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Frank Hendrix


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Jul 25, 2011
Wrestler information:

Wrestler Name: Frank Hendrix
Nicknames: "The Unholy Assassin", "The Hostile Killer", "Your End of Days", "The Wrestling Deity" aka Jak Nemesis
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 263 lbs
Billed From: London, England
Alignment: Heel

Theme Music: "Nightmare" - Avenged Sevenfold

Finishing move: The Euthanasia
Description: Jumping Double Underhook DDT

Set-up move: Will often hit a short arm clothesline before going for The Euthanasia.

Special moves: Destiny Driver (Michinoku Driver)
Final Destination (referred to as "The FD" - Diamond Dust)
Rear Naked Choke (submission finisher)

10-15 Moves:

  1. Any suplex variation
  2. eye gouge
  3. pulling piledriver
  4. short arm clothesline
  5. inverted atomic drop
  6. back rake
  7. low blow
  8. uppercut
  9. closed fist punch
  10. diving elbow drop
  11. stomp to the opponent's abdomen
  12. back elbow strike
  13. sleeperhold
  14. headbutt
  15. lariat
  16. sidewalk slam

Every Match Spots: Often mockingly slaps his opponent when in control of a match. Likes to get in opponents face and laugh, degrading them.

Under various guises (mainly competing as Jak Nemesis) Hendrix has held well over 100 championship titles during his career. Highlights include holding the aWc Primal and Uprising championships simultaneously, WfWA Double Crown champion, WfWA Violent Suicide tournament winner (King of the Deathmatch), holding the FSW tag team championships by himself, Saints&Sinners Grand Champion, NLW Full Tilt Brand Champion, The Prison: Serial Killer champion, DWF Anarchy Champion, BPW World Heavyweight Champion (UK), JPW Triple Crown champion (Japan).
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