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Aug 26, 2008

Real Name: Unknown
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 354 lbs.
Hometown: An Aquarium near you
About: goldFISH has rare condition called "Carassius auratus Amnesia". Carassius auratus Amnesia is a degenerative memory condition where the patient has a time frame in which they can retain their memory. Effectively, at the end of the time period their mind resets. goldFISH has a four hour condition. Other sufferers have been known have up ten year time frames. goldFISH is erratic and vague at times. Very trusting of people, funnily enough, thanks to his situation. goldFISH has tattoos of important information on his body.

Apperance: He wears a gold sequined mask that is the shape of a goldfish. Complete with tail and flippers and whatnot, his eyes are the goldfish's eyes. Other than that he wears whatever he was wearing at the time. Shirt and tie. T-shirt and jeans. Whatever. Mask is the only thing he wears ALL the time.

Wrestling Style: brawler and erratic - mainly slam based (powerbombs and slams and whatnot)
Favourite Moves:*
- big boot
- lariat bulldog
- scoop slam follows by legdrop across the face
- fistdrop
- big headbutt
- powerbomb
- avalanche splash
- military press drop
- flapjack (sometimes with uppercut in midair)
- airplane spin
- bicycle kick
- second rope flying lariat

Finisher: I Heart Head Trauma - G2S*

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