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First Round Memories and Shattered Dreams


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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
CUTTO: A black screen appears on the screen and red lettering starts to appear.

First Round Memories and Shattered Dreams

CUTTO: Kevin Powers is seen standing in the center of a room surrounded by blue screens.

KP: I'm gonna cut all the BS and get straight to the point. Henry Dylan, I get it and so does the rest of the wrestling world, you beat me. You beat me in the center of the ring with a reverse roll-up and I got counted three. You moved on to round two and I'm out of the tournament for the ULTRATITLE ..

I get it.

I even gave you your praise, your props, and just an overall congrats on a job well done. The new guy beat the returning veteran and continues on with the spotlight following him.

Again ... I GET IT!

What I DON'T GET is this little backlash and one-liner humor you keep throwing towards others at my expense. Oh, don't know what I mean?

The blue screen backdrops suddenly switch to a recent Henry Dylan promo where he is talking about his upcoming match against Shamon.

( ... Maybe my old buddy “Good God” himself is going to train you, though all he would be capable of teaching you is how to fall to a miserable and agonizing defeat ... )

KP: Dylan, let me break it down to you like this. First time, shame on me. I took you for granted and I felt I had an easy shot to the second round. This ended up being my mistake and it cost me big, but I'll recover from it because that's what I do best. Since the defeat I've dropped some dead weight finally and I'm free to do exactly what I want, when I want, and where ever I want so you might want to reconsider what you've been saying because if there is a second time ...

Shame on you.

Continue to have my name on your lips and I will go out of my way to ensure you feel the ultimate in a humiliating defeat. I took you lightly the first time, but that'll never happen again. Either in the ring, in the crowd, at a restaurant, at the hotel, in a classroom, with your friends, or even while you sleep ... I will get you back if you continue to go down this route. Knowing you, you'll probably laugh this off, but then it would be you underestimating me and if you do that then you haven't done your homework teach because if you think I'm not capable of keeping that promise ...

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