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"Extremely Bisexual" Beau Michaels

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Wrestler: 'Extremely BiSexual' Beau Michaels

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 230lbs

Date of Birth: 06/25/1979

Hometown: West Hollywood, CA

Gender: Male

Alignment: Heel

Ring Attitude: Sexual

Theme Music: 'Satisfaction' by Benny Benassi and the Biz

Finishing Move(s): The Beau Job

Description(s): Wheelbarrow Suplex

Set Up(s): Asai Moonsault


Vertebreaker, Tilt-a-whirl Back Breaker, Enziguiri to Back of Head, Russian Leg Sweep, Crucifix, Somoan Drop, Flying Double Axe Handle, Irish Whip into corner -> clothesline -> finished by a running bull dog, Tornado DDT, Salto Suplex, Stalling Suplex, Reverse Neckbreaker, Victory Roll (if the Clothesline / Bulldog combo doesn't work), Running High Knee, Fireman's Carry, Leg Drop off the Top Rope

Ring Entrance: (CUEUP: ‘Satisfaction' by Benny Benassi and the Biz. The lights go down and strobe lights hit … ‘Extremely BiSexual' Beau Michaels walks out wearing tight short shorts, and no shirt. He has Cyndi Lauper circa 1984 eye makeup on. Michaels stops and points to the back. A giant chicken comes down leading five young men by chains .. the young men are wearing chains around their waist. They’re not wearing much else. On their backside is a little circle sign saying ‘Entry Here’ and on the front, their penises are covered by crew socks, which are held in place by the chains. Michaels waits for the Chicken to walk them down the rampway and doesn't move until they circle him, pick him up, and carry him to the ring.)


Beau Michaels grew up in the tough streets of West Hollywood, California. He fought through a tough childhood of booze, men, and musicals by using his good looks, charm, and body to his advantage.

At the ripe age of 17 he began making the rounds on the club circuit in West Hollywood, quickly making a name for himself as a charismatic dancer and a pretty damn good lover. Wherever he went he drew a crowd of onlookers, gawkers, and love interests. Known as the 'King of the Club Kids' by age 20, he had an inner posse of close friends, his most trusted a man who dressed in a chicken suit, known only as the Chicken.

He made his way into wrestling after one of his clients ... err .. friends suggested that he do so due to the steady flow of money .. and men. He made his way into FWF and immediately made a name for himself. After a few months however the drugs and constant action wore him out. He took a few years off to gain the ... stamina ... needed for all the action and quickly hopped back in the game in 2004 in the newly created NFW East as the official "Glamtographer."

He ended up getting involved in a highly controversial relationship with Mercedes Devon and Cameron Cruise in which he was "married" to them both in wrestling's first three-way marriage. The marriage quickly ended the next season and Cruise became a huge arch nemesis. After claiming he was carrying Cruise's baby, he eventually lost the baby when Cruise sucker punched him in the stomach.

Michaels was also involved in one of the more disgusting / perturbing matches ever held. In July 2004 he was one of three men (with Peter File and Madonna Wayne Grossard) involved in a "Pole" on a Pole match at New ERA of Wrestling's Destrucity PPV.

Michaels followed Cruise around and, besides looking to reconcile their broken relationship, he looked for more ways to ... extend ... his reach in professional wrestling.

After taking most of 2006 off to perform in gay porn films, he is back and ready for (more) action! He knows he has the .. stamina to outlast all the others.


Wrestle: Mostly just in the ring.

Compare your wrestler's style to any real wrestler: Owen Hart

List anything else that may be helpful!- Michaels always tries to cop a feel on his opponents. He's not ashamed to get down and dirty.


Name: The Chicken

Gender: Unknown

Relationship: The Chicken is someone who dresses up in a full sized chicken suit. All we know is that Michaels picked him up on the club scene a few years ago and the Chicken has been his faithful servant / bodyguard ever since.

Help you?: Yes.

If Yes, how: It's a Chicken. He "pecks" Michaels' opponents. Trips them, pulls Michaels out of the ring when the going gets tough.
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