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Justin H

New member
Sep 13, 2004
Georgia, yo
Well after a lot of planning and thus far a good bit of work, I, along with a couple of others have decided to start a new project. Now, this post isn’t your typical “apply now!” because I’d like to try something new. What I’m going to do is give you an IDEA of what this is, to give you some sort of image, and then you’ll decide based on that if you want to be a part of it. Now, what makes this selection so special? The ones accepted from this round of applications will be the core of the project. When the second round of applications open up, this will be used to finish filling the project.

It will be an eFed of course but it’s not the typical run of the mill eFed. I have devised a different style with a different story. I’ve gotten great responses from the people I’ve talked to this about and all have shown an interest. This will also be 100% angle. Now, with knowing this you should also know that this will not be rushed. I am covering most if not all of the aspects, including the site being finished, before I present it to the mass public. Now, what do I want from you? It’s easy, I want someone that’s going to do their work and do it on time…and what do I want you for now? To start creating some of the story, to get things in motion. If any of this interests you then send in this information:

AIM Name:

Sample Writing:
What do you as a handler bring to the table?:

In the sample writing I urge you to give me your best due to the fact my standards on this is going to be somewhat high. As of now this is all the info I require. E-mail all of this to agnosticsyndrome@yahoo.com and I will reply ASAP.

Thank you for your time.


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