker's not a part of New ERA, and as I understand it, it's been a while since Rocko's been seen over there.

DM: Regardless of that... Daymon has stated that he's coming in here tonight representing BOTH New ERA of Wrestling and Empire Pro! Here's an interesting fact, guys... Daymon is the ONLY MAN in this industry to have held both the Empire Pro World Championship AND the New ERA World Heavyweight championship.

DT: He is the icon of two prestigious federations being represented here tonight... and this may be the most IMPORTANT match of his career, if not the last one!

DM: Stalker has HOUNDED him mercilessly for the past few years. He assailed his wife. He forced his injury, and his subsequent forfeiture of the EPW World Heavyweight Championship. He forced Fusenshoff into trying to end his career. He set the dERAnged Omega after him, scarring him for life in a sickening barbed wire match.

DT: And yet, through all the adversity Stalker has given him, Rocko Daymon has lived up to his “Undying” namesake... surviving and growing stronger from every experience!

MN: Well, he's had a remarkable fall from grace ever since he up and DROPPED the Empire Pro World Heavyweight Championship... and from what I hear, he LOST the New ERA World Championship in his first match back there... so by all counts, if he can't win this match tonight, he doesn't have much a career anyway.

DM: Rocko Daymon has NEVER lost the Last Man Standing match... a trend that has existed since he first conquered Stalker ten years ago! Tonight, the most insane man in professional wrestling has the opportunity to avenge the demons of his past... if he can kill the man that claims he cannot die!

[CUE UP: “Did My Time” by Korn. The fans BOO unanimously as The Fallen's video package plays on the big screen. Blue lighting illuminates the fog spreading around the entry-way. Tony Fatora announces from within the adjoined ring set-up.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a CAREER VERSUS CAREER LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!! The winner of this match will be the man who renders his opponent UNABLE TO STAND before a ten count. Introducing first... hailing from Seattle, Washington... the LEADER of the FALLEN...


[Appearing alone on the stage is Jason “STALKER” Reeves, clad in black leather duster over a Fallen t-shirt and black denim cut-offs. He SNEERS at the crowd, mockingly posing for them as he makes his way down the ramp to the ring.]

DM: Tens years of this man's alleged “pain” and “suffering” have led him here tonight! That entire time, he's wanted his shot at Rocko Daymon... but has he bit off more than he can chew?

DT: Stalker is a dangerous and psychotic man... and much of that is driven by his sheer hatred for Rocko Daymon! He's tried to ruin the career of his nemesis, but tonight... will he be able to put that final nail in the coffin? Can he beat Rocko Daymon in the match that his opponent has never lost?

[Stalker rolls into the ring and sits in the corner, eyes trained on the stage for the arrival of his opponent. After a few moments, they cut his music.]

[CUE UP: “The Path” by High On Fire. The arena lights go to black, and the capacity crowd CHEERS LOUDLY!! Rocko Daymon's video package begins playing on the screen.]

TF: And his opponent... hailing from Tacoma, Washington... he is the FORMER EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... AND the FORMER NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...



[The introduction concludes with a display of gold fireworks shooting up from the stage. “The Path” ends into “Fire, Flood, and Plague” as ROCKO DAYMON steps out onto the stage and begins striding down the ramp.]

Crowd: “ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!!”

DT: Daymon is halfway down the ramp, and breaks right into a SPRINT FOR THE RING!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: Whoa, buddy, he ain't messing around!

DM: Daymon slides under the ropes, and Stalker quickly jumps on him with a KNEE!! Stalker, with some HARD closed-fisted punches to the back of Daymon's head, and the former World Champion just SHRUGS IT OFF!

MN: Ring the bell, cause HERE WE GO, baby!


DT: Rocko's on his feet, and both men are FIERCELY TRADING BLOWS!! Man, they are holding NOTHING back in there!! It's a two-man FLURRY of FISTS, and neither man is backing down!

DM: OOH!! Big right hook thrown from Daymon clocks Stalker right in the temple and shakes him! Rocko with a FEW MORE big right hands, just BURYING those knuckles into Stalker's face! That “injury” in his shoulder must not be as bad as we expected, cause he's landing some HAYMAKERS!!

MN: Look at the VEINS popping out of his neck! That guy is just UNHINGED!!


Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: Stalker trying to cover up... OH!! Daymon BLASTS HIM with a KNIFE EDGE CHOP to the CHEST!!

Crowd: “WHOOO!!”

DM: Stalker is STUNNED, and Daymon ANGRILY rips off his SHIRT to expose the chest! There's ANOTHER CHOP!!


Crowd: “WHOOO!!”

MN: Had some HEAT on that one!

DT: Rocko Daymon is on FIRE in these opening moments... and now with a SHOULDER BLOCK to the mid-section, he just TACKLES Stalker through the ropes, and the brawl falls to the outside!!

DM: Rocko Daymon is just a TEMPEST of RAGE right now!! Wailing away, he YANKS Stalker off the floor by the hair... and sets him up against the apron, mercilessly BLASTING AWAY at that maniac's exposed face!!

DT: Look at that MURDEROUS GLINT in the eye of Rocko Daymon!! It's like he's trying to BLUDGEON STALKER TO DEATH with those wrecking-ball fists!

MN: Uh... should the ref step in and stop this, or something?

DM: Wait... Stalker BLOCKS one -- DRIVES DAYMON face-first into the apron!

DT: Rocko's stunned... and Stalker takes the opportunity to grab him by the NECK, and RUN HIM OVER TO --

SFX: *BAM!!*


DT: RIGHT into the commentary table! Stalker STOMPING AWAY now!! These two men are like RABID PITBULLS!!

DM: Expect these two men to show libERAl use of the no-DQ ruling of the Last Man Standing match-up. Stalker is an ESPECIALLY talented when it comes to using his environment... and here he is now, bringing Daymon off the floor, and leading him right over to the GUARDRAIL -- !!


Crowd: “OOOHHHH!!!”

DT: GOD!! Did you SEE THE WAY Daymon's FACE bounced right off that STEEL BARRICADE?!

MN: Yeah, man... these guys are freakin' NUTS tonight!

DM: Stalker was holding nothing back there... and he's not giving Rocko a SECOND to breath, stripping him up off the floor once again! Stalker hooks him around the face -- RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP --



MN: Well, THAT was quick!

DT: Stalker is back up, and ORDERS the referee to begin the ten count!

DM: It CAN'T be over this quickly!




DT: Daymon shakes out the cobwebs... now he scrambles to his feet, and he's back up before the ref can reach the count of three! Stalker is ALREADY on top of him... NO!! Daymon SHOVES HIM OFF!

DM: Rocko steps forward -- WHOA, MAN!! BIG JUMPING KNEE STRIKE catches Stalker RIGHT IN THE MUSH!! What a COMEBACK for Rocko Daymon!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

MN: Has Rocko been brushing up on his Muay Thai, or what?!

DT: Stalker rolls to his hands and knees, but Daymon STRADDLES HIS BACK before he can get up!! Daymon POUNDING AWAY with HARD rights and lefts at the exposed head of Stalker!!

DM: Stalker can do little more than cover up right now as Daymon RELENTLESSLY pounds away at his head! Rocko is like a man POSSESSED tonight... and given everything he's put up with this past month, I'm not in the least bit surprised!

DT: This Last Man Standing contest has been nothing short of a high-octane all-out BRAWL so far in these opening minutes, and both men are still fuming with energy! Daymon in control now, yanking Stalker off the floor by the hair and walking him over to the corner!

MN: More specifically, the STEEL STEPS!!


DM: AND DAYMON THROWS STALKER RIGHT INTO THOSE STEEL STEPS AS HARD AS HE CAN!! These guys are going to turn the ringside area into a WARZONE!!

MN: Are these guys even going to make it back in the RING?!

DT: Stalker is lying stunned up against the steps, and now Daymon uses the opportunity to PUT SOME LEGS INTO HIS FACE AND CHEST while he's pressed up against the steel! Stalker's got nowhere to go!!

DM: Stuck between Rocko and a hard place... Daymon going for distance now... he comes CHARGING FORWARD --


SFX: *BANG!!!*

Crowd: “OOOOooohhh...”

DT: OH, NO, NOBODY HOME!! Rocko Daymon's shoulder went RECKLESSLY CRASHING right into those steel steps as Stalker despERAtely got out of the way at the last second!

DM: Daymon is writhing on the floor now, clutching that right arm! That mistake could have cost him EVERYTHING if he's agitated that injury!

DT: That could be it right there! The referee is checking to see if Daymon isn't legitimately hurt... but Stalker SHOVES HIM ASIDE!! Stalker STOMPS AWAY at that hurt right arm of Rocko Daymon with CONTEMPT!!

DM: Doesn't look like Stalker wants this match to END any way other than Rocko Daymon lying unconscious on the ground for ten seconds! The question is... what condition is Rocko Daymon in to continue this match?!

MN: Maybe he'll luck out and pass out from the pain...

DT: Stalker seems to notice the arm... now he's taking ahold of it by the wrist! Stalker, DROPS THE KNEE across the bicep! That could NOT have been good for that shoulder!

DM: Stalker sees the Achilles Heel, and naturally, he's jumping all over it! Without that arm, Daymon is without ANY offense!

DT: And he isn't finished YET!! Stalker YANKS Daymon to his feet using that right arm, and gives it a SHARP TWIST!! Daymon drops to his KNEES, and you can just SEE the pain in his face!!

MN: I couldn't make a face like that if you drove a CAR over my foot!

DM: Stalker knows exactly where to go from here! He shoves those steps aside, and now he's bringing Daymon's arm around the steel ringpost!! He pulls back... AND RAMS THAT ARM RIGHT INTO THE POST!!

DT: Daymon sprawls to the floor in AGONY!! Man, if Stalker has his way, then he's going to mangle that arm beyond all recognition!

DM: Rocko Daymon is incapacitated on the floor... and now Stalker approaches the timekeeper! OH JESUS, he just KICKED the poor bastard RIGHT OUT OF HIS CHAIR!!

Crowd: “BOOOOOOO!!!”

MN: Well, hey, he needed the chair!

DT: Daymon is struggling to get to his feet, using the good left arm to grip onto the apron... but Stalker BOOTS him back to the floor before he can even get footing! Stalker isn't even giving him a chance to BREATH! Here he brings Daymon up again, and he's setting that arm around the steel post... oh, no, what's he got in mind with that CHAIR?!

DM: Stalker WINDS UP... and SWINGS AWAY!!



Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Stalker just CRACKED that chair across the steel post! Man, if Daymon's arm had still been hung up there, that would have been GAME OVER for the former champion!

DT: Rocko's on his feet and on the move, and Stalker SWINGS WILDLY into the air with that steel chair in hot pursuit!! Daymon, DEFTLY backpedaling to keep out of reach... and he rolls back into the ring!

DM: Stalker's in after him, and FINALLY, this match returns to the squared circle! The raging hardcore icon, coming in fast with that CHAIR -- but Daymon GOES LOW, leading that left shoulder right into the abdomen, and THERE'S THE FIREMAN'S CARRY!!

DT: Good move there! Rocko's looking for the side headlock to keep the match on the ground, but Stalker is QUICK to slip away! Stalker, wielding that CHAIR again... NO!! Daymon KICKS the chair out of Stalker's hand! He's doing anything he can to defend himself without agitating that arm of his!

MN: Yeah, but you can tell that he's running thin on ideas right now...

DT: Stalker stepping up with a BIG RIGHT HAND -- NO!! Daymon's RIGHT HAND just SHOT UP and CAUGHT STALKER'S FIST!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: What RESILIENCY!! Daymon, SHAKING HIS HEAD and FIGHTING OFF THE PAIN... and Stalker can only stand in STUNNED DISBELIEF!! All that work on the arm, and Daymon can STILL take whatever he throws at him!

MN: Apparently, all of Rocko's appendages are “UNDYING” as well!

DT: Rocko THROWS Stalker's hand aside... there's the BOOT TO THE GUT... and he FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH THE GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DM: “The Undying” Rocko Daymon is coming back into this match BIG... he POPS back to his feet as Stalker rises in a spinning STAGGER... and BLASTS that maniac with a KNIFE-EDGE CHOP!!

DT: Stalker, KNOCKED into the ropes, bounces back into a SHARP JAB by Daymon... a SECOND... FOLLOWS IT WITH A DISCUS PUNCH!!


DT: JESUS HERMIONE CHRIST, he just BURIED THOSE KNUCKLES into Stalker's FACE!! That damn near knocked him out of his SHOES!!






DT: Stalker's eyes are fluttering... he's COMING TO, but he was OUT COLD for a moment there!




DM: Meanwhile, Rocko Daymon wisely uses this time to rub some feeling back into that right arm. He doesn't want to overwork it too soon in this brawl...

MN: At this point, he should just consider himself LUCKY that he still HAS that arm!


DT: Stalker is finally making an effort to get to his feet... meanwhile, looks like Rocko has FOUND THE STEEL CHAIR!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: Oh boy, looks like it's PAYBACK time!



DT: Stalker's almost up now... Daymon looks at his opponent... looks to the chair... and he just THROWS IT TO THE OUTSIDE!!

MN: WHAT?! Why in the HELL would he do that!?

DM: It's just mano e mano, now! Rocko Daymon wants nothing more than his own BARE HANDS to BREAK his nemesis in the ring!

MN: Stupid move if you ask me...

DT: Stalker is BACK TO HIS FEET... but Daymon meets him with a KNEE right to the midsection, right before whipping him to the ropes!

DM: Stalker in motion... comes back with Daymon waiting for the lariat -- BUT HE DUCKED IT!! Stalker keeps moving, and he goes off the ropes again... STIFF SHOULDER BLOCK puts Daymon to the mat!

DT: Back into the ropes goes Stalker... HOPS over the grounded Rocko Daymon as he's in the motion to rise... Stalker off the other set of ropes... here comes Rocko with that RIGHT HAND -- no wait, Stalker REVERSES with an ARM DRAG!!

DM: And he transitions right into an armbar, again working that sensitive right arm! It's surprising to see some actual WRESTLING ability in Stalker for once, as opposed to just random chairshots and DDTs all over the place!

MN: Right, Dean, like an ARMDRAG is really going to do the job in a LAST MAN STANDING match!

DT: Let's remember, there are no rope breaks or disqualifications in the Last Man Standing match-up... and while Stalker may not be able to win by tap out, he's left Rocko no choice but to escape that hold on his OWN POWER, which may prove difficult and costly! And with that questionable shoulder of his... there's no telling WHAT damage can be done in this situation!

DM: Stalker's wrenching away at the wrist of Rocko Daymon, but he doesn't quite have that shoulder cinched in with his legs. Hardcore icon, but hardly a technical aficionado, I suppose! Daymon is able to get to his side... now trying to get some footing, working quickly to escape the hold! Every second Stalker twists away, he does more damage, slowly grinding away at that shoulder socket!

MN: Man, this crap is boring! When are they going to start hitting each other with chairs non-stop for five minutes straight?!

DT: Daymon's BACK on his feet, and now Stalker tries transitioning to a standing position... no, Daymon REVERSES with an arm wringer, flipping him over onto his back! Rocko follows through with the ELBOW into the sternum!

DM: Stalker's clutching his chest in PAIN... and now Rocko's going to the TURNBUCKLE! High-risk maneuver coming up, with Daymon going to the second rope... COMING OFF... AND HE NAILS THE KNEE DROP ACROSS THE FACE OF STALKER!!

DT: “The Undying” Rocko Daymon is PUTTING IT TO his arch-nemesis here tonight in Sin City! Stalker looks to be OUT, and the referee is beginning the ten count once again!







DM: Daymon paces around on his side of the ring like a caged animal... just watching, and WAITING!




DT: ...Stalker is showing SIGNS OF LIFE now! He rolls over onto his hands and knees... probably trying to remember where he is...

MN: I have a feeling he has that problem a lot in life.



DM: This is getting SERIOUS now!

DT: Stalker hears the count, and he's forcing himself to MOVE!




DT: He's UP!!

MN: Oh, but I bet he'll wish he WASN'T here in a moment!

DM: Rocko Daymon advances... but Stalker SLIPS OUT OF THE RING!

Crowd: “BOOOOOO!!”

DT: Daymon has Stalker ON THE RUN!!

DM: These fans may disapprove, but Stalker knows where his strengths are! He's going to bring this fight back into HIS territory, and Rocko Daymon has no choice but to follow!

MN: The classic tragic idiot hero... walking blindly right into his downfall.

DM: Daymon is in quick pursuit to the outside! He isn't going to give Stalker even a SECOND of rest! Here comes Stalker around the corner to get away, but Daymon is GIVING CHASE!! I get the feeling Stalker's LEADING HIM somewhere!

DT: Stalker SKIDDING to a stop at the barricade... spins around... AND HE CATCHES THE CHARGING ROCKO DAYMON with a BACK BODY DROP OVER THE BARRICADE and INTO THE CROWD!! Oh boy, things can get REALLY dangerous here!

MN: Time for security to earn that paycheck!

DM: Daymon pulls himself off of that unforgiving concrete floor as the security officials try to hold the fans back at a safe distance... here's Stalker, perching himself on the GUARDRAIL now -- AND COMES OFF WITH A DIVING LARIAT that catches Rocko right in the throat and sends him back to the floor!

DT: The brawl has now spread into the ringside seats, and there's no telling WHAT might happen among all of those bodies! But what should concern Rocko Daymon the MOST right now is the overwhelming abundance of CHAIRS in Stalker's vicinity!

DM: Stalker picking up a chair NOW as Rocko Daymon rises to his feet, but Rocko's got his BACK TO HIM!! LOOK OUT, ROCKO!!




DM: ...and ROCKO JUST SHRUGS IT OFF!! Daymon turns to Stalker, who's already looking to STRIKE AGAIN!!!


Crowd: “OOOOOHHHHH!!!!”


MN: Jeez, is he the MAN OF STEEL now or something?!

DM: Stalker standing in disbelief, and Daymon is RAGING... Stalker with ANOTHER chairshot -- !!




DT: RIGHT ACROSS THE BACK OF THE HEAD!! GOOD GOD!!! How much can Rocko Daymon TAKE of this?! Daymon on his hands and knees... STILL trying to rise!!


DM: And Stalker just UNLOADS ON HIM!!! Man, it's like he's trying to POUND HIM completely into that concrete using that chair!

MN: If Rocko's got any brain cells left, he might as well STAY down at this point!

DT: I'm at a complete loss of words right now! NO human being should go through this kind of punishment... I don't care WHAT he's done!

DM: Daymon is OUT!!







DM: It was smart thinking on the part of Stalker to take this match back to the outside, in his natural territory! He's got all those potential weapons at his expense, and he's perfectly willing and able to pick up anything that isn't nailed down if it can make a nice, sickening THUD against Rocko Daymon's head!

DT: Stalker's still got that chair in hand, looming over the fallen body of Rocko Daymon... and meanwhile, the referee continues to COUNT! Is Daymon GONE?!





DT: He's showing SIGNS OF LIFE! God, how can ANYBODY come back from that!?

DM: I don't know, but Stalker's got that chair held ready and poised for another strike the moment he gets to his feet!

MN: Oh man... BATTER UP!



DT: Daymon is UP --


DT: -- and RIGHT DOWN AGAIN as Stalker PASTES HIM with that steel chair in his hands! Daymon FLAT ON HIS BACK... and the ref starts the count AGAIN!









DT: Looks like Daymon is trying to get to his feet AGAIN... but Stalker hasn't even MOVED from where he's standing!

DM: At this point, every time Rocko gets up, Stalker is going to TAKE HIS HEAD OFF with that chair!



DT: Daymon is UP NOW --







DT: I'm sure Stalker is perfectly willing to stand there ALL NIGHT and crack Rocko Daymon over the head with that chair until he finally CAN'T get to his feet anymore!

MN: Man, with a name like “The Undying”... that could take ALL NIGHT!





DM: Still nothing out of Daymon... but with the way Stalker's been wailing away at his cranium with that steel chair, I’m hardly SURPRISED!

DT: Stalker CROWS with triumph as he holds up the chair... and the ringside fans are letting him HEAR IT!!



DT: Rocko is coming to... but Stalker's got his attention turned AWAY from him right now, instead jawing with some of those ringside fans just a few feet away from the action!

DM: I think somebody called him “GARBAGE WRESTLER”, and he took a bit of offense to that! But hey, when over HALF of your offense is swinging a chair into the other guy... can you really argue with him?!

MN: Somebody get that drunk asshat out of the arena and back into the casino where he can gleefully throw away his hard-earned money...




DM: Rocko on his hands and knees now... he's gotta HURRY though!

DT: OH MAN!! That rowdy fan just THREW HIS DRINK into Stalker's face! Stalker LUNGES FOR HIM, but there's a WALL of security and other fans blocking the way!

MN: Oh buddy, shouldn't have done that! Now YOU'RE getting a chair to the face!

DT: Fans and security are working together to keep Stalker from ripping that fan's HEAD off! Meanwhile... Rocko Daymon has MADE IT TO HIS FEET, and Stalker DOESN'T SEE HIM!!

DM: He got TOO COCKY!! Stalker, finally turning back to his opponent... SWINGS A WILD CHAIR, but hits nothing but the AIR as Rocko Daymon DUCKS the shot! Stalker spins around again, holding that CHAIR HIGH -- AND HE RUNS STRAIGHT INTO A POWERSLAM -- !!!


Crowd: *POP!!!*


MN: You know, people pay GOOD MONEY for those seats, and these guys are RUINING their experience!

DM: Daymon still looks like he's shaking the effects of those repeated CHAIR SHOTS to his head... but something is forcing his body to keep moving, as he now strips the beaten Stalker off the pile of mangled steel chair!

DT: Stalker is in too much agony to defend himself... Daymon with a standing leg head-scissor... LIFTS STALKER UP OVER HIS SHOULDER!! OH MAN, HE'S GOT HIM IN THE CRUCIFIX HOLD!!

DM: What does Rocko Daymon have planned HERE?! Stalker finally realizes what's happening, and he's trying to SQUIRM FREE... but he's TOO LATE!! Rocko Daymon with a CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB -- !!



MN: Forget keeping him down for TEN SECONDS... Rocko Daymon is trying to CRIPPLE that maniac!

DM: Daymon is FROTHING with anger as the referee begins the ten count...





DT: And DAYMON breaks the count by moving in and bringing Stalker back to his feet on his own! He's TIRED OF WAITING! Rocko tells the security and the brimming crowd of ringside onlookers to move aside... and just RUNS STALKER STRAIGHT INTO A GARBAGE CAN!!

DM: Put a big ol' DENT in the side of that trash barrel! Rocko Daymon is really showing he can scrap with the best of Stalker!

MN: Am I the ONLY one that sees the irony in these two guys wrestling around a TRASH CAN?!

DT: Daymon running in for a KICK... but Stalker QUICKLY grabs the garbage can and uses it as a SHIELD!! Daymon is KNOCKED OFF BALANCE, and that gives Stalker the opportunity to scramble to his feet!

DM: The ever-resourceful Stalker slips out of another jam... but Rocko quickly moves in to intercept him! NO!! Stalker with a LOW running shoulder block... and he just KNOCKED ROCKO BACK INTO A BUNCH OF FANS and SECURITY GUARDS!!

DT: Daymon is tangled up in a mess of bodies, and meanwhile, Stalker tries to make an escape to the upper levels, climbing the guardrail to reach the stairs -- no, HE'S PERCHING HIMSELF ON THE RAIL!!



DM: DID I JUST SEE THAT?! WAS THAT STALKER THAT JUST PULLED THAT OFF!? Christ on a stick, the ringside seating area has turned into a GODDAMN WARZONE!!

MN: And we are going to have lawsuits out the ASS!! But if we're lucky, we can pin a few on New ERA as well...

DT: Both men are laid out, and what's LEFT of the security detail are plucking the fans off the floor to make sure none of them are seriously hurt! That freaking RECKLESS MANIAC!!

DM: Stalker clearly doesn't give a damn WHO gets hurt! Any man on a decade-long revenge trip clearly can't be THAT rational!


DT: God, what a mess there in the ringside seats... meanwhile, both competitors appear to be OUT!! Could THIS BE IT?!








DM: Looks like STALKER is going to make it... slowly plucking himself off his back and biting back the PAIN coursing through every inch of his body!

DT: Daymon, meanwhile... STILL unresponsive!





DT: And now DAYMON rolling over... hearing the count, and pushing himself to STAND!!

DM: Having a little trouble, it seems! He put his weight on that right arm and just about COLLAPSED! I think whatever Stalker just did only moments ago may have been the tip of the iceberg for that right arm!



DT: Daymon, using his LEFT arm... groping for the GUARDRAIL now! HURRY UP, Rocko!!




Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: ...AND HE'S UP!! But the right arm is TOAST! Forget his career... how is he going to survive this MATCH?!

DT: Stalker making a BEELINE for the former champion... and BOTH MEN SPILL OVER THE GUARDRAIL with the RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!! Daymon lands HARD on the injured right arm and HOWLS in agony!!

DM: Oh wow, he looks to be in REAL bad shape...

MN: Gee, ya THINK, Dean?

DT: Daymon is still favoring that arm as he tries to get to his feet... Stalker pulls him up the rest of the way, and rolls him right back into the ring! At least this match is going back in between the ROPES instead of among our ringside FANS!!

DM: Stalker is about to follow, but first, he's going back for the timekeeper's chair that was thrown from the ring earlier! The hardcore strategy he brought with him to this Last Man Standing match hasn't failed yet, and now with his opponent potentially MAIMED, he's going in for the kill!

DT: Rocko Daymon is having trouble getting to his feet with the help of the ropes... and now Stalker reenters his side of the ring with that chair in hand! I don't know how many more times Daymon can take a CHAIR to his face before he starts sustaining some seriously PERMANENT damage!

MN: Too late for that, Dave! The guy already walks around thinking he's INVINCIBLE to everything a man can possibly throw at him! Anybody who acts like that HAS to be suffering from brain damage...

DM: Stalker has that chair set up in the middle of the ring now... we ALL know what's about to happen now!!

DT: Oh, this could be BAD for Rocko Daymon! Daymon is back up, but here comes STALKER!! He pushes him off the ropes...

DM: Daymon runs by the chair on the first pass, but here he comes for the RETURN --


Crowd: “OOOOHHH...!!”


MN: Have a SEAT, buddy... the HARD way!

DM: Perfect execution on the part of Stalker... hitting that Drop Toe Hold slightly SHORT, causing Daymon's forehead to catch the very LIP on that steel chair!! Daymon is a BLEEDING MESS in the middle of the ring now... and I think he may be OUT OF IT!!









DM: I think Stalker may have finished things right there! Although we've still got a few more counts to get through...

DT: I've personally seen Daymon come back from much WORSE...




DT: Daymon is STIRRING... he's ROLLING OVER now! He could be COMING TO!

DM: But he's only moments away from seeing his CAREER finished if he doesn't make it to his feet SOON!

Crowd: “ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!!”




DT: Daymon... pushing himself to his HANDS AND KNEES!! Oh wow, his right arm just GAVE OUT there!!

MN: He hardly has the STRENGTH to GET UP at this point! Somebody just put him out of his MISERY already!




DM: Daymon up to ONE knee now... checking his forehead and seeing the blood! Stalker, meanwhile, has that CHAIR READY for just as Daymon rises!

MN: So either he stands up and gets his HEAD knocked off... or he stays down and willingly GIVES UP on his career! MAN, I love these “damned if you do, damned if you don't” scenarios!

DT: Rocko is ALMOST UP...




DT: ...and HE MAKES IT!! Oh man, he was only a COUNT AWAY from being retired!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DM: No time to rest easy, cause here comes Stalker, SWINGING THE CHAIR -- OH, BUT ROCKO DUCKED IT!!

MN: SWING, battah!!

DT: Stalker SPINS around... and HE GETS STUNG IN THE FAST WITH A LEFT JAB!! There's ANOTHER!! Stalker being MOVED BACK now as Daymon uses that GOOD arm to FIGHT BACK!!

DM: Good move by Rocko! Stalker didn't even SEE IT COMING... and OH MAN, he just BLASTS Stalker with a LEFT-HANDED RUNNING LARIAT that sends him OVER the ropes and into the adjoining ring!

DT: Finally, Daymon separates himself from Stalker and the steel chair still clutched in the madman's hands... even if it's only temporary... but wait a second, Daymon taking NO TIME to rest... he BOOSTS HIMSELF TO THE NEAR TOP ROPE!!

DM: Stalker's still fumbling to his feet... he rises, just as ROCKO DIVES OFF WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK -- !!


Crowd: *POP!!!*


MN: What the hell was he trying to do just now?! Use the chair to DEFEND HIMSELF?!

DM: I don't know, but that DARING attack just knocked Stalker UNCONSCIOUS!!









DT: Daymon finally has the opportunity to rest up, leaning against the ropes... he looks like he's in an UNIMAGINABLE amount of pain right now!

DM: That arm could be dislocated... broken... he could have torn an ACL... we just don't know right now, Dave. But if Stalker keeps coming back for more, he's only going to put himself more at risk!


MN: Speaking of people coming back for more...

DT: Oh boy... Stalker COMING TO now... he's got five more counts!






DM: Stalker on his hands and knees, but he looks legitimately stunned and disoriented! Man, that dropkick knocked Stalker into next TUESDAY!

MN: Lucky him! The casino down the block has half-off slot machines on Tuesdays!



DT: Stalker... trying to RISE... but he STUMBLES!!

DM: Oh, this going to be close!




DT: Stalker, reaching for the ropes... PUSHING with everything he's got...



MN: Oh, but just barely...

DT: The fans let out a sigh of dismay... but Stalker stays ALIVE in this Last Man Standing match!

DM: Rocko stepping up to continue... but Stalker SEES the left hand coming this time! He counters with a boot to the gut --



DM: FLOWING DDT FACE-FIRST INTO THE CANVAS!!! That was PURELY OUT OF DESPERATION, but it was EXACTLY what Stalker needed to stop the momentum of Rocko Daymon dead in its tracks!

DT: That could have been IT right there!! Both men lying MOTIONLESS on the mat now...









DM: With all the blood loss and the excruciating circumstances of this match... I'd be hard pressed to believe if EITHER of these men had the energy to continue!

DT: Stalker showing signs of life... now trying to get to his feet! He'll make it, but still NOTHING out of the former World Champion!






DM: Wait a second... Rocko Daymon is showing SIGNS OF LIFE!! My God, he's close enough to the ropes that he can actually MAKE IT!!

DT: Stalker can hardly believe it! Daymon, grasping for the ropes, trying to PULL himself up!


Crowd: “ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!!”



MN: No, you idiot, use BOTH arms!!

DM: He can't use the right arm, Neels...

MN: Oh yeah, I forgot...



DT: Daymon is ALMOST UP!! Can he MAKE IT!?



MN: You know, strangely... I'm not surprised.

DM: They don't call him “The Undying” for nothing! Stalker is FURIOUS at what he sees, and now he's accusing the ref of counting too slow!

MN: I wouldn't say he was SLOW, but he was definitely being dramatically hesitant!

DT: Stalker is looking to FINISH THIS for once and for all! He's setting that chair FLAT in the center of the ring...

DM: I see where THIS is going, and it doesn't look GOOD for Rocko!! Daymon's on his feet, but he's HARDLY able to defend himself! Stalker takes a handful of his hair and leads him over to the chair now... going for ANOTHER EVENFLOW --



Crowd: *POP!!!*


DM: That weapon of his came back to haunt him! Daymon with a chance to TURN THIS AROUND now... he's STALKING THE STALKER now by measuring his distance in the corner and preparing to STRIKE!! Stalker getting to his feet and clutching his spine... turning around -- AND DAYMON SPEARS HIM OUT OF HIS SHOES!!!

MN: Speared him clear into the OTHER RING!!

DT: HOLY TORPEDO!! Rocko Daymon fired out of that corner like a HUMAN BALLISTA, and it nearly BROKE STALKER IN HALF!! Stalker is taking a BARRAGE of HARD LEFT HANDS to the face, just busting him open even MORE!!!

DM: Right arm be damned, Daymon is a MAN ON FIRE here tonight!! Bringing Stalker to his feet now... and DUMPS what's left of the bleeding and bruised maniac into the corner! The fans CHEER!! They know THIS IS IT!!!

DT: Rocko is drawing back for distance... Stalker has been pummeled into a DAZE!! Daymon PUMPS THE FIST and CHARGES IN...


MN: Thoroughly PANCAKED!!!

DT: Stalker falls FLAT to the mat, and Daymon PUMPS UP THE CROWD!!

Crowd: “ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!!”

DT: THIS IS IT!! Daymon PICKING UP the motionless form of Stalker off the mat... goes for the DOUBLE-UNDERHOOKS... and THERE'S THE BRAIN RO -- err, no! Daymon STRAINING to lift the weight of Stalker, but... can't seem to manage it with his ARM the way it is!

DM: That right arm is SHOT, and there's no way he can pull off that facebuster without the use of BOTH arms!!

MN: Man, if he blows it here, he's NEVER going to outlive it! This is like the story of his entire career!

DT: Daymon TRYING AGAIN... NO!! He WINCES IN PAIN and drops Stalker after lifting him only a few INCHES!! I don't think there's enough left in that arm that he can pull it off!

DM: Stalker ESCAPES with the BACK BODY DROP!! Daymon TOOK TO LONG, and now Stalker's SNAPPED BACK INTO THIS!!




DT: The TENACITY of ROCKO DAYMON!! Stalker in caught off guard in surprise, and Daymon WHIPS his leg around! Quick one-toed spin by Stalker, who runs right into a boot to the gut, and --


DT: SOMEHOW, SOME WAY, Rocko Daymon was able to MUSTER UP THE STRENGTH and UNLEASH THE FURY OF THE BRAIN ROCKER!! That must have been UNIMAGINABLY PAINFUL for him to pull off, but that may have very well been the NAIL in the COFFIN for Stalker!







DM: Daymon still has risen off the mat, still holding that right arm of his. Who knows what kind of permanent damage he's sustained at this point! Win or lose this match, I'm not sure if he HAS a career either way at this point!

DT: Signs of life out of Daymon, but nothing yet from Stalker...







DT: Daymon finally snapping to and getting up... and Stalker rolling over now! He looks OUT of it!!

DM: Stalker is weakly crawling for the ropes! He doesn't even have the strength to STAND at this point!




DM: Daymon is to his HANDS AND KNEES... and Stalker's fingers are just BARELY grazing the bottom rope!

DT: Both men's CAREERS are on the line! It is IMPERATIVE that one of them makes it to their feet! Daymon's getting close, but Stalker may not make it!




DM: Daymon is UP!! He just POPPED TO HIS FEET!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: Hard to believe in spite of all the pain and bloodshed he's gone through in this war, he's STILL standing strong!! Stalker, meanwhile, reaching for the MIDDLE rope...





DM: OH WOW!! THIS IS IT!! But Stalker... lunging for the ropes AGAIN in DESPERATION!!!


*TE --*


DT: MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST WITNESSED!! In a final moment of despERAtion, Stalker reached up, grabbed the top rope, and just YANKED himself back to his feet at the VERY LAST SECOND!! Stalker is up, but STUMBLING against the ropes!!

DM: He's STILL out of it!! I think it was merely INSTINCT that told him to reach up and PULL with all the strength he had left! Unbelievable as it may be, Stalker SURVIVES just a bit longer... but now he is at the whim of Rocko Daymon to be finished off!

DT: Daymon looking around the ring now... he looks to the fans, and points to... HE POINTS TO THE NEW ERA COMMENTARY TABLE!!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

MN: Oh, THANK YOU for choosing their table!! I think New ERA's production crew makes them out of asbestos and fiberglass, come to think of it...

DM: Daymon is looking to send Stalker into the ninth circle of hell with STYLE!!! Daymon bringing Stalker to his feet, and... wait a second, he's leading him over to the TURNBUCKLE?!

DT: What is going on here... wait, Daymon going up top now! He CAN'T be thinking of what I'm THINKING he's THINKING OF!!

MN: I think that he thinks he is! ...wait, WHAT?!

DM: Daymon on the TOP ROPE... looking RIGHT AT THAT UNOCCUPIED COMMENTARY TABLE!! Oh man, the New ERA commentary crew is going to be PISSED when they get back from their coffee break!!

DT: Daymon HOOKS THE ARMS of Stalker... lifting him up for a TOP-ROPE BRAIN ROCKER --


Crowd: “BOOOOOOO!!!”




Crowd: “BOOOOOOO!!!”


DT: Stalker's got that hold CINCHED IN around the damaged RIGHT ARM of Daymon, and Rocko is HOWLING in agony and pain!!!

DM: That was the SAME MOVE that forced Rocko to tap out and lose the New ERA of Wrestling's World Heavyweight Championship to Shawn Hart, and by the look of that form... I'd say that Stalker was studying some of Hart's TAPES!!

DT: Unlike that match, there are NO tap outs here tonight! Daymon can only POWER his way out, but clearly, he can't fight off THIS pain! Stalker is TWISTING RELENTLESSLY at his wrist, just GRINDING that shoulder in the socket!!

DM: Daymon is... wait a second, Daymon stops moving... I think... yes, HE'S OUT!! ROCKO DAYMON HAS PASSED OUT FROM THE PAIN!! It was just TOO MUCH FOR HIM!!

DT: God, he was only SECONDS AWAY from finishing of Stalker! Stalker now FINALLY breaking the hold... and the referee BEGINS the count!










Crowd: “ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!!”

DT: The fans are trying to rally behind the ONLY man to ever be World Champions of both Empire Pro and New ERA! But Daymon, showing NO signs of life! Even STALKER is having trouble getting to his feet!

DM: Stalker's taken QUITE the beating in this match... and now with the help of the ropes, tries to pull himself back to his feet...






DM: Stalker is UP... but STILL no signs of life out of Rocko Daymon!


MN: For his sake, he better HOPE that's it!




MN: ...is he DEAD?!

DM: NO, he's still breathing... but with only three moments away, there's NO WAY he can make it back now!

DT: Come on, Rocko!





DM: Daymon trying to ROLL OVER and PUSH HIMSELF UP...









[CUE UP: “Did My Time”. Victorious, Stalker falls into the ropes with his arms thrown into the air! Daymon lies stunned on the mat, looking lost and absolutely shocked without words.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... the WINNER of this match... and LAST MAN STANDING... ST --

[Without warning, Tony Fatora is cut off. Stalker, having sprung to the outside, discourteously RIPS the mic out of his hand.]

Stalker: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Crowd: “BOOOOOOO!!!!”

DM: I guess we're going to get words from the winner...

DT: Oh, geez...

[Snarling, Stalker rolls back into the ring and gets to his feet.]

Stalker: LISTEN UP, you ungrateful bastards, and LISTEN WELL!!

[His eyes are WILD as he glares into the audience.]

Stalker: All my LIFE, you misERAble pieces of shit have LOOKED DOWN ON ME... SPAT ON ME... called me WORTHLESS... called me GARBAGE... called me a FREAK or a PSYCHO!! And yet all I've EVER BEEN is a reflection of your all the dirty sins and vices you like to do but never talk about!


Stalker: You all thought I was CRAZY... but as it turns out... I'M THE ONLY ONE IN THIS FUCKING ASYLUM THAT'S SANE!! I came out here tonight and did what NOBODY ELSE in this industry COULD do!!

[He points back to the corner where the ref and medical staff are still tending to the injuries of Rocko Daymon.]

Stalker: I KILLED the very man that claimed he COULDN'T DIE!!

DT: Would somebody cut this maniac's mic already?!

Stalker: TONIGHT... I did the very thing I promised I would do! I ENDED ROCKO DAYMON'S CAREER!!

Crowd: “BOOOOOOOO!!!”

Stalker: TONIGHT... it doesn't matter if you came to support Empire Pro or New ERA!! Wherever you hang your hat, TONIGHT is your last chance to gain a glimpse of professional wrestling's BIGGEST FARCE!!! TONIGHT will forever bear the memory of MY CONQUEST!! TONIGHT -- !!

[He is abruptly cut off and spun around by... ROCKO DAYMON.]



Crowd: *POP!!!*

MN: Hey, I know he was knocked out, but did anybody let him know the BELL RANG?!

DM: Rocko Daymon is giving Stalker a PARTING MEMORY!! Stalker is backed into the corner, and Daymon RELENTLESSLY POUNDS AWAY AT HIS FACE!!!

DT: The combined EPW and NEW officiating teams tries to pry him, but he SHAKES THEM AWAY and continues to PUMMEL STALKER INTO THE MAT!! Now he's STOMPING FURIOUSLY AWAY AT HIS FACE!!! Daymon is trying to STOMP THE LIFE OUT OF STALKER!!

MN: Man, what a sore loser... I mean, yeah, Stalker was kind of trashing him there, but that's what you GET when you lose!

DT: Daymon FINALLY backs off and stomps away from the broken remains of Stalker, leaving the medical staff to tend to HIM now! You can call it cathartic, or --

DM: Wait a sec, he's COMING BACK FOR MORE!! Daymon SHOVES the medics aside and brings Stalker with him UP THE TURNBUCKLE NOW!!!


Crowd: “ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!!”

DT: I guess Rocko Daymon is NOT LEAVING THIS ARENA until he puts Stalker through a TABLE!!

DM: Well, if he's leaving behind his career, he might as well leave behind a CORPSE as well!

MN: Come on, he doesn't have the power left in that right arm to do ANYTHING at this point. Bet you five bucks he blows it.

DT: Daymon hooking the arms... LIFTING STALKER UP OVER HIS SHOULDERS...

DM: Five bucks, Neels.

MN: I hate Vegas...



Crowd: *POP!!!*


[The combined officiating team quickly hurries over to the site of the crash and pulls pieces of the table away to reveal both men laid out amid the wreckage. Daymon looks slightly stunned, but quickly shakes it off and JUMPS back to his feet to draw a POP from the crowd!]

MN: I think Rocko Daymon has gone the way of Stalker, cause he is just freaking CRAZY!! Somebody call the PADDY WAGON and get this nut out of here!

Crowd: “ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!! ROCK-O!!”

DM: I believe the medical officials are calling in a stretcher for Stalker. It might be... oh, you've gotta be kidding me...




DM: Rocko DUMPS Stalker right on TOP OF THE TABLE!! Guys, I think it would be a good idea to clear out!!

DT: I'm with you there, Dean-O!

[Dave and Dean simultaneously drop their headsets and run clear. Neely lingers, coming to his feet and continuing to plead. Daymon hops onto the commentary table and lifts Stalker up into a standing head-scissor, pumping his FIST to the fans again!]

MN: Oh, FUCK this!!

[Neely drops his headset and jumps out of the way. Daymon hooks the arms... lifts Stalker up... and DESTROYS THE EPW COMMENTARY TABLE by putting Stalker through it with and over-the-shoulder version of the BRAIN ROCKER!! The fans POP TREMENDOUSLY as Daymon rises to his feet and pumps both arms into the air.]

[Before leaving the unmoving body of Stalker to the medic staff, Rocko visibly SPITS ON HIM and walks over to the ring to retrieve the mic dropped earlier.]

Daymon: Ladies and gentlemen... announcing the WINNER of this match...

[He gestures over to Stalker as he is being lifted onto a stretcher. The camera zooms in on his face to show that he IS conscious, though groaning and in a phenomenal amount of pain.

Daymon: ...Stalker...

Crowd: “BOOOOOO!!!”

[Stalker is led back up the ramp strapped to the stretcher. Daymon raises the mic again.]

Daymon: And now... announcing the LAST MAN STANDING...

[His free arm -- ironically, his RIGHT arm -- pumps up into the air.]


[The fans POP TREMENDOUSLY! Both members of EPW and NEW's ring crews move in to move the rest of the destroyed tables and replace them with new ones. Daymon makes his way up the ramp to the back, stopping for a final time to grace the fans a last image of him on the stage with his right arm held high in the air, then exits through the curtain.]


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Kenneth Williams (EPW) vs Steve Burke (New ERA)

(The cameras glide across the crowd. The fans, still buzzing from the Career vs. Career match, now see the New ERA announce team, Nick Jive, Tom Gheorghe, and Dean Julius, pop up on the big screen. After a quick pop, New ERA announcer Jamie Links steps into the ring.)

GHEORGHE: “We are just moments away from this next match, guys. “Mr. Old School” Steve Burke will be taking on Empire Pro’s Kenneth Williams. But first, can I just say … wow?!”

JIVE: “Rocko Daymon is gone! He’s gone!! The former New ERA World Heavyweight champion.. gone!”

GHEORGHE: “But not without taking Stalker down with him first … wow.”

JIVE: “You know who I feel bad for? The EPW announce table. It’s been destroyed THREE times tonight! Ours hasn’t been destroyed that match!”

GHEORGHE: “You’re incredible, you know that? Daymon loses a hellacious bout against Stalker .. and all you care about is the damn announce table.”

JIVE: “What?”

GHEORGHE: “Ugh. As I just said, we’ve got Kenneth Williams and Steve Burke coming up next..”

JULIUS: “Burke had a tough, tough loss earlier today at Destrucity II against Jeff Jorgenson and Mr. Entertainment… Williams lost even earlier today against Michael Bastard in the other triple threat at Aggression 50 .. so both men want to regain some momentum.”

JIVE: “Momentum? This is about representing your home turf. Burke and Williams have never been in the ring with one another. They’re both pretty damn new to both Empire Pro and New ERA … this is all about the glory. Screw momentum!”

GHEORGHE: “Well, a victory here tonight will certainly do wonders… let’s head up to Jamie Links and get this match started!”

(Camera cuts to the ring. Links stands there.)

LINKS: “The following match … is scheduled for one fall … and has a THIRTY MINUTE time limit! Introducing first…..”

(CUEUP: “Kingdom Come” by Jay-Z. One half of the crowd pops while the other jeers.)


(The music pounds through the sound system like Kimbo Slice punching a punching bag. The camera pans back to the entrance stage to see Kenneth Williams walk onto the stage. Williams raises a fist to the air, and swings it back to his side as flames erupt from both sides of the ramp.)

LINKS: “Hailing from Savannah, Georgia…. He stands six foot two and weighs 240 pounds….. KENNETH …….. WILLIAMS!”

(Williams walks down the ramp to ringside. He makes his way onto the apron, and climbs over the second rope. The heir to the Williams legacy slides his leather duster off his body and throws it at the ref. Afterwards, he climbs the turnbuckle and begins to strike the trademark “STAR” pose, aka he shapes his hand like a diamond. Williams hops off the turnbuckle pad and waits for Burke.)

GHEORGHE: “Williams certainly coming to the ring with a lot of swagger.”

JULIUS: “Doesn’t look like his loss earlier tonight has affected him mentally.”

LINKS: “And his opponent….”

(CUEUP: “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Ennio Morricone. Once again, half the crowd pops while the other jeers.)

LINKS: “Representing NEW ERA of WRESTLING…..”

(The slow build of Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy of Gold” fills the building… slowly a fog begins to envelop the stage. As the vocals begin, a spotlight shine down, and a robed Steve Burke appears. He begins to make his way down to the ring, as the music continues to build.)

LINKS: “Originally from Limerick, Ireland, although he maintains many, many homes around the world … he stands six foot one and weighs 230 pounds …. “MISTER …. OLD SCHOOL…..” STEVE BURKE!”

(Burke walks up the ring steps, wipes his feet, and climbs into the ring, where he poses for the crowd, before taking off his robe, and shooting a glare at his opponent.)

GHEORGHE: “Burke looking over at Williams.”

JIVE: “It’s a battle of the egos right now. There may be two rings out there right now .. but I don’t even think THAT could contain both of these men!”

(SFX: Bell rings!)

GHEORGHE: “The bell has sounded and this match is officially underway!”

JIVE: “Steve Burke not ready to go quite yet!”

GHEORGHE: “Steve Burke putting up a hand telling Williams to wait while he fixes his boot!”

JULIUS: “Kenneth Williams doesn’t seem to hap…. OH, there we go.”

GHEORGHE: “Williams charging in and just sent a forearm right into the jaw of Steve Burke!”

JULIUS: “Burke is still going on about his boot!”

GHEORGHE: “Williams taking Burke to the ropes … and he runs his head right across the top! Steve Burke holding his forehead … and Williams from behind yanking Burke by the neck .. and he sends him to the mat!”

JIVE: “Kenneth Williams not giving Burke any chance.. he’s right back on him!”

GHEORGHE: “Mr. Old School trying to cover his face as Williams drops to the mat on top of him … Williams is wailing away! He is drilling those palms right into the side of the head!”

JIVE: “This isn’t fair! Steve Burke is a world-class wrestler. Williams is a brute!”

GHEORGHE: “Kenneth Williams raising his arms up and .. NO! BURKE WITH A POKE IN THE EYES!”

JULIUS: “Williams let his adrenaline get the best of him … Burke grabbed the opportunity by the balls!”

GHEORGHE: “Burke now trying to push Williams off him .. and Burke now making his way to his feet!”

JIVE: “Burke is up, but Williams is back up, too.”

GHEORGHE: “Mr. Old School trying to shake out the cobwebs, and here comes Williams! Kenneth Williams grabs Burke and yanks him in for the short-arm clothesline! BUT BURKE DUCKS UNDERNEATH! Burke grabbing Williams’ head from behind .. and he drops him with the neckbreaker!”

JULIUS: “Williams quickly losing steam. He needs to kick it up a notch if he plans on going move for move with Burke.”

JIVE: “He needs to kick it up a notch? Whose side are you on, Julius?!”

GHEORGHE: “Burke grabbing the leg of Williams … and he’s locking on the figure four! Burke .. Burke has it locked on!”

JIVE: “Tear a ligament!”


JIVE: “What?”

GHEORGHE: “Burke has the figure four locked on tight … and … HE’s GRABBING THE BOTTOM ROPE!”

(SFX: Huge jeers.)

JIVE: “Burke will win this by pure talent!”

GHEORGHE: “If by talent you mean cheating!”

JIVE: “And I do.”

GHEORGHE: “Williams in a TON of pain .. and Burke releases the bottom rope right as the referee turns around!”

JULIUS: “Take out Williams’ mobility and you take away any chance of a victory.”


JIVE: “The referee caught him!!”

GHEORGHE: “Burke continuing to add the pressure .. and the referee is threatening him with disqualification if he doesn’t release! The fans are jeering and Burke … Burke isn’t releasing!”

JULIUS: “The referee counting him … he’s at four … and finally “Mr. Old School” releases the hold!”

JIVE: “The damage has been done though… and New ERA is three seconds away from walking away with a victory!”

GHEORGHE: “The fans here at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in store for so many great matches here tonight at Sin City Showdown .. and Steve Burke and Kenneth Williams have so far given them an intense bout!”

JIVE: “Burke on his feet and he just drove his boot into the knee of Williams. I love it.”

GHEORGHE: “Burke reaching down and bringing William….. KENNETH WILLIAMS WITH A LOW BLOW DOUBLES OVER BURKE!”

JULIUS: “And the crowd, both EPW and New ERA fans alike, felt that one.”

GHEORGHE: “Kenneth Williams grabs the head and brings Burke down with the DDT! Williams tosses the arm over… ONE ……………. TWO ………… KICKOUT!!!”

JIVE: “If Williams won this match I would have shot myself.”



(SFX: Crowd chants “LET’s GO KEN-NY, LET’s GO!”)

JIVE: “What the hell?”

JULIUS: “They must have heard you, too!”

JIVE: “Oh this is messed up.”

GHEORGHE: “Kenneth Williams on his back, as is Steve Burke …”

JULIUS: “Both men taking this time to get a breather..”

JIVE: “If Burke comes out with a victory tonight, that could propel him into the Television championship scene. He had a tough loss earlier.. but showing his ability to bounce back would certainly impress LaRoque.”

GHEORGHE: “I agree, Nick.”

JIVE: “Yea, he’s a sucker for things like that.”

GHEORGHE: “Burke rubbing his temples as he sits up … and Kenneth Williams trying to push his way to his feet!”

JIVE: “But Burke is getting up first!”

GHEORGHE: “Williams still feeling some of the effects of that figure four … and Steve Burke standing … no .. Burke against the far ropes … he comes back … AND GRABS WILLIAMS’ HEAD FROM BEHIND AND HITS THE BULLDOG! Burke spins Williams on his back … ONE ………… TWO ………. THREE—NO! Williams getting out at the last second!”

JULIUS: “Steve Burke thought he had it .. he asked the referee if he was positive.”

JIVE: “Don’t worry, Steve! It’s coming soon.”

GHEORGHE: “Burke back on his feet … and he stands over Kenneth Williams…. WILLIAMS THOUGH KICKS HIS LEG INTO BURKE’s GRO… NO!”

JULIUS: “Burke caught Williams’ leg! And he’s flipping him over!”

GHEORGHE: “Steve Burke …. He has the single leg crab locked on! Kenneth Williams caught once more in the submission!”

JIVE: “And maybe this time he’ll get it right and just throw in the towel!”

GHEORGHE: “The referee making sure he keeps an eye on BOTH men this time … he doesn’t want Burke to try to sneak in added pressure.”

JULIUS: “Steve Burke leaning ALL the way back.. he better not go back and further or else he may just tumble backwards!”

JIVE: “And hopefully snap Williams’ legs in the process.”


JULIUS: “Mr. Old School with one arm up in the air … whether or not he’ll have his arm in the air at the end of this match is another story.”

JIVE: “What has Kenneth Williams shown us?”

JULIUS: “He’s a fighter.”

JIVE: “He’s a cheat. Nothing like slamming a guy in the Johnson…”

GHEORGHE: “… and Burke’s poke in the eye earlier? The holding the ropes?”

JIVE: “Oh please! The poke in the eye was an accident! And Burke wasn’t holding the ropes ... he was merely stretching .. he noticed that the rope was out of place and was probably trying to snap it back.. or tighten it … or something.”

GHEORGHE: “Your lies get worse as the day go on, Nick.”

JIVE: “I’ve been in this arena for the past 6 hours .. cut me some slack.”

GHEORGHE: “The referee not getting any response from Williams .. and Steve Burke now realizing that Williams won’t be tapping any time soon…”

JIVE: “You really thought Burke cared if Williams was going to tap?”

GHEORGHE: “Well there was the added benefit of the toll it took on Williams’ back .. but yes.”

JULIUS: “Something …. Looks up.”

GHEORGHE: “Burke walking around the ring with a huge smirk on his face… I think HE thinks that this match is in the bag!”

JIVE: “Bring home the victory, baby!”

GHEORGHE: “Steve Burke bringing Williams to his fee…. SMALL PACKAGE!!! ONE ……….. TWO ……….. THREE!!! HE GOT HIM!! KENNETH WILL….”

JIVE: “No no no!! Burke got the shoulder up!!”

GHEORGHE: “Did he?! HE DID!”

JULIUS: “And Burke is NOT happy!! He just popped to his feet and is driving those boots into the face of Williams!”

JIVE: “Now who’s the MMA master, *****!?”

GHEORGHE: “Steve Burke dropping to the mat … and he is drilling Williams with open hand shots!”

JULIUS: “Williams was looking for the upset ….. and now he’s paying for not getting it.”

JIVE: “Look at Burke go! He’s a man possessed!”

GHEORGHE: “Steve Burke finally hopping to his feet … AND … HE’s CALLING FOR IT!”

JULIUS: “I think Burke’s had enough of Williams’ antics…”

GHEORGHE: “Mr. Old School bringing Kenneth Williams to his feet … Burke with some last minute words before driving a knee into the gut! And Steve Burke brings Williams UP and DOWN with the powerbomb!!!”



JULIUS: “And Kenneth Williams wasting NO time in tapping!! Steve Burke has won this match!!!”

(SFX: Bell rings.)

LINKS: “The winner of this match …. Representing NEW ERA of WRESTLING …..”

(CUEUP: “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Ennio Morricone.)


JIVE: “Score one for New ERA!”

GHEORGHE: “Congratulations go out to that man right there.. Steve Burke bouncing back from his loss earlier tonight in the #1 contender’s match at Destrucity II and getting a convincing victory over a tough challenger from Empire Pro.”

JULIUS: “Burke walking right over the body of Williams .. not even giving him a second thought as he exits the ring.”

GHEORGHE: “Ladies and gentlemen … this is SIN CITY SHOWDOWN …. And we’ve got another battle right around the corner … not to mention tonight’s main event … the WAR GAMES match .. five men representing Empire Pro … five men representing New ERA …. It’s going to be killer. Let's send this to the EPW team for our next match .. as Copycat takes on Golem!"


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Copycat (EPW) vs Golem (NGEN)

DT: Our next match should be a doozy.

DM: These two men have never faced one another before. Hard to believe in this day and age considering both of them have been around the block a few times.

MN: Golem most recently had a run in the WFW:NE. But since that experiment went down faster than Lindsay Troy on management, he’s now representing NGEN here at Sin City Showdown.

DT: I don’t know much about Golem aside from the fact that Copycat personally wanted this match. Whenever the Cat wants something, he gets it.

MN: Whenever anyone in Anthology wants something, they get it!

DT: I guess you’re right, Mike. Let’s send this to Tony Fatora and get the ring introductions under way!

[MUSIC UP: “The Day The World Went Away” by Nine Inch Nails. Golem comes through the curtain, drawing a chorus of boos from the crowd.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall… Making his way to the ring from Death Valley, weighing in at 236 pounds… GOLEM!

DT: These two men have spent a long time waiting to have it out, and now at Sin City Showdown they’ll finally clash.

MN: I don’t know much if anything about Golem, and Copycat’s awesome… So I’m just going to warn you guys I might be a little bias here.

DM: We’d notice the difference how?

[Golem hits the ring and begins stretching out with the top rope, awaiting Copycat’s appearance. After a few seconds Golem’s music fades out. CUEUP: “My Way” by Butch Walker. Copycat steps out onto the ramp way with a cocky swagger. He walks to the ring with a big smirk on his face. ]

TF: And his opponent, from Kalamazoo, Michigan, weighing in at 286 pounds… One half of the EPW World Tag Team Champions… COPYCAT!!!

[Copycat hits the ring, the ref waits for a moment and then calls for the bell.]

DT: And we’re underway as Copycat bull rushes Golem into the corner and now gives him a couple knees to the mid-section. Golem just LAUNCHED out of the corner by Copycat, who got some serious elevation on that hiptoss.

DM: Copycat’s rarely the smaller man in the ring, and tonight he enters the ring with a nearly 50 pound advantage over his opponent. Golem really needs to avoid getting caught in close with Copycat or he’s going to pay dearly.

DT: Copycat now plucks Golem off the mat and hooks him up… BIG SUPLEX! Golem sent crashing to the mat. Copycat gives the crowd an arrogant sneer before putting the boots to Golem.

MN: Copycat is just toying with this guy, the way a cat toys with a mouse… Maybe we should re-name Golem something more rodent like… Seems accurate.

DT: Golem now sent to the floor by Copycat, who follows him out of the ring. Copycat grabs Golem and drops him THROAT FIRST over the railing! Golem drops to the floor clutching at his neck in agony!

DM: Absolutely no mercy being shown here by Copycat, who’s clearly sending a message to Golem and everyone in both New ERA and Empire Pro that he, means business.

DT: Copycat re-enters the ring and tells the ref to count Golem out, normally I’d think a count-out win would be kind of cheap, but given the damage Copycat’s done to this point I’d be hard-pressed to claim he doesn’t deserve this win by whatever means he gets it.

DM: The ref is already up to six, Golem slowly stirring now.


DT: Golem now on his knees leaning against the apron.


DT: Golem slides into the ring! He breaks the count at eight! His reward is being kicked in the ribs a couple times by Copycat… Cat now gets Golem to his feet, Golem sent CRASHING to the mat from a BACK SUPLEX! Copycat with a cover!




DT: Golem powers out after a two count, Copycat quickly sinks a nerve hold into the shoulder of Golem, grinding his weight into the smaller man.

MN: Copycat might be a giant of a man, but he’s also no dummy, he knows how to wrestle better than almost everyone in both companies, that’s what makes him so deadly.

DT: You are just a living breathing ad campaign for everyone in Anthology aren’t you Neely? Golem trying to get to his feet to ease some of the pressure off his shoulder…. He spins into Copycat and catches him off balance with a series of right hands… Copycat staggers and Golem off the ropes… GETS CAUGHT… SHOULDERBREAKER BY COPYCAT! COPYCAT WITH THE COVER!




DT: Golem again kicks out, and now gets trapped in an armbar for his troubles. Cat wrenching that arm, really putting the abuse to Golem who’s thrashing in the middle of the ring, trying to find a way out of this hold.

DM: You can feel this match just slipping away from Golem, he hasn’t managed to get anything going since the opening bell.

MN: Slipping away? Cat’s ripped it away from him!

DT: Golem back to his feet… Ducks under, and gets a hammer lock Copycat… Copycat whips a back elbow at Golem, who ducks and drops down… JAWBREAKER! Copycat clutches at his jaw and takes a kick to the gut… DDT BY GOLEM!! GOLEM WITH A QUICK COVER!!




DT: Copycat powers out at two… Golem stalking, kicking away at the big man as he struggles to his feet. Copycat is up… Gets rocked by a clothesline… Golem off the ropes… DROPS COPYCAT WITH A LEG LARIAT!

DM: Golem has managed to string together some offense and has turned this match around just when it looked like everything was lost.

MN: He’s gotten lucky with a few moves, I wouldn’t go ranting and raving about how great he is just yet.

DT: Golem picks up the staggering Copycat and bashes his head into the turnbuckle. Cat on rubber legs and he’s whipped to the other corner… Golem charges… RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT FROM COPY CAT… WHO RUSHES OUT OF THE CORNER AND BOWLS OVER GOLEM WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK!

MN: See! I told you, this Golem just had his luck run out!

DT: Copycat now glaring down at Golem, who looks to be half out of it… Copycat pulls him to his feet, he sets Golem up…HE’S LIFTED HIGH INTO THE AIR… LITTERBOMB!!!! COPYCAT PLANTED HIM!!! HE COVERS!!




[SFX: Bell rings, CUEUP: “My Way” by Butch Walker. Copycat pops to his feet, raising his arms over his head, a dismissive smirk on his face.]

TF: The winner of this match… COPY!!! CAT!!!!

DT: Copycat scores an impressive win over Golem here at Sin City Showdown.

MN: Impressive?! Dominating, crushing, devastating! We need to get Dan Ryan on the phone and tell him to get that drunk Fuse or the goth-tard off the EPW team for Wargames and get Copycat in there!

DT: I don’t think that’s happening Neely, but any way you slice it Copycat is leaving Las Vegas as a winner!

MN: I’m bringing him to the tables with me later.

DT: I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.. but up next we’re going to send you to the New ERA squad for our next bout .. Michael Bastard and Jonathan Marx .. it’s an on the fly change in the lineup .. and it should be a helluva match.


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
MMA Rules: Michael Bastard (EPW) vs Jonathan Marx (SWIFT)

(CUTTO: The New ERA of Wrestling commentary team are seated behind the table.)

GHEORGHE: “Thanks, Dave.. Well ladies and gentlemen, we’re just about ready to move to our impromptu contest in light of the changes made to the event’s line-up.”

JIVE: “‘Changes?!’ WHAT changes!?”

JULIUS: “It was announced at the beginning of the show, Nick...”

JIVE: “Was it?! I don’t remember any announcements...”

GHEORGHE: “That’s because you were at the crap tables at the time, throwing away yet another paycheck. Anyway, the lineup has been changed from its original print.”

JULIUS: “Basically, John Doe, Omega, and Y2RR didn’t show up for the Sin City Showdown. Three Pay-Per-Views were evidently more than they could handle in the course of a single day...”

JIVE: “Sounds like they had the right idea. I’d HATE to call a match that includes a guy with the name ‘Why-Too-Are-Are’. Is he a droid from Star Wars or something?

GHEORGHE: “Anyway, it’s been arranged that the two men that DID arrive at the arena tonight—Michael Bastard and Jonathan Marx—will compete against each other in a special MMA match.”

JIVE: “...‘MMA?’ Does that stand for ‘More Moves Allowed?’”

JULIUS: “No, Nick, it’s Mixed Martial Arts. This should be an interesting match, given Jonathan Marx is currently undefeated in SWIFT MMA, and involved in the match to decide the company’s first champion. I don’t know much about Michael Bastard, but I’m told he’s a rookie in Empire Pro with a penchant for brawling.”

GHEORGHE: “These two men have never crossed paths before tonight. But right now, we’re about to witness a contest between veteran and rookie.”

JIVE: “You guys mind waiting a few minutes while I run to the back and put a couple hundred down on the veteran?”

JULIUS: “Sit down, Nick...”

(CUEUP: “All Secrets Known” by Alice in Chains. Michael Bastard, clad in sweatpants and wifebeater, appears on the stage and promptly makes his way down the ramp to the ring, accompanied by the Amazing Logan. Logan plays up to the crowd while Bastard’s eyes fixated on the ring ahead of him.)

JIVE: “What did you say this kid’s name was again?”

GHEORGHE: “Michael Bastard out of Empire Pro.”

JIVE: “His last name is ‘BASTARD?!’ Seriously... who goes around being call that!?”

JULIUS: “Bastard’s come to Sin City Showdown undefeated in his fledgling wrestling career, but we’re talking about an entirely different sport here.”

GHEORGHE: “From what I’ve been told, he likes to brawl, and he’s nigh resistant to pain... so I don’t think he’ll have any problem settling into an MMA environment.”

(The referee checks him over briefly for foreign objects before he removes his shirt and enters the ring, pacing around in place impatiently. CUEUP: “The Touch” by Stan Bush. Following the extensive lightshow and song intro. As the drums kick in, ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx appears on the stage, bearing a SWIFT t-shirt, along with Brandon Jacobs and other members of Team Marxism. After playing up to the fans in attendance for a bit, he heads to the ring, escorted by his entourage.)

JIVE: “The world of professional wrestling was dealt a SERIOUS blow the day Jonathan Marx decided to pick up a pair of fingerless gloves and jump onto the Mixed Martial Arts bandwagon...”

JULIUS: “I disagree. Marx accomplished in wrestling what most men in the industry can only DREAM about doing themselves. But now he’s bringing his competitive spirit to conquer an entirely new sport.”

GHEORGHE: “‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx was a prolific professional wrestler and former two-time World Heavyweight Champion in New ERA of Wrestling. His work over in SWIFT has shown just as much success, as he is currently undefeated, and in the finals of the tournament to determine the company’s first Light Heavyweight Champion.”

JIVE: “And he deserves to be their champion, on account of just who he IS! I could care less about the other losers in SWIFT’s employ...”

(The ref checks him over, and after removing his shirt and getting some final confirmation from his team members, he hops into the ring, running a quick lap and loosening himself up. In the opposite corner, Michael Bastard watches him intently from his stool while the Amazing Logan rubs down his shoulders. Jamie Links, standing in the middle of the ring, raises the mic to begin the announcements.)

LINKS: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a MIXED MARTIAL ARTS competition that will be divided into three five-minute rounds! In the case that both men survive all three rounds, it will come to our panel of judges to determine the winner. Introducing first... fighting out of Flint, Michigan, and representing Empire Pro Wrestling... weighing in at 228 pounds... HERE IS... MMIIIICCCHHAAAAEEEELLLL BBBAAAAASSSTTTAAAARRRDDD!!!”

(A few pockets of EPW fans cheer to show their support to Bastard, who doesn’t break his gaze from his opponent.)

LINKS: “And his opponent... fighting out of Princton, New Jersey, and representing Team Marxism of SWIFT Mixed Martial Arts... he weighs in at 203 pounds, and is the former TWO-TIME NEW ERA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... HE IS... ‘GENTLEMAN’... JJJJJOOOOONNNNAAAAATTTTHHHAAAAANNNN MMMAAAARRRRXXXX!!!!”

(Marx pumps his fists into the air, earning a respectable pop from his fans. Links clears out of the ring leaving the two competitors and the referee.)

GHEORGHE: “This should be an interesting fight!”

JIVE: “I’m more interested in what the FANS think. They came to see WRESTLING... not Brazilian-Wax-Jutsu!”

JULIUS: “Actually, Nick, the people of Las Vegas LOVE MMA matches!”

GHEORGHE: “I think we’re about ready to get this one under way!”

(Both men get into fighting positions. The ref asks both of them if they are ready, and when they confirm that they are, he waves for the bell.)


GHEORGHE: “There's the bell to mark the beginning of the first round! Both men out of there corners now... and Michael Bastard doesn't waste ANY time throwing the first couple punches!”

JULIUS: “Marx goes on the defensive... Bastard with another set of jabs, but he can't get a clear shot! Quite the enthusiastic start from this rookie talent.”

GHEORGHE: “Bastard's got control of the center of the ring... he throws a BIG hook out there, but Marx NARROWLY avoids it thanks to his footwork!”

JIVE: “This kid's just blindly throwing punches left and right, but the former NEW World Heavyweight Champion is HARDLY stupid enough to walk into an all-out brawl! Jonathan Marx will sit back and wait for his opponent to make a mistake...”

JULIUS: “Marx is being backed into the corner now... he better hope Bastard makes that mistake soon! Bastard steps in—QUICK flurry of punches before Marx slips out! It looked like that last one connected on the jaw of the wrestling veteran...”

GHEORGHE: “Michael Bastard may be proving to be a bit more aggressive than Jonathan Marx had anticipated...”

JIVE: “That damn bastard...”

JULIUS: “Bastard's looking for the quick knock out, but Marx isn't going to give himself away that easily! Marx continues to play defensively, studying Bastard's every move for the slightest slip or hesitation...”

GHEORGHE: “Bastard throws out another jab—but it's DUCKED by Jonathan Marx, who quickly looks for the TAKEDOWN—OH!! Good sprawl by Michael Bastard!”

JIVE: “More like LUCKY Bastard!”

JULIUS: “Bastard is on his toes, preventing Marx from hooking the legs and whipping him to the ground. Bastard is showing an obvious affinity for striking, and I have to wonder if he's doing that to purposely avoid taking this fight to the ground...”

GHEORGHE: “It's too early to judge the technical abilities of Michael Bastard at this point in this... wait a second, Bastard going for some ELBOWS to the upper back of Jonathan Marx!”

JULIUS: “OH!! Just caught him in the jaw with a knee strike! Marx could be in trouble here as Bastard tries to apply the clinch... but he slips out of the rookie talent's grip and throws a few furious hooks to keep him at bay!”

GHEORGHE: “A good defensive stand made by the young Michael Bastard, ensuring that he doesn't end up on his back!”

JIVE: “Yeah, where all it would take is a quick three seconds, and it's OVER!”

JULIUS: “...Nick, there are no pinfalls in MMA.”

JIVE: “What, SERIOUSLY?! What kind of freaking barbaric bloodsport are we watching here?!”

GHEORGHE: “Bastard's got control of the center of the ring once again... and there he goes with a BIG ROUNDHOUSE KICK to the—NO!! Marx CAUGHT IT and counters with the SWEEP!!”

JIVE: “Oh, he's just going to eat that kid ALIVE now! The BASTARD is on his back, trying to kick Marx away... but he goes WIDE with the left, and Marx POUNCES ON HIM!!”

JULIUS: “OH MAN, Marx just BURIED HIS FOREARM into the face of Michael Bastard on his way down! Marx is looking for the mount, but Bastard clutches the back of his head and wraps his legs around his waist...”

GHEORGHE: “He's got a good looking guard there, and now he's trying to pound back at Marx with a couple of shots to the temple, but he can't get enough force behind them... Marx, meanwhile, trying to cross that left leg and get a better position!”

JULIUS: “Bastard knows that he'll be in serious trouble if Marx gets the full mount, and he keeps his legs wrapped around the mid-section of Marx... but now Marx trying to RISE—OH MAN!!”


GHEORGHE: “Bastard's got to make a move, or the ref's going to stop this, but Marx appears to be—oh wait, Bastard just caught his right arm—AND HE COUNTERS WITH A TRIANGLE CHOKE!!”

JULIUS: “HE'S TRYING TO LOCK IT IN, and now MARX is despERAtely trying to pull himself free! Bastard's got a good grip on his wrist though, and now he's using those legs to try and SQUEEZE THE LIFE out of Jonathan Marx!!”

JIVE: “Marx is trying to slip out, but... DAMN, that is one clingy bastard! I've seen the former NEW World Heavyweight Champion tap out to MUCH WORSE though!”

GHEORGHE: “Marx trying to stand... and he PICKS UP MICHAEL BASTARD with him!”

(SFX: *BAM!!*)

JULIUS: “OUCH!! He just DRIVES HIM DOWN right on the back of his head, and that was enough for Bastard to break the hold!”

JIVE: “FINALLY! Dang, I've been waiting FOREVER for one of these guys to slam the other! A suplex, a spinebuster... hell, ANYTHING!”

JULIUS: “You won't see any of that here, Jive. Just two men and their wits and their strength duking it out.”

JIVE: “...man, MMA is boring.”

GHEORGHE: “Tell that to these FANS, giving both fighters a good reaction as they rise to their feet and get ready to continue!”

JULIUS: “Michael Bastard is definitely showing that he can hold his own in this match. I thought when Marx had him on the ground, this one would have been over shortly, but Bastard found a way to counter his way out of it.”

GHEORGHE: “Bastard's pressing forward once again, leading with his right fist—but Marx DUCKS, and tags him in the CHIN with a quick uppercut!”

JIVE: “That left the BASTARD reeling, and now Marx comes in for the kill—”

JULIUS: “NO!! Bastard caught him with an INSIDE SPINNING BACK-KICK, and that caught Marx square in the abdomen! Marx is WINDED... and Bastard follows through with a SPINNING BACK-FIST!!”

GHEORGHE: “JEEZ!! That caught Marx right in the TEMPLE, and he STUMBLES TO THE MAT!! This could be it RIGHT HERE!”

JIVE: “The BASTARD moves in for the kill, but Marx is almost INSTANTLY to his feet and ties him up!”

GHEORGHE: “That may have been out of despERAtion by Marx, but I don't blame him! If Michael Bastard had scored one or two more blows, he would have gone out like a light!”

JULIUS: “Marx still looks a little dazed from that back-fist, and now Bastard presses him up against the ropes, trying to get a knee in, but he can't—”


GHEORGHE: “And there's the end of round one...”

(The fans let out a very loud and supportive reaction to both athletes as the referee breaks them apart and they go to their respective corners.)

GHEORGHE: “Quite an action packed first round!”

JIVE: “‘Action packed?!’ What the hell are you talking about Tom!? I'm BORED OUT OF MY SKULL here!”

JULIUS: “You'd rather see a fight where two guys struggle weakly on the ground for three minutes until the ref finally gets bored and breaks it up? For an MMA contest, this is actually quite a heated battle!”

JIVE: “Mixed Martial Arts has gotta be the most boring sport in the history of sports, then. No slams, no high-flying maneuvers... not even a simple HEADLOCK!”

GHEORGHE: “I'd like to see you get in there with either of those men and show us what a REAL fight should be...”

JIVE: “I ain't gonna do that, Tom, because I'm a SPECTATOR... not a competitor. And right now, I don't like what I'm spectating... even IF Jonathan Marx is somehow involved in it! This is BELOW the former NEW World Heavyweight Champion!”

(In his corner, Marx is being given advice from Brandon Jacobs as the medics check him over for damage. Across the ring, Amazing Logan gives his protege some reassurance.)

JULIUS: “If I had to choose, I'd give that first round to Michael Bastard. He came out pretty aggressive, landed some good shots... even managed to whip out a submission hold while he was on his back and in a bad position.”

GHEORGHE: “Could we be looking toward an UPSET here tonight? Could the young rookie Michael Bastard overcome SWIFT's main attraction and the former NEW World Champion? Round two is only a couple seconds away...”

(Both men rise out of their corners and get in fighting stances. The ref asks if they are ready, and cues the bell.)


JIVE: “Both men step out of their corners... and hopefully, Marx can get something GOING here in this next round.”

JULIUS: “Bastard steps up, and he's SWINGING AWAY yet again! This round may begin just like the first... Marx playing it defensively, and Bastard occupying the center of the ring.”

GHEORGHE: “OOH... Bastard caught him with a jab right there, but Marx just shakes it off! Bastard SWINING AWAY with a left hook—AND MARX COUNTERS WITH A TAKEDOWN!!”

JIVE: “That was just what Marx was waiting for! That kid is so punch-happy, he was bound to screw up at SOME point!”

GHEORGHE: “Bastard is on his back once again, and Marx quickly crosses over the left-leg into the half-guard! Bastard could be in a precarious situation here...”

JULIUS: “There won't be a triangle choke attempt THIS time as long as Marx straddles that leg! Both men are tied up on the ground, and Marx uses the opportunity to lay in some FOREARMS into the face of Michael Bastard!”

JIVE: “Marx, attempting to get the full mount... and if he gets by Michael Bastard's legs, it will be ALL OVER for the rookie wrestling talent!”

GHEORGHE: “But Bastard's making the best out of his situation, using his legs to hook the right leg of Jonathan Marx... preventing him from getting into a more effective position!”

JULIUS: “Marx, using that forearm again—OH!! But Bastard CAUGHT HIM with a stiff punch to the face before both men tie up once again!”

JIVE: “He's a stingy little BASTARD... but Marx is still the man on top, and therefore, the man in control! Of course, if this had been a REAL match, it would have been OVER by now, because that kid's shoulders have been on the mat for MUCH LONGER than three seconds!”

GHEORGHE: “This is MMA, Nick. This is as REAL as it GETS!”

JULIUS: “Marx's attempts to advance his position are going nowhere... and now he rises up to put some FISTS into the face of Michael Bastard!”

JIVE: “I think this one is IN THE BAG! The BASTARD can do little more than cover up and hope for the best at this point, but Marx just redirects his punches to the side of his head!”

JULIUS: “Marx is trying to move those arms aside... no wait, he TRANSITIONS INTO A JUJI-GATAME—but Bastard SLIPS OUT at the last second!”

GHEORGHE: “Marx SLAPS the mat in frustration before he gets to his feet! He was going for the kill there with that armlock, but instead, he freed the legs of Michael Bastard and gave him the chance of escape!”

JIVE: “If he can't make him tap or knock him out... he'll surely win by points.”

GHEORGHE: “Both men back to their feet... and you can see that Marx is getting a little flustered with his opponent!”

JIVE: “Do you blame him? He's on the verge of being SWIFT's FIRST major champion, and here he's having trouble with this rookie BASTARD!”

JULIUS: “Marx may be loosing his cool, but these fans are just now HEATING UP, giving both men a VERY resonant reaction as the fight continues! Marx steps in and throws a few wild punches that Bastard blocks!”

GHEORGHE: “Marx might be trying to fight back with a little aggression of his OWN now! Bastard backs up, and both men tie-up against the ropes!”

JIVE: “Marx is trying to hook those arms and trip him back to the mat... but the BASTARD won't go down without a fight, trying to punch those kidneys! Marx fights back with a couple KNEES to those ribs!”

JULIUS: “Marx has been in good control of this second round thus far, and there's still a few minutes to go before the bell. No doubt, he knows he can finish this before then, but as long as Bastard keeps him tied up, he won't get the chance!”

GHEORGHE: “Marx is digging his head under Bastard's arm and hooking the leg... now doubt trying another takedown attempt... but Bastard is fighting it!”

JIVE: “Perhaps the rook realizes now that he can't win this on the ground! If you ask me, he can't win it on his FEET either, with how reckless he is!”

JULIUS: “Marx is GOING FOR THE SWEEP... NO!! Bastard manages to stay on his feet, locking up the arms of the former NEW World Champ and sprawling himself out!”

GHEORGHE: “Now he's FIGHTING BACK with a KNEE to the chest of Jonathan Marx! That may have stunned Marx a little, as... wait, Bastard CLINCHING THE BACK OF HIS HEAD!”

JULIUS: “MUAY THAI KNEE STRIKE to the face... THERE'S ANOTHER!! Oh man, I think that last one ROCKED Marx!”

GHEORGHE: “Marx is REELING... Bastard releases him from the clinch—AND THERE'S THE TAKEDOWN!! Bastard scores one of his own, and now MARX is the one on his back!”

JIVE: “That's a position he's RARELY seen in, I should point out... but it's of little consequence. Marx is just as dangerous from THAT position as he is in any other!”

JULIUS: “Michael Bastard nearly knocked his head off with those knee strikes, and he may just finish Marx off if he can get the mount! Bastard moving those legs, but Marx has a TIGHT grip right around his waist!”

GHEORGHE: “That guard is IMPOSSIBLE to cross, but Bastard keeps trying anyway... wait a second, Marx caught his HEAD... I think he's got him IN A CHOKEHOLD!!”

JULIUS: “I think you're RIGHT, Tom! Marx is attempting a GUILLOTINE CHOKE!! He's got the legs squeezing down on Michael Bastard's ribs, but I don't think he's got the forearm completely locked in!”

JIVE: “The twitchy BASTARD has his HAND in the way, despERAtely doing whatever he can to prevent the former New ERA World Heavyweight Champ from clamping down on that windpipe and choking him out!”

GHEORGHE: “We could be MOMENTS AWAY from a finish here! If Bastard can't break out, then—wait, Marx moves that hand aside! MARX HAS THE CHOKE APPLIED!!”

JULIUS: “You can see Bastard's entire body TENSE UP as the pain sets in! But... he's not tapping yet! I don't know how much longer he can last before he blacks out!”

GHEORGHE: “‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx went from being on his back in a bad position to being just seconds away to victory by submission... but Michael Bastard is REFUSING to give in!”

JIVE: “Now he’s a STUBBORN Bastard.”

GHEORGHE: “The ref checks on him to make sure he’s still conscious... still awake, but probably not for much longer! Hold the phone... Bastard’s digging his feet into the mat! Holy hell, he’s trying to STAND UP!”


(SFX: *BAM!!*)

GHEORGHE: “OOOHH MAN, Bastard just SLAMS Marx to the mat! Marx lost his grip, and Bastard SLIPPED OUT!! He just ESCAPED a GUILLOTINE CHOKEHOLD!!”

JULIUS: “Marx, meanwhile, lies stunned on his back, and here comes Bastard trying to JUMP ON HIM and punch away, but the veteran keeps him back with some KICKS from on his back!”


GHEORGHE: “There’s the bell to mark the end of round two... and the ref has to JUMP IN to split these two up! This fight is getting REALLY intense now!”

JULIUS: “Both men go to their corners, and Marx looks a little more satisfied.”

JIVE: “He should be. That was a DAMN fine round! I think he’s finally figuring out this BASTARD’s moves!”

GHEORGHE: “Michael Bastard has survived two rounds against the former World Champion and undefeated SWIFT MMA competitor. Is this going to come down to a decision?”

(Shots of both men in their corners shows Logan trying to give Michael Bastard some advice while he stares daggers across the ring. Marx looks relatively cool and collected as Brandon Jacobs dabs him down with a towel and gives him some verbal support.)


JULIUS: “I think the Las Vegas fans are quite pleased by the way this spur-of-the-moment MMA match is turning out, and I’m liable to agree with them!”

JIVE: “Five more minutes of this, and we can get back to the wrestling... where everything isn’t as FAKE as what I’m seeing right now!”

GHEORGHE: “Nick, you are beyond all help...”

(Both men rise as the referee checks if they are ready, then cues the bell.)


JIVE: “Round Three... FIGHT!!”

GHEORGHE: “I’m no MMA judge, but I feel these two men are NECK and NECK right now in terms of points!”

JULIUS: “This is what it all comes down to! This time, Marx throws the first series of punches, pushing Bastard back to the outer perimeter!”

JIVE: “He’s got him on the run now! I hardly think this kid knows what to do with himself at this point! Anything he tries is just going to force him back into yet another submission hold!”

GHEORGHE: “SIDEKICK connects into the ribs of Michael Bastard! That mid-section has taken some punishment over the course of this fight, and you have to wonder if that’s affecting his conditioning...”

JULIUS: “Here’s ANOTHER kick by Marx, but Bastard DODGES it by a matter of INCHES—and BITES BACK with a CRESCENT KICK!!”


JIVE: “Marx FIGHTS his way back to his feet and SHOVES the dirty BASTARD off of him! Momentarily stunned, but HARDLY a deathblow!”

JULIUS: “It wasn’t a deathblow, but... it looks like Marx has been CUT OPEN!”

GHEORGHE: “I think you’re RIGHT! That kick opened up a VERY horrible gash right above the right eye, and Marx is just now discovering this!”

JIVE: “WHAT?! ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx NEVER bleeds! That BASTARD is going to PAY NOW!”

JULIUS: “Marx looks FURIOUS as he sees his own blood fresh on his finger tips... and he LUNGES for Michael Bastard! Both men CRASH into each other and just start exchanging HARD rights and lefts like there ain’t no tomorrow!”

GHEORGHE: “Marx just SNAPPED, and now both of these men are COMPLETELY out of control!”

JULIUS: “Bastard now, taking Marx by the HAIR on the back of his head and putting some RELENTLESS ELBOWS to the bleeding face of the former World Champion!”

JIVE: “Come on, hair-pulling is not even allowed in the REAL sport! Tell him to break it up, ref!”

JULIUS: “The ref is telling Bastard to let go of the hair, but the rookie just IGNORES HIM!! Marx FIGHTS BACK with a DELIBERATE LOW BLOW, but both men continue recklessly WAILING AWAY at each other!”

GHEORGHE: “The referee has CLEARLY lost control of this match... and now he’s WAVING TO THE TIMEKEEPER!!”

JIVE: “Oh, what a GYP!!”


(The capacity crowd BOOS for the first time during the match as the bell rings. The Amazing Logan and Brandon Jacobs jump into the ring and pull the competitors apart with the help of the referee. After a few moments of struggle, Marx and Bastard are separated and directed to their corners as the ref confirms the decision with the announcter.)

LINKS: “Ladies and gentlemen... due to EXCESSIVE BRAWLING from both competitors... the referee has declared this match to be a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION!!”

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!”

GHEORGHE: “The fans may not like the decision, but the referee made it out of concern for the competitors’ health.”

JULIUS: “You’re right there, Tom. If he had let the fight continue the way it was going, one or BOTH men could have been SERIOUSLY injured!”

JIVE: “Yeah, well frankly, I can’t remember the last time a WRESTLING match ended because both guys were kicking the **** out of each other too much...”

(Marx is led away from the ring and back up the ramp by members of Team Marxism, who quickly patch up the gash on his forehead. Marx continues to jaw back at Bastard and Logan in the ring.)

JULIUS: “It ended before one man could walk out the winner, but you have to consider this to be a personal victory for the likes of Michael Bastard. I mean, this is a green talent with no MMA training, and he was put up against one of the very BEST this industry has ever produced... and he stood his ground.”

GHEORGHE: “You’re right about that. Bastard managed to escape a number of dangerous situations, and gave Jonathan Marx something to remember him by!”

JIVE: “I’m glad that RAT BASTARD is Empire Pro’s problem and not ours. You can give him all the praise in the world, but in the end, he couldn’t overcome the skill and experience of Jonathan Marx. And if you ask me, he got HIMSELF disqualified when he started pulling the hair!”

GHEORGHE: “All the same, it was a good fight, and the fans seemed to like it up until the very end. Marx has quite a road ahead of him in SWIFT, and time will tell how Bastard takes to Empire Pro. Right now, though, Sin City Showdown continues!”


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Karl "the Dragon" Brown (EPW) vs Mr. Entertainment (New ERA)

JULIUS: “And you guys ain’t going nowhere!”

JIVE: “But .. the tables….”

GHEORGHE: “No, no, Nick. The action is staying right here with us because former New ERA Television champion Mr. Entertainment, coming off a hardluck loss earlier tonight against Jeff Jorgenson in the #1 contender’s match for the Television championship, will take on Karl “the Dragon” Brown.”

JULIUS: “Brown was a stellar performer in Empire Pro .. and he recently returned … this should be a battle.”

JIVE: “Brown is a bore. The fans will be awestruck by Mr. Entertainment .. and in the end, that is all that matters.”

GHEORGHE: “Well, let’s see how right you are, Nick.”

(The camera cuts to the ring where Jamie Links stands. She raises the microphone to her mouth.)

LINKS: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first…

(CUE UP: “That’s Entertainment” by The Jam. Most of the crowd boo as Mr Entertainment steps from behind the curtain into the lone spotlight. Some, however, take great delight in reminding him of his recent record against Jeff Jorgenson. The man from Oregon waves at the people who aren’t booing, slow-hand clapping them. And then they boo)

LINKS: Coming down the aisle, weighing in at two hundred and thirty four pounds, he hails from Ashland, Oregon and is a former New ERA of Wrestling Television Champion…



GHEORGHE: This is one of the most hotly anticipated matches of the night! No championships on the line, no champ versus champ, just two of the longest reigning mid-card champions of all time going at it for the pride of their company!

JIVE: Pride schmide. We get to see Mister Entertainment take out one of the most over-hyped people in the entire business.

GHEORGHE: Their last match was over in the Chad Merritt semi-finals and Empire Pro’s Dragon picked up the win in a hot contest. What can we expect to see tonight?

JULIUS: Honestly it depends what shape they’re in, they both had intense matches earlier today so it could go either way. Brown’s had longer to recover but Entertainment’s tough as they come.

(“That’s Entertainment” fades as the LIGHTS CUT OUT.

CUE UP: “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden. The crowd pop HUGE as the green and white lights strobe across the arena. As the lyrics kick in, “The Dragon” appears in the spotlight, his coat open and eyes glancing over the crowd)

LINKS: From Nottingham, England, he weighs in at two hundred and eleven pounds, and he is a former Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Champion…




GHEORGHE: Hey! Mister Entertainment not even waiting for The Dragon to get to the ring!

JIVE: Welcome to the big leagues, Karl.

GHEORGHE: Entertainment taking it to Brown with right hands on the rampway, he’s got Brown’s coat pulled up so the Dragon can’t see, knee to the gut and he’s just peppering him with punches.

JULIUS: Makes sense to try and take him out early, Entertainment had the triple threat only a couple of hours ago so he’s the less rested.

GHEORGHE: I don’t think that’s why he’s doing this. Bounces Brown’s head off the crowd barrier, Brown’s staggering trying to get his coat off, Entertainment in with a lariat takes Brown down!

JIVE: I haven’t seen Entertainment be quite this vicious since someone got his rider wrong.

GHEORGHE: Kick to the ribs of Brown, he’s picking him up now, jawing with a fan and throws Brown into the barricade.

JULIUS: A kick to the knee by Entertainment, is this match even underway yet?

GHEORGHE: I don’t think so. Entertainment still jacking with that fan, hooks Brown by the head, vertical suplex on the floor!

JIVE: This is going to be a short match!

JULIUS: Looking that way isn’t it?

GHEORGHE: Kick to the spine of the Dragon!

JIVE: And it’s about over.

GHEORGHE: Entertainment grabbing Brown, hoisting him up and driving him back to the ring apron.

JIVE: Hard elbow to the side of the head.

GHEORGHE: But why is he still having a go at that fan?

JIVE: Because he knows he’s going to win. I think that guy flipped him off when he lost earlier.

GHEORGHE: Finally Entertainment going back to Brown.

JULIUS: And The Dragon with a forearm to the head!

GHEORGHE: Brown repeated forearms, Entertainment’s stunned, and The Dragon ramming his head into the ring apron! Rolls Entertainment into the ring, and it looks like we might be able to get this match officially underway.

(In the ring, The Dragon finally gets his coat off showing him in his traditional green and white attire. Mr. Entertainment tries to back off, calling a time-out, but the Empire Pro representative ignores him, kicking him square in the face, before picking him up and taking him over with a vertical suplex)



Kickout by Entertainment and he is not looking so hot after that sneak attack.

JIVE: The match has just started, how can you say something like that?

GHEORGHE: Because Brown’s in control. He’s got the Oregon man up, hard chop to the chest, backs Entertainment in the corner. Irish whip far side, and Entertainment bounces to the canvas!

JULIUS: The Dragon in, drops the elbow and the cover



(Looking to build his momentum, The Dragon quickly picks Entertainment off the canvas, dropping him down with a backbreaker. He elects not to cover, instead hitting the ropes and flying with an elbow drop. Unfortunately for the Briton, Mr. Entertainment moves out of the way, The Dragon hitting the mat hard)

GHEORGHE: Big miss by Karl, and Entertainment’s up quickly – scoop and a slam down.

JULIUS: It’s not often you see Brown make that kind of elementary mistake, and we’ve seen this guy, Mister Entertainment, take full advantage in the past.

GHEORGHE: I think he really wants to take Brown out of action! He’s choking him on the canvas, breaks at four and back to the choke.

JIVE: Brown loves to fly and he’s all about stamina, but hand it to Entertainment – if Karl can’t breathe he can’t win.

GHEORGHE: Entertainment grabbing The Dragon, scoops him off the canvas and slams him down. Follows it up with a boot to the head, and drops into a headlock.

JULIUS: It doesn’t last long though, The Dragon quickly rolls out of it, using the ropes to get to his feet. Entertainment charges in, Brown ducks under the clothesline, runs the ropes

GHEORGHE: And a high-impact flying forearm!



THNO! No. Mister Entertainment with the kickout.

(Quickly getting to his feet, Karl scores with an arm drag. Entertainment rolls out, charging in again, but Brown takes him over with another arm drag. At the third attempt, Entertainment gets a little closer – but still finds himself on the canvas courtesy of a hip toss, which The Dragon follows with a fist-drop)

GHEORGHE: Entertainment seems really, REALLY pissed off! He’s leaving himself open for these quick moves from The Dragon.

JIVE: He’s just trying to give the folks at home a show to ERAse the nightmares of what Chaos was doing earlier. Seriously there’ve been slasher flicks with less gore!

GHEORGHE: Still, Entertainment’s got to calm down or he’s going to end up beaten, badly. Brown has him up, he hooks the head and a snap suplex.



Kickout at two.

JULIUS: And Brown is just not letting up. Brings Entertainment to his feet, Irish whip far side, Entertainment catches the ropes, Brown in up and lands on his feet on the aprons!

GHEORGHE: Entertainment thinks he back dropped him into the second ring! Brown standing there with his arms crossed, Entertainment turns around and a big right hand from the Englishman staggers him! Entertainment stumbles, Brown springboard flying headscissor takedown!

JIVE: And Entertainment wisely rolls to the outside.

GHEORGHE: He tried a sneak attack but ever since he’s been pretty much taken apart by the Empire Pro star.

JIVE: And he’s being totally disrespectful!

GHEORGHE: You mean by sitting up in the corner giving Mr. Entertainment time to get back into the ring fairly?

JIVE: Yup.

JULIUS: Brown’s always had a knack for the mental aspect of the business, and if he can get under his opponent’s skin it’s always to his advantage.

GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment is not liking what some of the fans at ringside are saying! The referee’s up to six on his count, is he going to get back in the ring?

JULIUS: He’s not that irritated yet. He’s still got a plan. Brown’s good at mind games but don’t forget, so’s Entertainment.

GHEORGHE: Our man up to the apron, Brown comes in and Entertainment drops to ringside!

JIVE: Mind games.

JULIUS: Could prove effective.

GHEORGHE: The referee forcing Brown back, Entertainment slowly back in the ring and back to his feet.

(The referee tells the two combatants to get back to the match. Brown tries to, but Entertainment ducks between the top and middle ropes, forcing the Brit back again. Finally, the two men start circling each other, coming together in a traditional collar-and-elbow tie up. Kind of)

GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment with a quick go behind into a waist lock, charges Brown into the corner but Brown blocks the suplex attempt! Could he have been going for That’s Entertainment already?

JIVE: Who knows? Brown with an elbow to the head, Entertainment staggers.

JULIUS: Brown up to the second rope, top rope cross body!

GHEORGHE: And Entertainment still can’t catch a break! The Dragon back to his feet first, Entertainment quickly up with him but The Dragon takes him down with an armdrag and holds it in an arm-bar!

JULIUS: And Entertainment is really starting to look pissed! I saw him backstage before we went on air and he was SCREAMING about his loss to Jorgenson, he really needs the win to settle his nerves.

JIVE: You think Brown was right?

JULIUS: I’m just saying that as good as Entertainment is he’s not been on a roll since losing the TV championship. He needs to snap out of his funk before he snaps.

GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment fighting his way back to his feet, pushing back on the chin of Brown, forcing him back to the ropes. The referee trying to get Brown to break the hold, HEY! Mister Entertainment with a thumb to the eye and a clubbing blow to the back of the neck as Brown released the arm bar!

JIVE: HA! I knew it!

JULIUS: Sets Brown up, gut wrench suplex to the middle of the ring and quickly into a cover.

GHEORGHE: Only a two count though.

(Dragging Brown to his feet by the hair, Mister Entertainment nails him with a right hand before dropping him with a DDT for another two count. The Oregon native doesn’t relent, sitting The Dragon up and punting him in the back, before sprinting to the far side, taking Brown down with a shining wizard!)

GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment with a big move to the head, that’s rocked Brown for sure!

JIVE: And look how he’s pummelling away with right hands!

ENTERTAINMENT: HA! How do like that?!

GHEORGHE: He’s in full voice.

JULIUS: Grabbing Brown by the leg, he drags him over to the ropes. Foot on the bottom rope, up and down with all his weight on the inside of the left knee!

GHEORGHE: That’s the knee Karl’s had surgery on a few times, do you think that’s his big weakness?

JULIUS: I’m not sure it’s a weakness, it’s definitely a weaker part though. Mister Entertainment’s smart to target it.

GHEORGHE: Entertainment with Brown’s leg up again, driving his own knee straight into the knee of The Dragon!

JIVE: And what’s the ref’s problem? This is fine!

GHEORGHE: He’s using the ropes illegally!

JIVE: And? It’s very entertaining.

GHEORGHE: For you possibly. Entertainment turning Brown over, reaching over the top rope and grabbing Brown’s ankle


JULIUS: Now THAT’S a sweet move!

GHEORGHE: Innovative offence from Mr. Entertainment there, somersaulting over the top rope and bending Brown’s knee the wrong way, he could’ve broken it!

JIVE: Ooooh… I hadn’t thought of that. Sweet.

GHEORGHE: You’re sick. Entertainment dragging Brown to the outside, slams Brown’s head off the barricade and a side Russian leg sweep on the floor! Picks him off the floor, rolls him into the ring. Brown’s holding the knee, Entertainment in with a four fifty slingshot!



THNO! I thought he had it but Karl manages to get the shoulder up.

(Unperturbed, the arrogant man from Oregon simply picks Brown up and stuns him with an elbow to the back of the head before shoving the Brit into the corner)

GHEORGHE: Irish whip far side, Entertainment in but Brown gets the knee up!

JIVE: No! Not the perfect teeth!

GHEORGHE: The Dragon charges out, goes for a knee but nobody there, Entertainment fires him into up into the air in the corner! The Dragon with a big miss on the knee lift, and Entertainment with him centre of the ring… PILEDRIVER!

JIVE: It’s ov-ah!

GHEORGHE: A big move by the former TV champion, but why isn’t he going for the cover?

JULIUS: He’s confident and wants the fans to savour his impending victory. At a guess.

GHEORGHE: Wasting valuable time, stands over the Dragon – using his knees to pin the shoulders




No! Kickout by Entertainment! His confidence nearly cost him, The Dragon there with the end of a sunset flip cover!

JIVE: And Entertainment quickly in with a knee to the spine, grabbing the left leg and kicks the knee of the Dragon!

GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment grabbing the leg, somersault hyper extending the knee!



No fall!

(Starting to get agitated, Mr. Entertainment scoops Brown up, slamming him down near the corner and hitting a split-legged moonsault. He only manages another two count, Brown getting his foot on the bottom rope. Entertainment yells at the ref, picking Brown off the canvas and sending him off the ropes, looking for a back drop; but he goes down too early, and Brown counters with a leapfrog. Entertainment turns around, but he’s met with a stiff turning kick to the head!)


JULIUS: What flexibility!

GHEORGHE: But Brown unable to capitalise, he put all his weight on that left knee. He’s leaning against the ropes, Mister Entertainment holding his head on the canvas. Brown slow, but comes in with a legdrop.


No! Easy kickout, he took far too long after that kick to the head.

(Stretching his knee out on the canvas, The Dragon is slow to get to his feet, giving Mr. Entertainment a chance to get up first. The Oregon native takes the opportunity to knee Brown in the head and take him over with a butterfly suplex)

GHEORGHE: Entertainment holding his jaw, I think that kick did a lot of damage, he drags Brown over to the ropes. Leans him back and a stiff reverse knife-edge.

JIVE: It can’t be long now, it’s been all Entertainment for most of this match.

GHEORGHE: Entertainment sends Karl off far side, leap frog on the rebound, leap frog again and woah!

JULIUS: This is the thing with having two rings out here!

GHEORGHE: Entertainment just THREW Karl over two sets of ropes, and The Dragon is inside the second ring set up for Wargames!

JIVE: Entertainment leaning back against the ropes, sprints in, springboard hurricanarana

GHEORGHE: NO! Brown counters into a sit-out powerbomb! The Dragon might very well steal it no, kickout!

(Getting to his feet, The Dragon grabs Mr Entertainment by the head, driving him to the canvas with a bulldog for another near fall. Feeling the momentum shift, The Dragon brings Entertainment back to his feet and sends him into the corner with a standing dropkick. A stiff chop is followed up with an Irish whip and running high knee, causing Entertainment to sink to the canvas in a daze)

GHEORGHE: The Dragon quickening the pace, measures Entertainment and a face wash stomp!

JIVE: What’s he trying to do, take his face off?!

GHEORGHE: The Dragon waiting, Entertainment’s back on his feet, The Dragon from behind Dragon suplex!



THRENO!!! No!! Brown couldn’t hold the shoulders to the mat as Entertainment rolls through!

JULIUS: Hard impact on the back of the head and neck there. Looks like both rings really are legal all night.

GHEORGHE: Both men are back to their feet, Karl in with a right hand to the gut, forces Entertainment against the ropes. Another right hand, Irish whip far side, back body drop!

JULIUS: And the crowd are getting behind the Empire Pro guy!

GHEORGHE: Brown waiting back against the ropes, Entertainment up to his feet, Brown in but Entertainment pulls down the rope and The Dragon flies to the outside and hits the ground hard!

JIVE: And Entertainment shows just why he’s smarter than everyone in this arena.

GHEORGHE: The referee checking Karl’s OK, Entertainment’s taking a breather inside the ring.


GHEORGHE: Brown looks like he hurt his knee on the landing, that’s a solid floor.





GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment heading to the outside?


GHEORGHE: The ref looks like he wants to know why, too, I thought he had the count-out victory in hand, Brown’s barely moved.

JULIUS: Karl pinned him the last time out, I think he wants to truly embarrass Brown for that.

GHEORGHE: Entertainment grabs Brown’s leg, stomps the knee. Brings Brown back to his feet, big scoop and slams him against the apron!

JULIUS: Now that’s going to slip a disc!

GHEORGHE: The Dragon, spine first into the ring apron – AND ENTERTAINMENT’S GRABBED THE RING STEPS!

JIVE: Let him, ref!

GHEORGHE: The referee quickly to the outside, standing between the two wrestlers, I don’t know if this is smart by the ref but it’s the right thing to do!

JIVE: Why?

JULIUS: Because Entertainment would be disqualified otherwise. And I do NOT want to see Brown win by DQ.

JIVE: Or at all really, right?

JULIUS: It’s always better if one of our brightest wins.

GHEORGHE: Entertainment drops the ring steps, and flips off the official! Picking Brown up, but Karl fires him into the ringside barrier!


GHEORGHE: Entertainment holding his jaw, The Dragon scoops him up – SNAKEEYES! SNAKEEYES ON THE BARRICADE! THE DRAGON WAS PLAYING POSSUM!

JULIUS: I don’t know about that but he definitely used the referee’s count and interference to regain some composure.

GHEORGHE: The Dragon’s holding his back, Mr. Entertainment trying to claw his way back to his feet, Brown with a double axe handle!

JIVE: What’s the ref doing?! Why’s he allowing this?

GHEORGHE: After Mr. Entertainment tried to use the steps? Brown’s keeping within the rules!

JULIUS: The Dragon grabbing Entertainment in a side headlock, charges and drags him over the ring steps.

(Hi-fiving a fan, Karl turns and delivers a swift shin to the side of the head as Entertainment crouches on all fours. The Englishman rolls back into the ring, breaking the referee’s count, before heading back outside and dropping Mr Entertainment with a DDT, rolling his opponent into the ring)



THRENOO!! Mister Entertainment, after sevERAl shots to the head, still kicks out!

JIVE: And doesn’t Karl look irritated!

GHEORGHE: The Dragon still favouring that knee, makes his way over to the corner. Up to the top, waiting on Entertainment… CROSS BODY!!



NO!!! Shoulder up!

JULIUS: And Brown switches back to a wear-down hold, reverse chin-lock.

JIVE: Booooring.

GHEORGHE: Smart though, after the beating he took earlier tonight and in this match.

JULIUS: But you just know when that double cage is lowered tonight you won’t see anything like this.

GHEORGHE: I’m going to have to agree with you, but right here, right now, The Dragon is trying to wear down Mr Entertainment. Look how he’s positioned himself, leaning in.

JIVE: It’s a choke!

GHEORGHE: The ref’s right there! He’d call it if it was a choke.

JULIUS: Entertainment’s breathing heavy, Karl’s really got this hold cinched in.

GHEORGHE: The ref checking Entertainment, raises the arm… no, not dropping.



Kickout by Entertainment! The Dragon tried the pinfall but he still hasn’t put enough of a hurt on the Entertainer!

(Taking a deep breath, The Dragon brings Entertainment to his feet, executing a backbreaker near the corner. The Dragon starts to climb the corner, but his knee’s still bothering him and he’s slow. This gives the Oregon native a chance to recover, and he rattles Brown with a right to the head. Brown drops to the aprons, Entertainment grabbing him by the head, and the two men start to climb. Mr Entertainment reaches the top first, pulling Karl up the rest of the way, but The Dragon connects with a shot to the throat)

GHEORGHE: The Dragon hooking the head, looks like a superplex from one ring to the other!

JULIUS: No way…

JIVE: No way…

GHEORGHE: Brown trying to get Entertainment up… forcing it… SOMERSAULT NECKBREAKER!! SOMERSAULT NECKBREAKER!!


GHEORGHE: Mr Entertainment just DROVE Brown’s neck into the top rope! Brown’s down between the rings, Entertainment’s down in one ring, the referee doesn’t know who to count!

JULIUS: Who’d win? Brown’s not in the ring at all but Entertainment’s down!

JIVE: Entertainment, clearly.

GHEORGHE: Looks like we don’t need to find out, Entertainment’s up first, Brown’s up to, kind of! Entertainment with a kick through the ropes to the gut, grabs Brown, but Brown drives his throat into the rope!


GHEORGHE: Entertainment staggers back, Brown’s still holding the neck, DRAGONRANA!!




JIVE: NO! NO! Entertainment got the shoulder up!


JULIUS: The referee’s saying it was just a two count. I thought he had it!

GHEORGHE: Brown’s looking drained! After that VICIOUS match with Fusenshoff, the beat down by Layne Winters, and this match with Mister Entertainment all in one night how is he still standing?

JIVE: What about Entertainment? He fought Jorgenson and Burke and NARROWLY came away empty handed!

GHEORGHE: Brown’s setting up, Entertainment’s going to be going back with another loss… DRAGON’S NO!!


GHEORGHE: NO! The Dragon grabbed hold of the corner, Entertainment does not connect! Brown out of the corner, Entertainment under the lariat, backslide!






Kickout by Entertainment that time!

GHEORGHE: Brown with a sunset flip coming up out of the backslide, and neither man seems able to put the other away! Brown up first, comes in but Entertainment with a dropkick to the knee! Grabs the head, faceplant!!





GHEORGHE: NO!! NO!! Mr Entertainment had his feet on the ropes! The referee saw it!

JULIUS: And Entertainment’s claiming his innocence!

GHEORGHE: He’s protesting with the ref SCHOOLBOY!



JIVE: So close!

(Brown, looking spent, rests back in the corner as Mr Entertainment lies flat on his face. The two combatants are breathing heavily as the crowd chant for the Dragon, and Karl shakes his head as the referee asks him if he wants to stop. The ref doesn’t manage to start a ten count, as Brown pulls himself to his feet, and drills a knee to the back of Mr Entertainment. Instead of another cover, he picks the Ashland man up, taking him up and over with a release German suplex, and follows up with a rope-assisted splash)




JIVE: I’m going to have a heart attack!

GHEORGHE: Mr Entertainment will not give up! The Dragon bringing him to his feet, but Entertainment with a shot to the ribs, SMALL PACKAGE!!


Kickout!! And Entertainment’s up first, ducks behind Brown, THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!! THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!!





JULIUS: Not many people have EVER kicked out of That’s Entertainment! How badly does Brown really want the win tonight?!

GHEORGHE: And Mr Entertainment is beside himself! He waited, he thought he had it!

JIVE: He’s got one move left! He’s dragging him to the corner!

GHEORGHE: Mr. Entertainment saying it’s all over. He mounts the top rope, climbs up… SHOOTING ENTERTAINMENT!




THREE!! NO!! NO!! History does NOT repeat itself!

JIVE: My heart!

GHEORGHE: I don’t know HOW he kicked out, but Mr Entertainment, missing Shooting Entertainment, BARELY gets the shoulder out despite hitting his head and neck hard on the canvas!

JULIUS: And Brown’s not happy this time!

GHEORGHE: That was the move that ended their last match, he again had it well scouted. Brown’s the first back to his feet, Entertainment’s slowly getting up. Brown hooks him, Dragon’s Bite no!! No!! Mr Entertainment lands on his feet, inside cradle but too close to the ropes!

JULIUS: Brown’s back to his feet again, Entertainment against the ropes. Irish whip, Brown ducks under, Entertainment off the ropes again, Sunset flip by Brown!



And another kickout! What is it going to take!? Brown up, Mr Entertainment up, Brown kick to the gut, Fisherman’s suplex!




(Brown, feeling a rush of adrenaline caused by frustration, grabs Entertainment roughly by the head, yanking him to his feet)

GHEORGHE: He’s looking to end it here! Brown, setting up, standing headscissors, picks him up


GHEORGHE: Entertainment lands on his feet! The Dragon turns, Entertainment… STUN GUN!! Brown throat first off the top rope!

SCHOOLBOY! He’s got the tights!!!





(SFX: Ding ding ding ding)

LINKS: The winner of this match… BY PINFALL…


JIVE: I knew it!! I damn well knew it!!

GHEORGHE: What a match! Mr Entertainment pulls out the victory with a handful of tights on the schoolboy! A disappointing end but New ERA gets the win!

JULIUS: And these two are all square.

GHEORGHE: I hope we get to see them go at it again, and soon. No matter how it happened, Mr Entertainment walks away with the win here tonight at Sin City Showdown!


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Raising the Stakes...

(The ring crew for Sin City Showdown quickly run down the rampway holding a makeshift table. Both the EPW and New ERA announce teams get walk up the steps and enter the ring. New ERA ring announcer Jamie Links and Empire Pro ring announcer Tony Fatora stand in the middle of the ring.)

LINKS: “Ladies and gentlemen.. up next … we will determine which announce team will call tonight’s … MAIN EVENT!”

FATORA: “One man will be selected from each team to represent their partners … in … a poker game!”

LINKS: “Each competitor will be given $100 in chips to bid.. and whichever representative wins it all … will take their place at the announce table .. to call the WAR GAMES MATCH!”

(SFX: Huge pop.)

FATORA: “Empire Pro .. please select your representative.”

(Dean Matthews, Dave Thomas and Mike Neely huddle up. After a few seconds of discussion, Dean Matthews steps forward.)

FATORA: “Representing Empire Pro Wrestling … “The Show Stealer” Dean Matthews!”

LINKS: “New ERA.. please select YOUR representative.”

(Dean Julius and Tom Gheorghe turn to talk.. as they do, Nick Jive steps forward and takes a seat at the table, leaving them stunned.)

LINKS: “….. Representing New ERA of Wrestling …. Nick … JIVE!”

(Gheorghe and Julius yell at Jive .. but he waves them off.)

LINKS: “Dealer.. deal the first hand please!”

(The dealer takes cards from the machine and hands them to Jive and Matthews.)

MATTHEWS: “I hope you’re ready, Jive.”

JIVE: “I’ve already packed your suitcase for the flight home.”

(The cards are dealt and the dealer waits for Matthews to make his initial bid.)

MATTHEWS: “What’s the minimum opening bid?”

DEALER: “There are no blinds, minimum bids in $5 increments.”

(Matthews takes a five dollar chip and tosses it in front of him.)

MATTHEWS: “Five bucks.”

(Jive looks down at his cards and then at Matthews.)

JIVE: “Five bucks.”

(The dealer deals the flop. Five of hearts. Two of Clubs. Ace of Spades.)

MATTHEWS: “Check.”

(Jive breaks a smile.)


JIVE: “Nothing.. Nothing.”

(Jive takes a chip in his hand and plays with it.)

JIVE: “10 bucks.”

(Matthews looks down at his cards and at the flop.)


(Matthews throws his cards in.)


(The dealer takes the cards and waits to deal more.)

FATORA: “Nick Jive taking the first hand .. and now he’s up $105 to Matthews’ $95.”

LINKS: “From what I hear Dean Matthews is a pretty sharp player.. Might have been smart not to give too much away in the beginning.”

(The dealer hands out the cards. He looks at Jive.)

DEALER: “Your bid, sir.”

(Jive smiles.)

JIVE: “10.”

(Jive tosses the chip in front of him.)

FATORA: “And Nick Jive taking the initiative in the beginning.”

(Matthews looks at his cards and shakes his head in disgust.)


(The dealer once more takes the cards.)

LINKS: “And that’s two in a row for Jive, although without any blinds, the chip total stays the same.”

(The dealer hands out a third set.)

DEALER: “Mr. Matthews.”

(Matthews looks down and taps the back of his cards.)


(He tosses the chips in.)

DEALER: “Mr. Jive?”

(Without hesitation, Jive tosses a $10 chip in.)

JIVE: “Call.”

(The flop. Two of Hearts. Two of Spades. King of Diamonds.)

JIVE: “20.”

FATORA: “And here we go! The pot up to $40 at least.”

(Matthews grabs a $20 and calls.)

MATTHEWS: “You want to play hot shot?”

JIVE: “I don’t play, Matthews.”

(The dealer puts down another card… Ten of Diamonds.)

JIVE: “Whatcha gonna do brother .. when Nick Jive runs wild over you?”

(Jive tosses in $50.)

FATORA: “WOW. Huge bid from Jive… I think we’re past bluffing now, Jamie.”

LINKS: “Dean Julius and Tom Gheorghe are standing in the corner with their heads in their hands .. they do not look pleased at all.”


FATORA: “Dean Matthews calls .. and he’s down to $10!”

(The dealer flips over the last card… and it’s the Jack of Diamonds. Nick Jive breaks into a HUGE smile.)

DEALER: “Mr. Ji…”


(SFX: The crowd pops!!!)

FATORA: “Wow Jive just went all in!”

LINKS: “Gheorghe and Julius just had their jaws hit the floor. Jive could have bid $10 and kept some of his chips just in case.. but instead, he went for the killing blow!”

(Dean Matthews takes his last $10 chip and taps it on the table .. without taking his eyes off Nick Jive, he tosses it in the middle.)


(The dealer, seeing that all the money is in the middle, takes it to his side. He then looks at both men.)

LINKS: “I .. don’t even know what either man has right now.. but it has to be good.”

DEALER: “Please reveal your hands.”

(Dean Matthews winks at Jive before tossing his hand in the middle of the table, faces up.)


(SFX: The fans EXPLODE as the Two of Diamonds and Two of Clubs stares up at the camera.)


FATORA: “Oh man.. look at the New ERA crew, Jamie .. they’re beside themselves!”

(Nick Jive smiles.)

JIVE: “Nice hand.”

(Jive reaches across the table and grabs the King, Ten and Queen of Diamonds.)

DEALER: “You can’t touch..”

(Jive shoos him away.)

JIVE: “Ten of Diamonds.”

(He puts it down. He then takes a card from his hand.)

JIVE: “Jack of Diamonds.”

(Jive puts down the Jack of Diamonds on top of the Ten.)

JIVE: “Queen of Diamonds.”

(Jive places the Queen on top of the Jack.)

JIVE: “King of Diamonds.”

(Jive places the King on top of the Queen.)

FATORA: “No … there’s no way you can beat the four of a kind … except for a ROYAL FLUSH … and Nick Jive has it!! 10, J, Q, and K … and here comes the Ace!”

(Jive smiles as he tosses the final card down. The dealer, Dean Matthews, and the two announce crews stare in disbelief.)


(Matthews looks down … at the four of clubs.)



(The fans in the arena break out into laughter as Nick Jive stands with his arms in the air.)


(Dean Matthews cannot control himself as he falls out of the chair onto the mat howling.)

DEALER: “…. The winner of this game …”

(Jive throws his hands in the air again and begins pacing around the ring pointing at the crowd.)

DEALER: “With a four of a kind .. is Dean Matthews… therefore … the Empire Pro Wrestling announce team have won the right to call the main event here tonight at Sin City Showdown!”

(SFX: Crowd pops! Nick Jive spins around, his face full of rage.)


(Behind Jive we see Tom Gheorghe physically restraining Dean Julius.)


(Jive looks down at the cards and then at his team. His lip begins to quiver.)

JIVE: “But … But … I have forty points… I went out…. I win… I WIN.”

(Matthews continues to howl on the mat as Mike Neely and Dave Thomas use the ropes to hold themselves up.)

LINKS: “Ladies and gentlemen... for Dean Julius .. Tom Gheorghe and ….. the Rummy Champion himself, Nick Jive … I am Jamie Links .. and everyone at New ERA of Wrestling wants to wish you a fine rest of the evening .. enjoy the main event!”

(Jive, still pouting and muttering “I had forty points,” is led from the ring by Links. The ring crew take the makeshift poker table out as the Empire Pro announce team head to the booth.)


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
MAIN EVENT: War Games - Empire Pro Wrestling vs New ERA of Wrestling

DT: What a … card game, eh, Dean?

DM: Man, what a loser!

DT: We are watching now as the steel cage descends from the rafters over these two rings .. and welcome to tonight’s main event!

MN: Oh god. I can’t stop. The look on his face when he thought he won the .. RUMMY match!

[The crew breaks out in laughter as a giant steel cage begins its slow descent.]

DT: And here we are fans, the main event of this giant event, the Sin City Showdown, and now, the War Games between EPW and New ERA.

MN: I hope the drunk, the maniac who crippled half our locker room, and the emo failure understand how important this match is, Sean Stevens is NOT to be made a fool of by losing this match. The EPW World Champion doesn’t just represent this company, he IS this company, and he’s not going to tolerate any screw ups in this match tonight!

DM: I know you love to invoke the pride Stevens has in this company, but I’m going to tell you, tonight will not be an easy road to go down. The men on the other side of that ring are just as determined to send a message to EPW and the rest of the world that New ERA is ready for the big time.

[Bell rings, the crowd starts to buzz.]

TF: “The following contest is the WAR GAMES…Both teams will be locked inside the double steel cage, with eliminations resulting in pinfall or submission, the match will continue until one team has been eliminated!

[MUSIC UP: “F*ck Away The Pain” by Peaches. Peter File comes crawling out towards the ring, a sick smile on his face and a creepy leer for the crowd.]

TF: On his way to the ring, from New Haven, Connecticut…Weighing in at 225 pounds….PETER…FILE!!

[The crowd gives a round of boos as File enters the ring, still with a sick gleam in his eyes. His music fades out.]

[MUSIC UP: “Dogs of War” by Pink Floyd. A quick burst of pyro goes off followed by a loud “BOOM” on the final explosion. Jason Payne rushes to the ring, looking determined. ]

TF: Now making his way to the ring, from Payneville, Kentucky…Weighing in at 275 pounds…”THE DOG OF WAR!!” JASON!!! PAYNE!!

DT: Jason Payne had a lot to say about this match tonight, and well, now he’s going to have to back up the talk.

MN: This kid is a punk, and tonight Empire Pro is gonna smack him in the mouth.

[Payne hits the cage and stands next to File, waiting for the rest of their team. After a beat Payne’s music fades out.]

[MUSIC UP: “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine, drawing a LOUD pop from the crowd. Cameron Cruise comes through the curtain soaking in the reaction of the crowd, Cruise jogs to the ring.]

TF: Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 264 pounds, hailing from Jacksonville, North Carolina…CAMERON!!! CRUISE!!

DT: Cruise made his shocking return at the end of Aggression 50 just a few hours ago, and laid out both the EPW World Champion Sean Stevens and his former best friend Jared Wells…You can be sure all of team EPW will be gunning for this man tonight.

DM: You can say that again Dave, The First and Layne Winters have had a lot of choice words for Cruise, as have the two men he attacked earlier tonight. If anyone on team New ERA has a bullseye on their chest, it’s Cameron Cruise.

MN: And he deserves it, you touch the King’s belt, you pay a terrible price.

[Cruise’s music fades out as he, File, and Payne now stand in the ring, Cruise looking very relaxed for the impending battle. ]

[MUSIC UP: “Never Wanted To Dance” By Mindless Self Indulgence, The Birthday Massacre Remix. Felix Red walks out, rocking a black leather jacket with “You’ll Be Sorry” in white on the back, long tights with black/blue spirals on the legs. The crowd loud with cheers mixed with some boos as Felix makes his way to the ring, a smirk on his face.]

TF: Making his way to the ring, from Nowhere, Massachusetts, weighing in at 213 pounds…FELIX!! RED!!!

DT: The Boy Who Destroyed the World, he has quite the history with The First, and he’s crossed paths with Sean Stevens, it shall be interesting to see what happens tonight.

MN: I really have to root for the little idiot over this guy, ugh, my loyal to EPW knows no end…You two owe me dearly.

DT: You are a hero to us all Neely.

[Felix’s music fades out, he hands his jacket to a ring attendant and enters the ring, keeping a bit of a distance from the rest of his team.]

DT: And now we await the captain of the team the champion of New ERA…

[MUSIC UP: “Nobody Does It Better” by Carly Simon. The crowd LOUD for Shawn Hart as he makes his way to the ring. Hart rocking black leather pants over black ring boots, he high fives the fans on his way to the ring.]

TF: And finally for Team New ERA…From Orlando Florida, weighing at 223 pounds…The New ERA World Heavyweight Champion…THE PHENOM!!! SHAWN!!! HART!!!

DT: This place is buzzing as Hart gets inside the cage, the New ERA team being asked to step over into the second ring, away from the door of the cage.

MN: Yeah normally I’d think this was a good thing to have last entrance, show this nickel and dime company who’s the big shots, but I’m not so thrilled about it tonight , they might jump Stevens as he’s going through the cage door and maim him…It’s not fair!

DT: Is your every waking thought about things that could hurt or harm Sean Stevens?

MN: If he goes down, this company goes with him, I ain’t going back to Fatburger! No way, no how!

TF: And now introducing Team Empire Pro Wrestling! [Pop! Some boos!]

[MUSIC UP: “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica. Fusenshoff makes his way towards the ring, drawing a good ovation from the crowd.]

TF: Introducing first, from Kamloops, Canada, weighing in at 263 pounds…FUSE! EN! SHOFF!!!

[Fusenshoff shows no fear of the 5 on 1 odds and jumps into the cage, the refs holding back team New ERA, as Fusenshoff stares them down.]

MN: Great, this idiot is going to be a hero and get himself maimed…Wait till everyone’s out there before you charge into the cage, you nitwit.

[as Fusenshoff’s music fades out it’s quickly replaced as MUSIC UP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season hits the PA. Layne Winters dashes to the ring, a steel chair in hand, looking to even the odds.]

TF: His partner from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 251 pounds…NEW SCHOOL!!! LAYNE!! WINTERS!!

DT: Well Layne Winters didn’t exactly make himself any fans in EPW tonight, now oddly enough, he’s fighting for the company’s honor…

DM: Yes, he beat the daylights out of just about anyone he could get his hands on after his loss at the hands of the Heirs of Wrestling, and now well, he’s got to work with 4 other men to bring victory to EPW.

[Crowd gives Winters a chorus of boos, he waves the chair around, daring anyone from New ERA to challenge him. MUSIC UP: “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube. Jared Wells also doesn’t take his time getting to the ring to bolster EPW’s numbers.]

TF: Making his way to the ring from Baltimore, Maryland weighing in at 254 pounds…JARED!! WELLS!!!

[Wells hits the ring, he focuses in on Cruise right away, the two nearly start the fight early but officials keep Cruise back in his ring.]

DT: You can feel the powder keg getting ready to explode…Wells and Cruise had a long partnership, they were more than just an alliance in Anthology, they were best friends, and that all ended when Wells and the rest of Anthology made their deal with Sean Stevens…

MN: They made the right call, to hell with Cruise! He’s not even on our side in this match! Screw him!

DT: Well your new-found hatred of Cruise aside, I’d think he’s the one looking for a score to settle, we’ll see if he gets his revenge tonight.

[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre. The crowd pops HUGE as The First, now in Kefka black/white face paint and his normal ring gear, storms towards the ring. He dives into the cage beside his fellow EPW team mates, all of whom keep their gaze upon team New ERA.]

TF: From Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at 210 pounds…THE! FIRST!!!

DT: The man that I believe should be the EPW World Heavyweight Champion has made his way to the ring, bringing this crowd to its feet!

MN: Should be?! He didn’t do anything but make Sean Stevens worry he wouldn’t be fresh enough to properly represent EPW in this match…You don’t get it Dave, Stevens was fighting that match with one arm tied behind his back, EPW means more to him than anything in this world, and he knew this little moron doesn’t care about this company, all he cares about is his personal glory. Stevens ended that match so we’d have a fighting chance in this War Games, and for that I salute him.

DT: You are just beyond loathsome Neely…

[MUSIC UP: “King Back” by TI. Sean Stevens, in his black long tights with blue X’s on the legs and seat, makes his way to the ring, slower than the rest of his team, he seems to be sizing up the War Games as he makes his way down the aisle, drawing a LOUD chorus of boos.]

TF: And the CAPTAIN of Team Empire Pro…He is the EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! Hailing from Orlando, Florida….Weighing in at 242 pounds…TRIPLE X!!!! SEAN!!! STEVENS!!!

DT: The EPW World Champion enters the cage…The door shuts…

[Bell rings, and suddenly New ERA charges into the EPW ring, and the fight is on!]

DT: We have a War Games going on and it is truly a war! All ten men in the ring originally where everyone entered from, First and Felix Red paired off in a corner, Felix hammering away with right hands…Shawn Hart and Jared Wells spill into the second ring, they are trading blows. Meanwhile Sean Stevens and Layne Winters have Cameron Cruise trapped in a double team in a corner and now THROW HIM HARD INTO THE CAGE!

DM: Cruise the first of what will be many men who taste the steel tonight.

DT: Meanwhile Fusenshoff trapped by himself and being beaten down by Peter File and Jason Payne…They now throw Fuse into the second ring and follow after him…Payne and File now whip Fuse into the ropes…Wait! Wells freed himself of Hart and just clipped Payne from behind! File turns to see what happened…GETS A CLOTHESLINE TO THE BACK OF HIS NECK FOR HIS TROUBLES! File trys to get to his feet…Fuse with a kick to the gut…WHISKEY BOMB!!! A QUICK COVER!!




TF: Peter File has been ELIMINATED!!! [Pop!]
DT: Wow! I don’t believe it, we’re under a minute in and EPW has taken an early lead, Fusenshoff with a lightning like elimination of Peter File!

MN: I knew these guys couldn’t hang with us! No mercy boys, we need a clean sweep!

DT: File being helped out of the cage as now Fuse and Wells double teaming Hart, and Hart now sent HARD into the cage…And now having his face ground into the mesh of the fence!

DM: Normally Wells and Fusenshoff would be at each other’s throats, but now they are working together to turn Shawn Hart into a bloody mess, Hart now bleeding from being raked across that cage. Felix Red with a shot to the back of Wells gets him off Hart.

DT: Stevens in the other ring now taking a series of right hands from Cameron Cruise, Cruise now drives Stevens into the turnbuckle…Now Cruise has that chair Winters brought with him into the cage! CRUISE BLASTS STEVENS WITH THE CHAIR! He covers!




DT: Winters with the save, and now Winters stomping away on Cruise. Wells over, and you know he wants to kick Cruise while he’s down…Winters sends Cruise into the ropes…Drop Toe Hold by Winters…BIG KNEE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD BY WELLS!

DM: For all the hatred and internal conflicts in team EPW, they seem to working as a well-oiled machine for this match.

MN: Hey, we can’t get shown up by New ERA, are you kidding me?! These guys understand what’s on the line here, they’ll get it done.

DT: In the other ring Jason Payne has The First up and SLAMS him to the mat...Payne drops a series of elbows into the chest of First…Payne gets First to his feet and elevates him…GUTWRENCH SUPLEX! Payne with a cover!




DT: First kicks out at two!

MN: Dammit! As much as I want the sweep, we’re up one, we can afford to shed some dead weight like this idiot!

DT: Winters now whips Hart HARD into the corner….Hart staggers out, and gets BLASTED by a Clothesline from Winters…Payne from behind with a knee to Winters back, sends him INTO THE CAGE!

DM: The Steel doesn’t care if you’re New ERA or Empire Pro, it’s going to hurt you all the same!

DT: Fusenshoff and Sean Stevens now have Felix Red and they place The Boy Who Destroyed The World on the top rope. Both men to the second rope…THEY ELEVATE FELIX…DOUBLE SUPERPLEX!

DM: This is why that early elimination of Peter File was so key, EPW has a free man to double team someone on New ERA whenever they want. New ERA is in a bad way, they have to get an elimination to even the odds, or they may well be on the path to defeat.

DT: Hart stumbles to his feet Wells grabs him and smashes him into a turnbuckle…Wells now bashes Hart into the cage…NO!! Hart blocks! WELLS HITS THE STEEL!! Wells staggers…INTO A ROLL UP BY HART!




MN: That sneaky bastard! Trying to steal a pin like that!

DT: I’d say it’s a good plan, New ERA needs a fall in the worst way to even this match up…In the ring where Hart and Wells are Cruise and First just spilled into it…Cruise puts First into the corner…BIG CHOP! [Woo!] and another! First ducked! The Painted Up Freak spins Cruise into the corner and hammers him with a series of right hands. First sends Cruise to the other corner…NO! REVERSED! First jumps to the second rope…CROSS BODY ONTO CRUISE! He Caught FIRST! Wait! Stevens over with a DROPKICK INTO FIRST SENDING HIM DOWN ON TOP OF CRUISE! HE’S GOT THE PIN!




DT: Cameron Cruise will not be so easy to defeat, escaping that pin. Stevens now over stomping away on Cruise, Jason Payne blindsides Stevens with a forearm to the back of the head, sending the EPW World Champion staggering.

DM: In the other ring Felix Red has just caught Fusenshoff with a chair shot! Felix has that chair and he’s just beating the daylights out of Fuse!

DT: That weapon that Winters brought into the ring has now been turned against EPW…Stevens tastes the chair, and now First gets a shot…Winters dropped by the rampage of Felix Red!

MN: Damn you Winters, we had this thing all our way till your stupid chair had to get everyone laid out! We lose this it’s on you!

DT: Stevens now being beaten silly by Payne while Cruise now puts the boots to First, and Hart and wells trading shots as Felix throws Fusenshoff into the other ring and sets him up…Felix with a spinning heel kick to the head knocks Fuse down…Felix going to the top…A SHATTERED HORIZON!! NO! Fusenshoff moved! Felix and Fuse now slowly getting to their feet, Stevens with a thumb to the eye on Payne gets himself free, he sets up behind Felix…Felix turns…INTO AN X-FACTOR!! FELIX FALLS INTO FUSE…WHO GRABS HIM…FELIX UP! DOMINATION!!! FUSE WITH A COVER!!




TF: Felix Red has been ELIMINATED!

DT: Wow! Are you KIDDING me?! Felix Red has just been taken out by Fusenshoff! EPW now with a 5 on 3 edge in this War Games!

MN: We’re rolling these chumps, this thing is in the bag!

DT: Cruise from behind on Stevens with a LOW BLOW! Stevens crumples, Fusenshoff charges at Cameron with a clothesline…Cruise ducks, he spins Fusenshoff around…REALITY CHECK OUT OF NOWHERE!!! CRUISE WITH A COVER!!




TF: Fusenshoff has been ELIMINATED!!

DT: Wow! Just like that Cameron Cruise has REALLY saved New ERA’s bacon! New ERA now only down 4 to 3 here after that lightning like Reality Check and pin on Fusenshoff!

MN: Damn that big goofy drunk, I knew he’d screw this up for us...To hell with you Fuse!

DT: He eliminated two people Neely, how can you be mad at him?

MN: I wanted the sweep dammit! This is a bunch of crap!

DT: Felix Red and Fusenshoff led out of the cage by the officials and we’re now at a 4 on 3…Wells, First, Winters, and Stevens for EPW, against Cruise, Payne and Hart for New ERA…Cruise stomping away on Stevens…Stevens thrown into the corner….Wells from behind drops Cruise to his knees with a double ae handle…Now the new leader, and the right hand man of Anthology beating the daylights out of the man who they kicked out of Anthology,, stomping Cruise into the mat…

MN: Don’t ease up on him, hell I don’t even want him to be pinned, make the ref call it off or tap him out, Cruise needs to pay dearly for the stunt he pulled after ruining Sean Stevens successful championship defense earlier tonight!

DT: Wells and Stevens send Cruise HARD into the cage…Cruise hit one of those metal cross beams right on…Cruise staggers back into Wells who scoops him up…POWERSLAM by Wells…He covers!




DT: Payne breaks it up! Stevens quickly on Payne who fires back, rocking the Blue Eyed Bad Ass with a series of right hands.

DM: Winters in the other ring has Hart rocked after catching Hart setting early for a backdrop…Winters hooks him…HE’S GOT HIM UP…GREEN RIVER JUSTICE!! NO!! HART FIGHTS OUT!! HART WITH A ROLL UP ON WINTERS!!




DM: First broke up the pin just in time!

MN: Man thank goodness…Wait a second, I’m thanking this guy?! Ugh…

DT: Payne and Wells going at it…Wells staggering backwards from a series of rights from Payne…Payne sends Wells into the ropes…SPINEBUSTER! Payne back up…DUCKS AN X-FACTOR FROM STEVENS…EXPLODER SUPLEX ON STEVENS!! Winters rushes into the ring…Gets kicked in the gut…DOUBLE ARM DDT BY PAYNE!!

MN: What the hell got into this guy?! Now he’s a world beater all of a sudden!

DT: Jason Payne laying waste to the Empire Pro Team…Payne now hammering away on The First. Hart now back into things and he and Payne have First trapped in the corner and are stomping him into the ground! [“Put him up on your shoulders” Hart tells Payne.] Hart giving orders and now Payne has First up on his shoulders…Hart to the top…DOOMSDAY DEVICE!!! FIRST DID A 360 IN MID AIR!! PAYNE WITH THE COVER!!





DM: Winters keeping EPW with the man advantage, a brutal double team move left The First all but out of it. EPW needs to do something to get things back going their way.

MN: Just let the shrimp go, he’s not good for anything anyhow!

DT: Hart catches Winters with a Superkick! Winters crashes to the mat…In the other ring, Cruise now has Stevens set up…SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Wells back to his feet….Cruise and Wells now throwing rights and lefts at each other! Cruise off the ropes…CLOTHESLINE…Wells staggers…Cruise back off the ropes…Clothesline…DUCKED! Cruise back the other way…BOTH MEN WITH A CLOTHESLINE AND THEY GO CRASHING DOWN!

MN: We’re still up one…Just need to settle this down and press the advantage…Come on guys, don’t let Stevens down!

DT: Payne back to his feet and he grabs The First...and now he’s tying him up in the ropes! First stuck with his arms caught in between the first and second ropes…Payne now with a kick to the gut of Wells and a right hand staggers him…Wells SMASHED INTO THE CAGE…Payne with an INVERTED DDT!! HE COVERS!!




DT: The Dog of War is fighting with every fiber of his being to even this match up for New ERA. Payne gives the cut throat sign and now he’s got Wells...PAYNE KILLER!!! NO! STEVENS BREAKS IT UP! Payne took a big shot to the back of the head…He staggers and now turns towards Stevens…X-FACTOR RIGHT ON THE JAW!! PAYNE’S OUT!! THE COVER!!




DT: HART WITH THE SAVE!!! At the LAST moment Hart keeps Payne in this match…

MN: Hart’s supposed to be on our side, like a double agent or something, what the hell is he doing bailing out Payne like that?!

DT: He’s fighting for his team, like everyone is Neely…Hart still bleeding from that cut he suffered early on in this match…He nails The First with a dropkick right as First freed himself from the ropes. The Phenom now sends The Outcast Hero into the ropes…HART WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK! First sent crashing to the mat!

DM: Hart not sparing his fellow HOPE members, he’s going all out in this match trying to bring a win home to New ERA.

MN: To hell with that, somebody give him a check, Ryan’s got deep pockets, let’s buy this thing like the Yankees buy World Series!

DT: Hart gets plowed over by Stevens who’s back into the mix here…Cruise follows him and now Hart and Cruise have Stevens hooked…DOUBLE SUPLEX!! AND THEY LANDED HIM ON THE FIRST! CRUISE WITH A COVER ON FIRST!




DT: First kicks out! In the other ring, Winters just BASHED Payne’s skull into the cage…Seattle’s Finest Wrestler gets a waist lock on Payne…GERMAN SUPLEX!! Winters holds on and rolls through…ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX!! WINTERS STILL HOLDS ON…A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX…HE BRIDGES!!








DT: CRUISE DIVING IN BREAKS IT UP!! What a close call there…Hart might still be out of it…Cruise and Wells now trading shots…Cruise staggers Wells lines him up…RUNNING KNEE STRIKE!! NO! Cruise gets his head out of the way…REALITY CHECK!! NO! Wells shoves him off…Cruise charges back in and lands a hard knee to the gut of Wells…Cruise pulls Wells out of the corner…BULLDOGS HIM INTO THE MAT! Cruise now takes Winters HARD into the cage! Winters dumped out onto the apron as Cruise goes back to Wells.

DM: In the other ring Stevens and Payne just crashed into each other…Payne was going off the ropes and just clashed heads coming back at Stevens, sending them both down!

MN: These guys aren’t even trying to win. New ERA is just trying to tear down EPW via suicide attacks on our World Champion! We never should have agreed to this match in the first place!

DT: First whips Hart into the corner. Hart catches First coming in with boot to the face…Hart quickly scales the ropes and throws his legs over First’s shoulders…VICTORY ROLL BY HART! NO! FIRST DROPS DOWN AND HAS HART ROLLED UP!!!




DT: Hart kicked out again! First shakes his head in disgust and he grabs Hart and pulls him to the mat with a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! First trying to submit his fellow HOPE member!

DM: He might want to let go of that hold and help out Wells, as he’s being beaten silly by Cruise….Cruise measures Wells…DROPKICK RIGHT ON THE CHIN! [Cruise yells “That’s it!”] Cruise now waiting on Wells to get up…I think Wells is about to get a Reality Check!

MN: Or maybe he won’t!





TF: Cameron Cruise has been ELIMINATED!!!

MN: Hell with being eliminated! He may be DEAD!

DT: Cruise just got wiped out by that double team from Anthology…Jason Payne gets to his feet, and he sees the grim news that New ERA is now down four on two…He’s unlacing his left boot…What is he doing?!

MN: He’s taking off his gear to get ready to hit the showers, this thing is done now!

DT: Payne now back to his feet and he CRACKS First in the face, breaking that armbar he’d had on Hart for the last couple minutes…First looks like he might be out!

MN: Glass jaw on that kid, unreal!

DT: Panye now charges over and DECKS Winters with a right hand…AND ONE FOR STEVENS…EPW guys dropping like they’ve been tasered from these punches…WELLS GETS CLOCKED!! WAIT A SECOND A BUNCH OF HALF DOLLARS JUST EXPLODES OUT OF PANYE’S HAND AND SPILL ONTO THE MAT!!

MN: That no good son of a –





TF: Jared Wells has been ELIMINATED!

MN: NO! That’s not right! Payne cheated! This is not fair!

DT: Jason Payne saw the long odds against New ERA, down 4 men to 2 and he took drastic action to try to even the score and he’s just knocked out Jared Wells…HART NOW COVERS FIRST!!!




DT: First JUST gets the shoulder up…New ERA might be down a man, but after Payne’s assault of the whole Empire Pro team with that roll of half dollars, they have the advantage at the moment…Payne now grabs Stevens…SNAP SUPLEX! HART SLINGSHOTS BETWEEN RINGS AND LANDS A SPLASH ON TRIPLE X!! THE COVER!!




DT: STEVENS KICKS OUT!! That was so close!!

MN: No it wasn’t, this is Sean Stevens you’re talking about, this man isn’t losing War Games, he’s got way to much pride on the line to let these chumps beat him!

DT: Payne and Hart now give Winters a taste of the cage…Winters staggers back…DOUBLE SIDE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! PAYNE WITH A COVER!!




DT: Winters kicks out!! You can see the frustration mounting on the faces of Payne and Hart…New ERA has been behind this whole match since Peter File went down in the first minutes, they’ve been fighting an uphill struggle the whole way, and they absolutely can’t afford to lose the next fall and go down 3 to 1, they have to even this match up…

MN: They have to, but they won’t…Hart might be in EPW, but this Payne fellow isn’t and he can’t hang with this talent level…Well maybe he can beat up the gothtard…But even that’s close…

DT: Hart takes a moment to wipe the blood out of his eyes and he pulls Winters up and now he and Payne prop Winters up on the top rope….Hart climbs up the ropes and gives Winters a couple right hands…HART WITH A HURICANRANA OFF THE TOP!! WINTERS CRASHING TO THE MAT!! PAYNE WITH A COVER!!




DT: WINTERS KICKS OUT!! Payne with a look of horror and shock on his face as he stares at the ref, he can’t BELIEVE that wasn’t a pin!

MN: Believe it buddy boy! New ERA can’t hold a candle to Empire Pro!

DT: Payne pulling Winters to his feet…Gets nailed from behind by a double axe handle from Stevens…Stevens now sends Payne INTO THE CAGE! Payne drops to his knees and then falls face first to the mat…Stevens off the ropes…DRIVES A KNEE INTO THE BACK OF PAYNE’S HEAD!

DM: This is the problem of always being down a man or two, New ERA constantly has to fight off attacks from new directions, Hart and Payne thought they had Winters on the ropes, but now Stevens evens up the sides and now here comes The First to put them back at the disadvantage!

DT: First pulls Hart into the opposite ring, away from Stevens, Winters and Payne and jams Hart’s face into the chain link...Hart’s been bleeding just about this whole match, and First’s seeking to make that even worse…Hart now driven into the STEEL RING POST! First throws Hart back into the ring…First now going up top…Hart sees it and he lunges at the top rope, FIRST LOSES HIS BALANCE AND CROTCHES HIMSELF ON THE TOP ROPE!

DM: Hart was in big trouble there and he just bailed himself out now he needs to capitalize to even this match up!

DT: Unfortunately for Hart he can’t keep his attention on The First as he has to try to save Payne from the beating he’s taking from Stevens…Hart with a running start…FLYING TACKLE OVER BOTH TOP ROPES INTO STEVENS!!! Hart now hammering away on Stevens with a series of right hands! Winters is getting back to his feet and The Founder of the New School is CRACKED with a clothesline.

DM: Hart’s fighting a three on one unless Payne can shake off the damage he took earlier…

MN: Payne’s cooked as is New ERA…It’s going to be a party in the EPW locker room tonight baby!

DT: Payne now back up…He and Hart double whip Winters into the corner…HART WITH A CLOTHESLINE…Get s out of the way…PAYNE WITH A FLYING SPLASH!! Winters crumples out of the corner, Payne with a cover!




DT: WINTERS WON’T STAY DOWN!!! Say what you will about this guy, but he is tough!

MN: Yeah, but can we please get control of this thing, we’re up a man and it feels like we’re losing…Get it together guys!

DT: Payne gets up and catches Stevens coming in with a kick to the gut, Payne slams Stevens to the ground Hart jumps up and grabs the roof of the cage…Hart pulls himself up…AND DROPS A LEGDROP ONTTO STEVENS NECK FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE!! HART COVERS!!




DT: STEVENS ESCAPES! Hart looks completely deflated…

MN: He’s spent the last 20 minutes bleeding in a cage fighting for his life, and he can’t win, you would be a bit upset to if you felt it slipping away from you…Hart’s in there with the EPW World Heavyweight Champion, Sean Stevens, the best wrestler on God’s Green’s Earth…

DT: Payne getting to his feet…OH MY…MISSILE DROPKICK OFF THE TOP BY THE FIRST!!! Where the heck did he come from?! First pulls Payne to his feet and whips him the ropes…FIRST OFF THE OTHER SIDE RUNNING INTO PAYNE WITH A SPEAR!! FIRST WITH A COVER!!




DT: Hart breaks it up…Stevens grabs Hart and throws him into the other ring…Winters and First now with a double team on Payne…Payne sent into the ropes…FLAPJACK!! WINTERS WITH A COVER!!




DT: Payne kicks out again! First now stalking Payne…Waiting for The Dog Of War to get to his feet…Payne finally stands up…FIRST WITH A SOULBREAKER!! Payne pops up staggering into Winters…WINTERS HAS HIM UP…GREEN RIVER JUSTICE!! WINTERS WITH THE COVER!!




TF: Jason Payne has been ELIMINATED!

DT: And the fall New ERA could not afford to lose they have lost, Layne Winters with the Green River Justice has now put Empire Pro in the driver’s seat with a commanding 3 to 1 lead…

MN: Part of me wants them to end it quick, but the other part of me just wants Hart to suffer, to really pay for daring to be on the enemy team, the traitor pays!

DT: Stevens kicking away at Hart, stomping him. Stevens savoring this, knowing the numbers and the overwhelming advantage EPW has…Hart sent into the cage now by Stevens…Hart crashes to the mat…I think that cut’s gotten even worse…

DM: Yeah, it’s pretty gruesome, every time Hart’s laying on the mat the blood just pools around his head….

DT: The refs may really have to think about stopping this. First and Winters now over and they too put the boots to The Phenom. Hart’s now being held up by First and Winters, they each have an arm…And Stevens kicks him in the gut…Measuring him…AND ANOTHER ONE…Stevens now grabs Hart and holds him up…Winters a running start…CLOTHESLINE!! HART DUCKS!! WINTERS DECKED STEVENS!! Hart with a clothesline to Winters…First charges him…HART CATCHES HIM WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE!!




DT: OH THAT WAS CLOSE!! First looks like turning back at the ref to make sure that was a two count! He nearly got caught there.

MN: That was the last gasp, he almost got a cheap pin, but thankfully the goofball kicked out…

DT: Hart being stomped down by Winters and Stevens…First calling for Hart to be pulled to his feet…Stevens holding him up…First grapping at his own throat…

MN: Man I normally hate this, but this time I love it…Time to eat some mist SJH!


DM: I don’t think that was accidental at all!

MN: He’s blinded! He didn’t know who he was going after…And besides even if he DID know, the last couple minutes, Winter s and First have ‘accidentally’ hit Stevens…I think he sees the truth, this isn’t 3 on 1 EPW Vs New ERA…This is 3 on 1 HOPE Vs the EPW World Champion…This is a set up!

DT: Winters now screaming at Stevens…STEVENS KICKS WINTERS LOW!! Winters doubles over…HART WITH A ROLL UP ON WINTERS!!!




TF: Layne Winters has been ELIMINATED!!!

DT: WINTER’S GOT PINNED!! He can’t believe it…Stevens over on Hart now…WAIT! WINTERS GRABS STEVENS AND BASHES HIM INTO THE CAGE!! Winters hooks Stevens…SINGLE ARM DDT!!! Winters now stomping on Stevens…He’s livid!

DM: Nobody costs Layne Stevens a fall without paying a price…Hell half the EPW locker room suffered after Layne got pinned earlier tonight!

DT: Winters storming out of the cage, and if I were in that locker room I think I might decide it’s time to leave….In the ring all three men are down…Hart now crawling over toward The First who hasn’t moved since that X-Factor…Hart throws an arm over First’s chest!




DT: First rolls the left shoulder off the mat! Hart now crawling over and he covers Stevens!




DT: No luck there either for Hart! Hart pulling Stevens to his feet…Stevens grabs Hart and lifts him, drops back…DROPS HART THROAT FIRST OVER THE TOP ROPE! Hart hits the mat hard and now Stevens taking him to the ring opposite where First is laying…Stevens yelling at First to stay down…

MN: I don’t think “First” was the name he used for him…

DT: Well I’m not going to get into all that….Stevens wants to finish this on his own…Hart sent into the cage and he crashes back into the mat…Triple X now going to the outside…STEVENS OFF THE TOP WITH A FROG SPLASH!! With a smug look on his face he HOOKS THE LEG!! THE COVER!!!




DT: HART KICKED OUT!!! STEVENS IS IN DISBELIEF!! Stevens now grabs Hart and pulls him to the middle of that ring…Stevens slaps on a FIGURE FOUR!!!

MN: What better way to prove the domination of EPW and its World Champion then for a submission victory to be the final fall of the War Games, tap out Hart! Tap!

DT: Hart thrashing in agony…He’s in a world of hurt, Stevens wrenching that hold for all it’s worth, between the pain and the blood loss, how much longer can he hold out?!

DM: Hart’s been fighting this whole match against the odds, and now with this submission hold locked in by the EPW World Champion, it doesn’t seem like the deck could be stacked any more against him!

DT: Stevens screaming for Hart to give up…Hart drops to his back…His shoulders are down…IS HE OUT?!




DT: Hart just pulls himself off the mat! Hart now trying to reverse the hold…Stevens fighting to stop him…HART REVERSES!! Stevens quickly breaks the hold…Stevens back on top of Hart…Hooks him for another figure four…NO! INSIDE CRADLE BY HART!!





DT: Yes it was, Hart almost pinned Triple X, the EPW World Champion…The First now back into the match, wait a second, Stevens grabs First and shoves him. Stevens pointing to the other ring and telling First to get back in there…First now in Stevens face…These two could be only a few seconds from going to blows here!

MN: Back off punk! This is Triple X’s match to finish…There is a reason he’s the champ and you’re just a sideshow attraction EPW trots out to sell T-Shirts to 16 year old girls arguing over Team Edward against Team Jacob!

DT: Stevens…SLAPS THE FIRST! First turns back around…AND HE SLAPS STEVENS! Stevens shoves First…INTO HART…WHO CATCHES FIRST WITH A HART-ON! A lucky break for First that he rolled in between the rings where Hart can’t get at him for a pin! Stevens grabs Hart from behind…BACK SUPLEX! Hart planted in the middle of the ring…Stevens now looks up at the roof of that cage…He jumps up…Oh give me a break, he’s doing pull ups!

MN: Hey, the champ’s got a busy schedule, when you can train and beat the crap out of your opponents, you do it, haven’t you ever heard of multi-tasking?!

DT: Well I guess Stevens just finishes his reps as he drops off the cage and CRUSHES HART’S CHEST WITH AN ELBOW RIGHT INTO THE STERNUM! STEVENS WITH THE COVER!!




DT: HART WILL NOT QUIT!!! This man is fighting on pure guts…On HEART…Stevens is just disgusted…

MN: He’s in control, he knows this punk is in over his head…Stevens isn’t sweating any of this…

DT: Stevens backs off into a corner…He’s measuring Hart…Hart getting up…If he knew what was good for him he’s stay down…Hart to his feet…AND THERE IT IS!! X-FACTOR!!! STEVENS KNOCKS HART INTO NEXT WEEK! Stevens raising his arms in victory to this crowd who are letting him hear it…Stevens now walking over to First who’s laid out in the opposite ring…Stevens now letting First know who won this match for EPW…And I’m pretty sure reminding The First of who’s the EPW World Champion…

MN: Hey the kid needs to learn these lessons, it’s important for him to know and respect his betters…

DM: Well Stevens might want to get around to making this win for EPW official since he still hasn’t pinned Hart yet…

MN: Hart hasn’t moved a muscle since that kick…Hart wouldn’t kick out before 3 or 3000.

DT: Stevens now back to Hart, and he goes for the cover…NO! He’s pulling Hart back up to his feet…Enough is enough Stevens…

MN: Enough is never enough!

DT: Stevens, he’s got to be looking for the X-Terminator…Hart’s hooked…UP HE GOES!! WAIT! HE FLIPPED AND LANDS BEHIND STEVENS!!! HART-ON!!! HE NAILED STEVENS WITH IT!!! HART COVERS!!




TF: Sean Stevens has been ELIMINATED! [Huge pop!]


DT: Are you KIDDING ME?! Shawn Hart, down 3 to 1…Has pinned Layne Winters, and now he’s pinned the EPW World Heavyweight Champion!

DM: Shawn Hart has somehow brought this match down to a one on one contest I’d never believed it possible if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes!

DT: The Phenom has already pulled off the improbable just getting this to a one on one match, can he pull off the impossible and win this match for New ERA…

MN: How…HOW did that happen?! Sean Stevens hasn’t been pinned in over a year…That NEVER happens…That COULDN’T happen!

DT: Well it did Neely…And now Shawn Hart and The First slowly rise to their feet and now they stare at each other…It’s one on one for all the marbles…War Games comes down to this…And this crowd is losing it here Las Vegas!

DM: Normally The First enjoys the support of the crowd, but they are pulling for the underdog here and the chants of S-J-H are echoing…

DT: First backing away from the where the two rings are connected, waving Hart over into his ring...Hart now over…The two men circle…AND HERE WE GO!! The two men lock up…First manages to push Hart into the corner and nails him with a right hand…Another shot to the chin…First sends Hart to the opposite corner……First sets up…HAND SPRING ELBOW INTO THE CORNER…Hart staggers out and First quickly to the second rope…Hart turns around…INTO A FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK!! FIRST WITH THE COVER!!




DT: It’s not over yet! Hart still finding a way to keep fighting…First pops to his feet and stomps away on Hart repeatedly…First now picks Hart up…Suplex…No…First has Hart now set up on the top rope…First gives him a couple right hands…First now climbing up top…Hart meets him with a right hand of his own...Both men trading punches now…First rocked as Hart throwing shot into First’s head…FIRST FALLS OFF THE TOP!! First crashing to the mat! Hart looking down at First….And now he looks up at the cage…Hart jumps up…Grabs the cage…FALLS DOWN ON FIRST WITH A CRUSHING SENTON!!! FIRST TWITCHING LIKE HE’S BEEN SHOT!! HART COVERS!!!




DT: ONLY TWO!! So close for Hart to pulling off this incredible comeback…Hart is just a bloody mess….And the beating he’s taken, I have no idea how he’s even still in this match, much less this close to winning.

MN: Get up you freak! We need this win!

DM: You hate The First Neely, did you bet on this match?!

MN: Not that you’ll ever know! I just have pride in this company, and I can overlook my burning hatred of this disgrace in the ring due to my love of EPW!

DT: Hart dragging himself to his feet…SJH looks just completely spent at this point and the look in his eyes tells you he’s just trying to find the energy, the will needed to find a way to put The First down and complete this comeback attempt…Hart pulls First to his feet…Hart with a right hand, and another on staggers First…hart with a double hand strike to First’s throat…First staggers away from Hart while clutching at his neck…FIRST TURNS AND BLASTS HART WITH GREEN MIST!! HART’S BLINDED…FIRST WITH A ROLL UP…NO! HART ROLLS THROUGH!!! HART HAS HIM PINNED!!!




DT: First escapes at the last second! That was so close for Hart…

DM: Even with him fighting for New ERA, really I’m pulling for Shawn Hart here, what a fight he’s put up, what a struggle it’s been for him.

MN: To hell with all that, I want us to win dammit!

DT: First gets up and Hart plows through him with a CLOTHESLINE…Hart off the ropes…ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE!! First gets up and gets caught ONE MORE TIME!!!...SJH gives a shout to the crowd and now it’s time for one final Hart-On, one final move to complete this storybook comeback…Can he get it?! First to his feet…HART WITH THE HART-ON! NO FIRST SHOVES HIM OFF…FIRST WITH A SOULBREAKER! NO! HART HELD THE TOP ROPE…FIRST CRASHES TO THE MAT!!

MN: Can he do nothing right?!

DT: Hart waits on First…First to his feet…HART ON!! NO!! FIRST DUCKED OUT OF IT…Hart got some BIG air there and CRASHED to the mat! He may have hit the back of his head on the canvas…The Phenom trying to get to his feet…He’s on one knee…FIRST CHARGES OFF THE ROPES…SHINING WIZARD!!! HE NAILED HART RIGHT IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!! Hart down in the center of the ring, The First going to the outside…He’s up to the top rope…CUT THE THREAD…YES!! HE HIT IT!! FIRST WITH THE COVER!! LEG IS HOOKED!!




[Bell rings, MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre]


[The First kneeling the ring, hands on hips. His face paint all but gone, he reaches down to Hart who appears to be moving a bit… After a moment First pulls Hart to his feet, getting a loud cheer from the crowd.]

DT: What a battle, what a fight, but in the end, the odds were just too long for Shawn Hart… And The First has won War Games for EPW…

[The cage lifts into the air as EMT’s and trainers rush into the ring to look at Hart and tend to his cut… Hart is gingerly led out of the ring, an EMT under each arm, with a gauze pad already being applied to the cut on his forehead… The crowd giving a loud ovation… “S-J-H!” chants start. The First waving his arms, egging on the crowd in its support of Hart.]

DT: The First showing Shawn Hart all the respect in the world and honestly, how can you not…

MN: Easy, he lost, to hell with him! EPW wins! Wooo!

DT: You’re a class act Neely…

[A series of fireworks go off above the ring, drawing a cheer from the crowd, after a moment, First climbs to the second rope and raises his arms in victory, letting out a yell to the crowd, who cheer in response.]

DT: But for all of Hart’s efforts… This night ends in victory for Empire Pro Wrestling, and it ends in victory for The First, who came so close earlier tonight to being the EPW World Champion, and now he stands in that ring, the sole survivor… Congrats to The First in his War Games victory… What a night it has been… Sin City Showdown has been everything we could have imagined and more… For Dean Matthews, Mike Neely, and all the New ERA Staff, this is Dave Thomas saying thanks for watching and have a good night!

[The hard camera shows The First, standing in the ring soaking in the noise of the crowd… He rips off his wife beater and throws it into the crowd as we FADE TO BLACK.]

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