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Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-29-02 AT 03:14 PM (EDT)]"I'm over here, Mark. ...do you see me? ...hear me?"

[small]A figure stood about one hundred feet away from the camera, waving. At first... it was hard to make out just exactly WHO he was, although his voice sounded rather familiar. But, as the camera slowly panned in... zooming in on his trademark blue eyes, those healthy golden locks, and his famous grin... it became obvious just exactly who he was. ...the 'Blue- Eyed Badass' himself... Triple X.[/small]

fade- in:

Location: Somewhere in Orlando, Florida.
Camera Status: Rolling

"I'm not some attention starved fan. I don't want your autograph, any of your money, I've got plenty myself. A couple of days ago, I politely introduced myself to you... told you a couple of key things about me, so you'd know who you're dealing with, and exactly who I am. Now, let me tell you who I'm not.

"I'm not Troy Windham. In fact, I'm a guy who could care less about the latest episode in the Windham family saga - I've got my own problems. Word of advice, Smark... if you plan on... atleast... making this thing interesting... you'd better get over Troy and get over him fast. I hope this doesn't come off like I'm begging for your attention, Windham... I'm trying to be nice. I'm trying to stress to you the seriousness of this situation as best I can. You don't have anything to say to me? That's fine. The silent role fits you well. But, your a## had better be in somebody's gym training. You'd better be in somebody's ring, making sure your wind is up to par, because not only am I everything I told you I was two days ago... I'm also the man - who, if you take me lightly - will break... you... down.

[small]The camera focused in on the change of expression on his face... from cool, and calm, to straight- up... serious. He was clad in a pair of ripped up, light blue jeans, and a sleeveless 'PCO t- shirt' with Eli Flair, Poison Ivy, Kendall Codine, and himself on the front, standing beside another figure in a suit, who was hard to make out as his face was sliced out of the picture. Sean continued.[/small]

"I wasn't trying to school you on anything, Mark. I know you and Hornet were here since the beginning of CSWA time. My reasoning for explaining CSWA's policy for handing out title shots was to inform you of how good I actually am. My words don't convince you? Look at the tapes, I'm sure you can find a couple. Look at what I've done... all the victims... Cameron Cruise, Tom Adler, Mike Plett... Hornet.

"This is not a game, I am not a joke... and, if you don't come to Charleston psyched, amped, and ready to go, you'll be spending the better part of another decade searching for your smile again... and, chasing your soul. I don't feel as though I need to make anymore examples out of people... The creme always rises to the top, and you'd better believe my stock is rising more and more on a daily basis. I don't need this match to make a name for myself, and I'm not going into this thing with a 'win people over' mentality.

"...I am coming to Charleston to win.

"I'm coming to Charleston to right a bunch of wrongs. I'm coming to Charleston to show the world that I am the best. And, most importantly... I'm coming to Charleston with intentions of achieving a goal I've longed for since my parents installed channel 'U 62' into our house all those years ago.

"Everything I've done in my career was for this moment. This opportunity. And, if you don't take this match seriously, you'll be forever remembered by me..."

[small]He paused, smirking.[/small]

"...as the idiot who made achieving my biggest goal in this business... easy."

[small]The camera slowly zoomed out, and Sean walked out of it's viewing range.[/small]

"See you soon, Mark. REAL soon."

fade- to- black

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