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Front Office: "Closed Meeting"


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"Perfect. I'm glad we can do business together. I'll have my assistant fax over the paper work immediately."

Courtney Paz knocks softly on the cracked office door and enters quietly without response. Nathan Fear sits behind a small desk in the office once occupied by Art Mori.

"Of course, you too. Alright... Goodbye."

Fear hangs up the phone as Paz takes a seat directly in front of her long time employer. She rests her portfolio on her lap and her weathered cell phone on her portfolio.

"Tacoma?" She asks.

Fear leans back in his office chair and responds, "Locked."

"What about the rest?" she further questions.

Fear chuckles to himself, "Well, Olympia looks good but Spokane is holding out. They want to see higher attendance before they'll commit. Oh, and can't we find somewhere better than Ellensburg?"

Paz moves her cell phone to the side and flips open her portfolio. She slides her finger down the page searching for relevant information. She scrunches her face up momentarily before responding.

"Eh, the numbers just don't work. Ellensburg is in route and just makes sense economically. Plus all the market research shows we can draw there. It's no marquee destination but we can put up the numbers to make this tour work."

"Fair enough." Fear replies. "What had Mori planned for Eleven?"

Paz gets to enjoy the laugh this time as she closes her portfolio shut. "Mori never ... really knew what was going on until he got to the venue; night of. And sometimes not even then..."

"Well then, let's shake things up." Fear tells her. "What about tag teams? I've always liked tag team wrestling. There isn't enough of it anymore and I think it'll work well here."

"I'll have to double check, but I'm pretty certain we only have one tag team, Fear. Mori signed one a few weeks back, we rolled a video package last week for an introduction but they haven't even debuted yet. We really can't support a tag team division right now. Especially after introducing another singles title ... every one of them will be clawing for one of the two."

"True, but we can still make this work and spur the competition so to speak ... " Fear adds, "... make sure no one is losing faith in the prestige of the Emerald City title as we move forward for the State strap."

"What do you have in mind?"

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