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FIRST ROUND: Jay Phoenix vs. Troy Douglas


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Jan 20, 2005
[The scene opens as the camera comes to life to focus on Jay Phoenix, seated on the top turnbuckle of a wrestling ring, in a deserted arena.

The side of the ring has a banner that reads "CSWA Presidential Title Tournament".

Phoenix looks to stand about 5 foot 11 inches in height and is lithe and muscular, but not overly big, built more like an Olympic gymnast than a world class wrestler, maybe about 220lbs, though as he is seated it is hard to be exactly sure

He is healthily tanned and piercing green eyes can be seen staring out into the arena from under the long auburn hair that flows loosely down to his waist level.

He is wearing a pair of leather trousers with flames running up each leg, from ankle to thigh, and a plain black sleeveless muscle top, which exposes a tattoo of a Phoenix on his left bicep, surrounded by a band of flame.

A black beaded choker necklace can be seen around his throat, and from it hangs a silver Dreamcatcher, glinting in the single spotlight that illuminates the ring.

Reaching up, Phoenix brushes some loose strands of hair away from his face, smiling slightly as he begins to speak]

Phoenix : " Well, who would have thought that I would find myself in a CSWA arena, wrestling in a tournament full of people that I know nothing about?

Not me that is for sure, but as I am here, I am going to make damn sure that it is a tournament that is remembered for having Jay Phoenix in it!

For those of you that know me, I don’t suppose that I really need an introduction, you know who I am and what I am capable of, but for those of you that don’t, I think a few words are in order."

First of all, just so you don’t get any nasty surprises, if and when you face me in the ring … yes I am Native American, and my heritage is something I take pride in, and I will not tolerate any abuse on this; secondly, yes I am only five foot and eleven inches and yes I do only weigh two hundred and twenty pounds, so if you want to make the mistake that so many others have made, and assume that my size means that I cannot possibly compete with all of you big guys … then go ahead, it just makes my job all that much easier.

For some reason there are always men in every federation that I have worked who assume that because they are bigger than me, or stronger than me, that they are also better.

It is always a pleasure to allay them of that particular falsehood right from the very start, and it is very true when they say that the bigger they are the harder they fall, and while there may not be any who have faced me before in this tournament, I know one thing for sure.

By the end of it there won’t be one man that doesn’t remember me, or trust my words!

You see I honestly believe that there is currently no-one in the wrestling business who can match me, pound for pound, for pure athleticism, talent or aerial ability … and that my friends is not a boast, just the plain truth!"

[Phoenix leans forward slightly, still sitting on the turnbuckle, but allowing his body to move forward as his arms rest on his legs as he continues]

Phoenix : " Anyway, I digress, I am not here to proclaim my own greatness, or let everyone know what will be patently obvious to one and all once the tournament itself gets started.

No, instead I am here to just let everyone know that I have agreed to take time out of my busy schedule and compete against me peers. Do me a favour though and don’t mistake the fact that you don’t know me with me not being worthy of being here.

You see, and forgive me for a little trip down memory lane here, I have done a lot of things in my career so far.

I have wrestled in many different federations, at many different times, and in each one I raised myself to the top, through sheer effort and dedication. In each and every one, I made my mark, and then when the challenges dried up I moved onwards and upwards as the saying goes.

I have competed in some of the best federations and most well known tournaments that there are in our business … from Primetime Championship Wrestling to the Global Title Tournaments.

… but even there the challenges were never enough.

I have won federation World titles and accolades in tournaments both.

… and too much is never enough."

[Phoenix again sweeps the loose hanging hair back over his head, exposing his strong features, striking and handsome, to the camera … and with a smile he continues]

Phoenix : " I have even crossed the line from wrestler to promoter …

… I bought the first federation that I ever wrestled in, the PWW, and made it my own.

I thought to myself that as I had done everything that I ever wanted to do … World titles, fame, adulation, money … everything that a young athlete dreams off … that I may as well hang up the boots and over see the next generation of superstars.

… and then the CSWA came knocking and I got the urge once more … the fire in my very soul, the desire deep in my heart … the need to compete.

Now, like I said I have held World titles, and I have won inter promotional tournaments before too, but I have never been part of something like this, and I doubt that many men have.

The chance to be part of a federation that already stands in the history books, a place where legends are made and dreams fulfilled.

The challenge of making my name anew in the CSWA …

… that is a challenge that is just too good to resist!"

[With a smile, Phoenix somehow jumps up from his sitting position on the turnbuckle until he is crouched on the top rope, from which he launches himself into a somersault, and lands, both feet firmly planted, in front of the camera]

Phoenix : " … so, as a lovely little Detroit band were known to proclaim that ‘you wanted the best, well you got the best’ … well all I can say is the same.

The best wrestlers under one roof in one tournament, all competing against each other to finally see who the ‘best wrestler’ in the World truly is, I mean what a thrill that is!

So the boots are dusted off, and the Armani suit is firmly locked away for the duration because I am sure that the fans didn’t turn out to see Jay Phoenix CEO-emeritus of the PWW, no, they want Jay Phoenix … the Eternal Flame … the World champion … the Heat!

Well they got what they wanted, as has the CSWA, and the only people who are going to suffer in all of this are the opponents who have to face me, because I sure as Hell did not come out of retirement to lose this thing!

I am not a betting man you know, and I never start something that I cannot finish, so for each and every other entrant out there I have only two things to say to you all.

The first is that I am not so egotistical as to come out here and proclaim that I am the only obvious choice for winning this tournament, or to say that everyone else is a jobber waiting for me to defeat them ... I will leave that to some of the blowhards who no doubt get off on saying things like that.

What I will say though is that I definitely have the experience, the talent, and the determination to win this thing, and I am not going to ALLOW myself to lose

… so it will be up to one extremely talented, and extremely lucky person to beat me. Could it be Troy Douglas, my erstwhile first round opponent? Perhaps, but just as likely as not to be fair because for him to defeat me in the first round of this tournament he is going to need more than luck, more than talent, more than experience. He is going to have to physically beat me until I cannot move anymore, until all the will has left my blood and the Spirits themselves have deserted me.

He is not going to have to beat me in the wrestling sense of the word … one, two, three and it is over … oh no he is going to have to beat me, literally, almost to within an inch of my life, because unless he does then I won’t be giving up.

I won’t make this easy for him, just as I won’t make it easy for any of the guys I have to face next. If you want to win this tournament Troy … or Minion … or Savage … or anyone else for that matter, you are going to have to go through me.

… and that is not any easy thing to do! ”

[Phoenix again relaxes back against the turnbuckle, his head slightly lowered, so that his hair once again covers his face, as the spotlight slowly dims, and the scene fades to black, his voice fading out with it]

Phoenix : " .. and the second is a little fair warning for one and all. You may as well tune up the band right now, and make sure that they know the refrain of ‘Hail to the Chief’ because the CSWA’s new Presidential Champion is on his way home, and gentlemen … prepare to FEEL THE HEAT!”

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