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Final Card Lineup


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Mar 17, 1988
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Dec-12-01 AT 01:53 PM (EDT)]Here's what we've got:

Eddie Mayfield vs. Nathan Storm
Tom Adler vs. "Apocalypse" Gabriel Poe
Wicked Sight vs. Gemini (w/XXXstasy as referee)

CSWA Presidential Championship:
XXXstasy vs. Cameron Cruise

CSWA World Championship:
Steve Radder vs. Evan Aho

MAIN EVENT (as decreed by Commissioner Merritt):
Eddy Love vs. Mike Randalls vs. Troy Windham

Not listed in the card lineup, but certainly on my radar are interviews by Lance Leizure, as well as the debut of Jon's tag team.

I think I've included everything that was finalized. I'm trying to keep the lineup relatively small since we've got two cards that need to go up ASAP.

Angles deadline is Saturday. Roleplay deadline is Monday, December 17. Get to work!


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