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French Commandos



The French Commandos (Jean Claude & Pierre)

Height: Jean Claude- 6'4 Pierre 6'3
Weight: Combined 507 (Jean Claude 261/Pierre 246)
Hometown: Paris, France... where else?

Face/Heel: HEEL

Appearance: Strikingly similar, although Jean Claude has brown hair and Pierre has blonde. They wear purple urban camoflauge bikini-style tights. They are very bronze colored. In fact, if they were compared to anybody it would be Sylvan.

Awards: None

Titles Held: None

Wrestling Style: The French Commandos are a very technical tag team that relies on old school tag team work to get the job done. I compare them to the old Hart Foundation in ring style.

Moves: Anything old school tag teamish, and anything technical.

Finisher: French Toast (Road Warriors' Doomsday Device)

Music: The Muppet's French Chef blabbering over Vengaboys "Vengabus"

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