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Hex Angel

(OOC: Since my last RP ended approximately at the point where Eli had one final thing to do at Fish Fund, and can't chronologically continue until the card is up.... yeah.)

"Y'know, Lance.... you're right."

It's a familiar scene - the park bench outside Shore One Studios in Los Angeles, where, deep in the bowels of the place a mostly unknown band is laying down their thing.

Sitting on the bench, however - is Eli Flair. The sun is glaring off the lens of his sunglasses, reflecting into the camera lens. No matter where the camera moves to, it doesn't change.

So the contrast is off. Whatever.

"It's not written in stone that I'm going to beat you.... nothing is... until it happens. Will it? We both seem to be expecting it. But don't get too excited.... You saw what went down at Fish Fund, yes?"

"Until the moment that it's me standing across the ring from the CSWA World Champion.... it's gone from my mind. And as far as my future is concerned.... the only thing in my sights is Lance Leizure in the ring in Gainesville."

"You should really ask yourself.... if that's really where you want to be. Because the last man who had my undivided attention was named Troy Windham. But no.... that's not fair. I told you I didn't plan to treat you like Troy, and I intend to stick to that."

"Underestimate you, Lance? Don't make me laugh."

"If anyone knows what it means to be underestimated.... it's Eli Flair. Let me tell you a story, Lance.... three years ago there was an IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS tournament for the vacant CSWA World Championship. Five top contenders and one wild card fought it out all night to get the victory."

"Guess who the wildcard was."

"I was there as 'filler,' as someone who didn't have what it took to be CSWA World Champion.... someone who was there solely because of a personal matter between myself and Hornet. And it was the wildcard underdog who walked out with the gold."

"I know better than to underestimate anyone. Today's underdog is tomorrow's CSWA World Champion."


"So don't worry about how I'm looking at you, Lance.... you're not a small bump in the road that's forgotten ten seconds after our match ends, you're not an insurmountable obstacle that the future of my career hinges on a victory over."

"You simply are. And when we wrestle.... you'll simply win.... or you'll lose."

"But I guarantee one thing, Lance.... bring your best set of moves, your sneakiest ring psychology.... everything you got. Because at the end of the day.... when the scores are tallied.... you don't have enough to hang with me."

"Don't feel bad though, Lance.... nobody does. The best you can hope for is to show Merritt what you've got to offer his company. And I'll help ya hit your best shots, Lance.... because if it is[/s] your night.... you're gonna need those shots to get the job done."

"But I wouldn't count on it."


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