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Former FWO Champion Enters ULTRATITLE


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Mar 17, 1988
(OORP: I'll be using some of the roleplays included in the signup forms to continue to hype things. Feel free to post your own or anything else if you'd like.)

Greensboro, NC
April 6, 2012

Following yesterday's announcement of former CSWA and FWO World Champion Eli Flair returning to the ring in pursuit of the ULTRATITLE, CS Enterprises announced another wrestler with the same pedigree has thrown his name into the tournament. Manager Chris Shepherd confirmed that mysterious wrestling superstar Deacon has placed his name in the draw. Deacon is a current standout in the NFW and formerly held both the CSWA World and FWO World Titles.

It had to happen, Chris Shepherd thought, his mind awash in all the possibilities. Deacon had pushed to return to the US of A, but then, he’d been drawn by a hypocritical “Christian” wrestler of the Hollywood variety, the same that Deacon had spent so long trying to stamp out, and in the wrestling business, had succeeded in doing so. But after sending Bobby Jack Windham into the figurative monastery on a self-imposed vow of silence, Deacon was left in the NFW with no plan.

Until he’d found a division in need of resurrection.

He had a plan for that “Triple Crown” title, to make it into a newer form of the Ultratitle, albeit scaled down. And a title that wouldn’t be worn, but would have to be earned each time out – the only champion being the one who survived the match, or series of matches in one night, his goal to make it completely different than anything else in the NFW.

And then the UltraTitle returned.

“You gonna do it?” Chris asked the Deacon in the rustic living room.

He didn’t answer. He stroked his goatee, the one he’d probably shave off next week, and stared at the fire. It was unseasonably warm for the Alleghenies, but not as warm as Deacon’s boyhood home. If not for Deacon’s love of the mountains, Chris knew his friend would’ve went to Florida years ago. The tax rate is so much better.

Deacon remained silent. Though Deacon wore the moniker of the “Mute Freak” with pride, Chris knew his friend enough to know that a lack of answer didn’t mean he wasn’t thinking. He was. He always was.

“One of our joint friends called me last night,” Chris said.

“Me too,” Deacon said, his voice deep and Middle Eastern accent thick.

“He’s planning on being there,” Chris said, “and my guess is, he won’t be the only one returning.”

“He won’t.”

“And you know the whole gang wants to see you there,” Chris said.

“Or t’ey want to know I not be t’ere. It be easier for t’em”

Chris smirked. “You know better than that.”

“Yes,” Deacon said, “but it make me feel better t’inking he not want me in.”

“You have another one of those matches in you?”

Deacon shook his head. “T’is will take more t’an just one.”

“Unless you get booted out in the first round.”

Deacon raised his eyebrow. “I would hope I could carry t’e message deeper t’an t’at.”

“It would revolutionize our ability to speak out.”

Deacon nodded but returned to his freak nature. It lasted a long time, longer even than when Chris first asked about him joining the tournament. In most cases, people would’ve said it was an uncomfortable silence. But they wouldn’t have known Deacon, at least not like Chris did.

“You want to do t’is?” Deacon finally asked.

“For me, I got a few new tricks I’d like to show off.” Chris said, pulling a deck of cards out of his jacket pocket.

“You show me anot’er card trick,” Deacon said, “I toss you in t’e fire.”

“How about,” Chris flipped a card out, an ace of clubs, “you send in the submission, and my card just flies away?”

Deacon sighed. “You know t’ose card tricks lose t’eir luster when I not t'irteen anymore.”

“But our message,” Chris said, folding the card back into the deck, “never loses its luster. Sometimes the only thing you need to do is bring it to a whole new audience, or remind the old audience why they used to love it.” Chris gestured to the flames and smiled, even before he glanced at Deacon.

“T’e deck of cards,” Deacon said, “it in t’e fire.”

“Just like the burning bush.”

“Just like I better be if I hope to make it t’rough t’is tournament.”

“But our hope is higher.”

Deacon nodded. “And we about to put it to t’e test again.”

“That’s what faith does and faith is- -”

“Chris,” Deacon interrupted, “We not taping t'is and besides, I already said I do it.”

“I knew you would, Big D,” Chris said. “I knew you would.”

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