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FADE IN: The Halls of Northville's Mental Hospital. Two nurses are walking down a corridor. The camera follows catching the conversation between the two.

NURSE #1: Well I'm just glad he's out of here. All the trouble that he caused.

NURSE #2: Yeah, I know. Remember that fire a few weeks back? No one knows for sure,but a few people suspect him.

NURSE #1: Wouldn't surprise me.

The camera fades out and then fades back in to a doctors office. Two men sit. A Man wearing typical doctors coat and a dress clothes sits behind a desk. The man in front of him wears a torn T-shirt and torn jeans. His long black hair hangs in his eyes.

DOCTOR: Ryan, I'm doing this against my better judgement. I'm advising you to continue to take your medication and things will go smooth.

The Doctor sets a perscription bottle and Ryan grabs the bottle and holds it up and looks at it. A smirk comes to his face.

ROBERTS: Yeah, Sure thing, Doc. Can I get the F<censored> out of here now?

The Doctor, use to the language, just shakes his head and then motions for Ryan to exit the office. The camera fades out and then fades back in as Ryan Roberts exits Northvilles Mental Hospital. Ryan pulls the bottle of pills from his coat pocket and tosses them in a nearby garbage can. Ryan turns and almost runs over the GLCW cameraman.

ROBERTS: What the .... Can I help you?

Ryan notices the GLCW logo on the camera and a smirk comes to his face.

ROBERTS: Already sending out the camera crew to get a shot at the new comer? Oh, I'm impressed. It's just unfortunate that you couldn't send that pretty little interviewer out here to get the full story. That's ok, I'll get my opprotunities to get interviewed by her in the near futur.e. Well camera guy, I'm not going to say much, you see I need to head over to GLCW headquarters and finish dotting the T's and crossing the I's. I do however want to publicly thank the GLCW owner for getting me of this hell, it's unfortunate that he doesn't realize the problems he's unleahed for the wrestlers of the GLCW. The Twisted Prodigy has been signed and now hell will break loose in the GLCW. Pain is a funny game, Any man that crosses my path will know that I love to play that game. Until then, F<censored> You, GLCW!!!!!

Ryan Roberts turns and walks off into the night. As he moves farther away, a methodical laugh can be heard. The camera fades to black.

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