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Faith in closing


Apr 1, 1998
Urbana, OH
(In a large metropolitan church with stained glass on all the windows and gold plating on most everything else, the camera fades in. The lights are off, the only light from the sunlight breaking through the upper stained glass window above the baptismal. That multicolored light hits the unmistakable frame of the Deacon. He might have been praying. He might have been singing, but as he looks at the camera, you know it's time for him to talk.)

D: It been a long time since I cut a promo from a place of worship. And it been a long time since a match wit' "the legendary Deacon" be a 'curtain jerk match' as called by Jean Paul. I suppose to be humbled is a good t'ing. Even King David had to lose his kingdom at some point, right? So t'at is ok. I will jerk t'e curtain, I will be t'e first match on t'e card wit' the CSWA's rising star - Jean Paul, and I will do it...

... t'e only way I know how. Afterall, if you need someone to start a match off, who better t'an t'e man who BUILT a big part of his 'status' on starting off strong wit' t'e best entrances in t'e business.

"No false gimmicks... No false hype" ... the world's premier technical wrestler, t'ough you may have several ot'er people who disagree, and have a World title or 2 to back t'at statement up.

I wish I could say t'at I'll give you t'e best technical match of your life, but let be real... even at my best, I not going to pull out to much technical wrestling. I went on power, and size, and agility unknown from a man my size, and complete unbeatable determination. It was said during my title run t'at I took more t'an I gave, in terms of damage, but when I hit... I would hit hard. My power was legendary, I would even dare say comparable to another legend - the strongest arms in the world... Guns.

But t'at was MY power, and when you step into ring at On Time, you won't be facing t'at man.

You'll be facing somet'ing entirely different. You be facing not'ing but fait'. In the "legendary" days (Deacon grins at the absurdity of that comment), I spoke of fait', I believed my fait' would drive my strength beyond what I capable of doing and in reality, it no doubt took my fait' furt'er than humanly possible.

But in the modern day, I got little else BUT fait'. Fait' t'at I can still stand in t'at ring wit' t'e greatest men of our time. Fait' t'at God can still use someone t'rough t'eir handicap. Fait' t'at when someone kicks me when I down, I have t'e GOD GIVEN strength to get back up.

And I got t'e reality t'at my days are numbered. I'll do what I have to do... because tomorrow, I may not wrestle again, I may not pick up my arm again, I may not walk again. T'is may be t'e last time t'at ANYONE see t'e (another absurd look on his face) 'legendary Deacon', and if I go out, I go out like I tend to come in...

Big and Loud with t'ings t'at make everyone stop and go, "Wow - did I just see t'at".

And t'ey will see t'at... or see me die trying.

Isn't t'at t'e Christian life? To put everyt'ing you have into today because you know tomorrow not promised. Fait' is t'e evidence of t'ings unseen, right? When's t'e last time you saw a World Wrestling Champion with a debilitating illness t'at is taking his life away? T'at not been done, but maybe... just maybe God took my strength to humble me, and to show t'e world t'at MY strength not matter... HUMAN strength not take people to top of mountain. T'AT is reserved for God... and maybe he take t'is 'former legend' to a place no legend ever been before...

T'e top.

I got fait'... and maybe we just see what evidence comes - starting wit' a match against Jean Paul.

(The camera pans from Deacon to the stained glass.)


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
OOC: Just a heads up, it's Jean Rabesque, not Jean-Paul as the VP of Evil mistakenly put in the lineup.

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