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GPW-Lee Best Inc.

Lee Best

League Member
May 16, 2005
With the sudden deletion/hacking (whatever you want to call it..grrr) of HOW I took the summer off to cool off and just relax from fedding. Well I got the new comp, still have the itch and thus have decided on rejoining the game that I love so much.

Golden Phoenix Wrestling's backstory is that after losing High Octane Wrestling, Lee Best moved to vegas to drink/gamble his life away. But for once in his life he went on a winning streak and over the last few months has been living quite well. Every weekend he would travel to Reno to just escape the craziness that is Vegas. It was there that Lee found out that Golden Phoenix Casino was going under. After some wheeling and dealing with the current owners Lee bought a large share of the casino (silent backer included). Part of the deal was that if Lee ever got the itch to get back into professional wrestling again, the Casino would host all the events.

Well the itch is back and its time to scratch it.

The Biggest Little City in the World will play host to the Biggest Little Wrestling Federation in the world.

Not promising you the world.

Just a fun atmosphere without all the "job" like qualities that some feds have.

You join GPW you are joining a family.

OOC comes first..dont care how good of a rper you are.

Temp Site and forums are about 75% done. No applications are on the site. You want in...contact me via messengers or thru email at ottawaclo@yahoo.com

Official site will be launched Nov. 8th with the first show.

Thanks to all those that show interest.

God its good to be back in the game...


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