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Sep 17, 2012
Wrestler Name: Cliff Litherland
Nicknames: N/A as of this date
Billed From: Romney, WV
Height: 6'4
Weight: 240 lbs
Alignment: Heel [even more-so to people enjoying themselves.]

Theme Music: 'Wide Awake In The Concrete Asylum' by Antimatter
Ring Entrance: I'll just give bullet-points.
- Nothing fun.- No pyro. No hand-slaps. The occasional Litherland mock-cry as he walks down the aisle. In the ring, he fakes a smile only to 'finger gun' shoot it into a sneer. A threat to smack somebody.

Finisher & Description: SobBuster [a hammerlock-applied brainbuster]
Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher? Usually, Litherland rubs his eyes with his hands closed, simulating what someone would do to mock somebody crying. Then a 'classic' down to business sniffle and execution.
Special Moves:
- Hammerlock Inverted DDT
- Hammerlock Running Powerslam
- No Laughing Matter [Litherland's version of a Moonsault, executed much like a big man would do it, in a heavy to one-side execution.]

Every Match Spots:
- Corner Knee Drape over Middle Rope kicks.
- Headbutts to mid-back
- Nose-biting
- Fish-hooking Opponent's mouth
- backbreaker
- headlock battering ram into outside post [which ALWAYS fails during bouts, but effective in sneak attacks.]
- inverted atomic drop
- tiger suplex
- standing armbar
- reverse chinlock
- short-arm forearm to forehead
- stalling bodyslam
- cobra clutch

10-15 Moves:

-corner clothesline
-scoop slam
-side bearhug
-bottom rope choke on ropes
-headlock punches
-eye gouges
-punch over the official's seperation
-hand stomping
-elbow drops on back

Backstory: Cliff Litherland is from little-known Romney, West Virginia which has nothing to offer but hunting acres and mountain fresh air. Before becoming a wrestler, he was a prison guard, can recycler and retail clerk, -- and he had an okay but unspectacular life. In 2009, Litherland was working the graveyard shift at the retail store when he was offered a chance most people in small communities never receive in their own backyards.-- An offer to train as a professional wrestler. Cliff, somewhat lukewarm to the offer, shunned it at first. However, Martin Stormer, who had trained several other Mid-Atlantic Indy talents, would stop by and small-talk and eventually Cliff Litherland said what the hell.

Now, learning from Stormer was okay, but it meant relocation to Orlando, FL. It was in Florida that Cliff Litherland would meet many-time World/Top Dog Champion Abraham Losada, who had just retired from multiple injuries. Losada had already begun training young men his craft in hopes of veering future talent 'away' from garbage bouts and making a mockery out of the business. In Losada's training, there was no ring, and outside in a remote swampy area with several others made for a rough introduction to professional wrestling. Nonetheless, three of these students [Cliff Litherland, Keith Scalzo & Rulon Roper] ate up the no-nonsense aspect of Losada's training.

Litherland & Rulon Roper were green as summer grass, so naturally they formed a tag team which annoyed the hell out of Abraham Losada. He believed tag team wrestling was killing the business and wanted no part of continuing Litherland & Roper's training. So Cliff decides that his 9 months of experience is going to carry his greenhorn-self into landing jobs on the INDY circuit with Rulon Roper. -- Well, Roper's love for 'paying dues' fizzled out like nerd candy in a Dr. Pepper and Litherland floated around until he met Jared Borchard through Losada's cousin, Lalene. Jared Borchard was training hard to get into DEFIANCE Wrestling ring-shape, having added 40+ pounds to break out of a DREAM Wrestling contract that didn't work in his favor in 2011. Borchard needed a sparring partner, Lalene Losada remembered her cousin training these greenhorns and POOF!-- Lightbulb.

So, Litherland becomes Borchard's training monkey. While Borchard waited for his no-compete DREAM contract to end on October 2012, he would help Litherland get one-off bouts in some pop-up Indies. This was one to two years of waiting, and waiting.-- With Litherland believing Jared Borchard would take him to DEFIANCE Wrestling and they would team up. The thing about Jared Borchard is that he had a bad tag team experience in DREAM with former Tag Partner Terry Spruhen, and he did not want to chance another sour relationship. Jared was nice about it.-- He gave Litherland a year's worth of bookings, gave him the phone # to Keith Scalzo who was just now finishing off some tours in Japan, and shook his hand. HUGGED him, thinking they were brothers.

Well, Cliff Litherland took it all in stride. He gave Keith Scalzo a ring, and they started comparing butt-hurt stories of how things are stalling their wrestling careers. So, Litherland calls up Jared Borchard, who is putting his application into DEFIANCE after waiting almost 3 years to be apart of something without a partner. Yeah, Borchard got hired and Litherland & Scalzo asked him to get them jobs in DEFIANCE as well. You know, Trios titles, they figured it was easy-come-as-ya pleasy. Well, Borchard said, 'Fill out an application'.

Cliff Litherland & Keith Scalzo both claim they DID. -- They claim that NOBODY rang them up, so now they're all 'Nobody is gonna have fun' and they have come into IGC to do whatever they want to dream up as the tag team known as 'Funicide'.

Championship History:
Nothing of Note, although he claims to be a 'Champion Of Shuttin' People Up.'


Wrestler Name: Keith Scalzo
Nicknames: 'Skuzball'
Billed From: Athens, AL
Height: 6'7
Weight:288 lbs

Theme Music: 'Wide Awake In The Concrete Asylum' by Antimatter
Ring Entrance: Bulletpoints
- 'Skuzball' has the bitter beer face expression. Every once in awhile, spits on the floor. Occasional threats to dunk random fans in a keg of acid can be overheard. A Top Rope over-stepper, he likes to 'bump & intimidate' the turnbuckle, which nobody completely gets.

Finisher & Description: The Sam Kenison [Wheelbarrow Suplex Release]
Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher? Total sneering, usually before his special set-up being a Dominator Slam [aka Ahmed Johnson circa WWF 96]
Special Moves:
- Rope-trapping knee lifts
- flapjack on barricade/nearby table/corner turnbuckle
- Seven-Step Walking Spinebuster

Every Match Spots:
- Spitting on someone
- Pie-facing the official with his hand at least ONCE.
- Face-first suplex
- Neckbreaker onto rope jumping off apron [usually illegally while waiting for tag]
- Rope burn [via dragging opponent eye-first from one turnbuckle to another headlock-style]

10-15 Moves:-
- Pumphandle slam
- double clothesline
- Top Rope Opponent Catch, Strong Slam
- Double suplex
- usually misses a lazy-looking big boot.
- Irish Whip Rebound Double Axehandle to head
- boston crab [usually with Tag partner putting boot into him for more leverage]
- Wishbone Splits
- Throat Drop on ropes

Backstory: Keith Scalzo has moved around for years since turning pro in 2003. A guy who had bad training initially in Colorado, it set him back many years as he had to relearn and re-invest in proper training. Not an ideal personality to sell himself, Scalzo has to be nudged and egged on at times to respond. While he can be complacent, he did show his initiative in 2009 by going to Abraham Losada in Swamp areas to 'toughen up'. And, it has worked.

When Litherland & Roper, [who were also being trained by Losada], was told that they were no longer welcome due to their 'tag team' dream, Scalzo was alone to pick up more Losada technique. If training made the man, Keith Scalzo would probably be a second-tier Champion somewhere. Instead, he barely attempted Losada's vast technical/submission knowledge and instead relies on power and make-shift partner. The result was a decent set of Japan Tours and sporadic Indy shows making $150 a pop.

Fast Forward to Fall 2012. Scalzo is on his own, but gets a call from Cliff Litherland. He gets in his Tracker and meets up with Litherland. Promises of DEFIANCE and TRIOS w/Jared Borchard opening up doors for them, at least Litherland says. Scalzo & Litherland get frustrated that Borchard 'seemingly' let them down, when all he really said was 'Fill out an application'. So here we are, in IGC, as 'Funicide'. -- Where the philosophy is, 'Screw fun'.

Championship History: None Of this date.
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