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First Words


Hex Angel

"That didn't take long."

The scene fades in on Eli Flair, in a nondescript locker room. He's wearing a TOOL T-shirt, and has three streaks down one side of his hair. Somewhere off in the distance, the faint sounds of the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" theme can be heard.

The picture is grainy and somewhat static- filled, with just a bit of a problem with the vertical hold.

"I left Merritt less than ten minutes ago and he's already signed me a match for Gainesville. Well.... that's fine with me. I told him to put me wherever he wants if it'll earn me a World Title shot, and the more matches I can get under my belt and win.... the better."

"But I'm not sure what Lance Leizure has to do with the CSWA World Title. Sure, the kid's got talent. Sure, the kid's had some memorable matches so far.... but I'm drawin' a blank on this one."

"No offense, of course, kid.... it's nothing personal. And if you're the starting point for what will probably be my final run at the CSWA World Title.... so be it. But I hope you know exactly what you represent to me.... and can live with it."

"A bump in the road. An obstacle. Put simply, you stand inbetween me and that CSWA World Title. One way or another, you're gonna get out of my way."

"It's up to you how peacefully you do so."

Eli stops for a moment, running his hands through his hair.

"Now, don't take that the wrong way.... I'm just advising you to be smart. Give me everything you've got.... I thrive on the competition. Do your damnedest to beat me.... it'll make it all the more satisfying for me when I pin you to the mat if you gave me a real fight. But do yourself a favor and leave your problems with PLR on the outside of the ring."

A ruefull smile crosses his face.

"Y'see.... I've done that whole gang war thing already.... it's old. It's yesterday's news. And it would make me.... angry.... to have to deal with your bullsh*t while I'm trying to wrestle my match."

"So good luck, kid.... because you're gonna need it. Because while I'm not looking to treat you like Troy Windham and dismantle you, piece by piece by bloody piece.... you shouldn't get your hopes up for a friendly exhibition like you just saw with one of the greatest this sport has ever seen."

"Play your cards right, Lance.... don't bring your sh*t into the match with me, and if you're insistent on doing so.... don't blame me when I just sit back and let Powers show you how to Kiss the Canvas. Face first."

"Because damnitt, kid.... I warned ya."

Eli looks past the line of sight of the camera - presumably to a monitor of some kind. He gets a look on his face as if he wants to continue his promo, but is also anxious to get out of there.

"Follow my advice and I can guarantee you a few things, Lance.... because while there's nothing you can do about the fact that you're going to lose this match and go through the workout of your life while doing so.... you're only gonna bleed if you f**k up. You're only gonna get carted out if you let yourself. And if I feel like it.... you'll walk away from this match looking like a godd*mn star.

"Look on the bright side, Lance.... at least I remembered your name."

Eli walks out of the frame - rather quickly.



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Mayflower, Arkansas
The Rebuttal

**Fade in...

On the inside of the front door of the mansion home of Lance Liezure. It's quiet inside the house... no music, no TV, no noise whatsoever. Suddenly, the door bursts open from a front kick from Lance as he tosses all of his bags through the door, to the other side of the room, and landing on the couch. He holds on to the backback on his back which is carrying his skateboard. His Lars Ulrich Signature Series AHEAD drumsticks resting in his pocket.

Following closely behind him is the bassist, Jessie. He tosses the bags across the room as well. He holds onto his black gig bag draped over his shoulder which contains his bass. Lance drops the backback on the couch then pulls his sticks out of his pockets and motions to Jessie.**

Lance: C'mon, dude.

**Jessie follows Lance to the studio where all the music equipment is kept. Lance places his sticks on the snare as Jessie opens up his gig bag and pulls out a cherry red 5-string bass with a black pick-plate and knobs.

He throws the strap over his shoulder as Lance sits down on the drum throne and picks up his sticks. Lance gathers his sticks in one hand and grabs the remote from atop his bass drum with the other. He switches on the T.V. in the corner of the room, but doesn't pay attention as he clips the snare up, hi-hat on, and prepares to play...

But he's stopped abruptly as he looks up to see Eli Flair's promo on the CSWA programming. Jessie stops and looks up as well...

"Follow my advice and I can guarantee you a few things, Lance.... because while there's nothing you can do about the fact that you're going to lose this match and go through the workout of your life while doing so.... you're only gonna bleed if you f**k up. You're only gonna get carted out if you let yourself. And if I feel like it.... you'll walk away from this match looking like a godd*mn star.

"Look on the bright side, Lance.... at least I remembered your name."

The promo ends and Lance looks over at Jessie as he looks back.**

Lance: "At least I remembered your name?" (Lance and Jessie laugh)

Jessie: What a co...

Lance: (Interrupting him) No. No... He's got a point, dude. How AM I going to keep "Too Scared" and "Total Zero" from attacking me from behind AGAIN?? Hmm.... Eli said he wouldn't help me, but the thing he doesn't understand is... I don't think I'll have a choice in the matter. I would love it to have a regular one-on-one match with Flair... he's a hell of a wrestler. I'd love to take him to his limits and see just how good I fare against him, but with the "PLR influence" looming in the background, I just might not get to do that.

Jessie: Hm... (With a dumb look on his face) Why don't you have me stay in your corner?? I mean... You've taught me some sh*t over the past few weeks, and if push comes to shove, I can just beat their ass!

**Jessie does a few fake "kung-fu" moves then stands there with a goofy look on his face before pulling the long blonde hair out of his eyes with his single-long pinky nail.**

Lance: You know, Jess, that's not a bad idea. We just might do that, and with moves like that... damn. You could take out just about ANYONE! And if that doesn't work... you could keep them at bay with that pinky nail of yours!

**Jessie holds out his nail like a sword and "slashes" it a few times.**

Lance: Well, if we're able to do that then that should hopefully take care of "Too Scared." Now onto Eli...

Jess, get the camera for me, please.

**Jessie puts his bass onto a guitar stand and grabs the hand held digital camcorder on the studio counter.**

Lance: Eli....

I enjoyed your promo immensely! Killer stuff.

...There's just one problem though. You say it's a fact that I'm going to lose this match... Now *I* say it's fiction... or... maybe opinion, that I'm going to lose this match.

You don't seem too focused on this match either, Flair. You seemed to be a bit anxious to end this promo which means one of two things... you either don't care about this match and are over-looking it, or... you have something ELSE on your mind. Just as you warned me, Flair, I'm warning you, don't underestimate Lance Liezure, he can hold his own. If your mind is wandering off in this match and you make one mistake... I WILL capitolize! I'll agree with you too, Eli, I would be willing to bet you are a ten times better wrestler than I, but like it's been said before...

"Anyone can be beaten on ANY given night."

And who knows, Flair, maybe at ON TIME in Gainesville... it just might be MY night. Lance Liezure's NIGHT!

I have a lot of respect for you, man, and the last thing I'd want to do is piss off Eli Flair, but this is just my... I guess you could say opinion as well since I know it's not a fact...

I belive at ON TIME... I will NOT lose!

**Jessie stops rolling the camera as Lance stands up from behind the drum set. Jessie signals to Lance the "devil horns." Then gives Lance a weird look again.**

Jessie: Were you really serious about me being in your corner at ON TIME? Or were you just joking??

Lance: Well... *I* am serious, but I think I'll have to talk to some people about getting you in my corner. If not, I have an even better idea... I'll get you a ticket to the show and...

**Lance then begins whispering to Jessie inaudibly as the scene...

FADES TO BLACK!!!!**[i/]

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